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Fashion Take-Out is offering ad space, sponsored blog post, links with-in post, and I would love to hear from you if you think your FASHION boutique, blog, or website could be a perfect fit for my readers!

Here are some valuable pieces of info that you will want to know if your considering paying me money to advertise your brand, fashion, or jewelry. I am fairly new, but to my amazement I'm currently getting 33,291 page-views per month, and growing...

-I have numerous ways I connect with my followers: Via Google + where I have 165 subscribers - via Pinterest where I pin MY favorite fashion brands; where I have over 1,213 followers. Check out Polyvore where I have 19, 792 followers; where I create fashion collages around your clothing and accessory pieces.

-I also use Facebook to invite MY readers to view the featured articles written of fashion brands, boutiques, blogs, or websites.

-Twitter is another place I love to hype my favorite brands, boutiques, blogs and websites, where my fan base is 832 and growing. Stop by and read some the articles to get a taste of what I offer here at Fashion Take-Out. I hope you love it just as much as our readers do.

Advertising here is easy! Just check out the prices BELOW. Feel free to email me at, before hand if you’d like to make sure your company or blog would be a good fit, if you aren’t sure (or if you have any questions regarding the advertising process)!

Featured Blog Post $60: 

I hype and feature a 350 word article about 2 of your favorite links from your site, along with a creative fashion collage illustrating a few of your newest arrivals from your site. 350 word article

Sponsored Blog Post $40:
You provide a written article which includes 2 of your personal links you want to sponsor on my blog.

Top Banner Ad Monthly $200:

Just as it says; it's the top banner ad (728 x 90) and the first thing viewers see above the blog articles displayed below it. Your ad will replace the one there now.

Side Panel Ad Monthly $40: 
I have 5 (300 x 250) ad spaces available.
1st Placement is below the Stay Informed area. 
2nd Placement is below the In The Media area.
3rd, 4th, and 5th Placement is below the Sponsored Ads area.

Bottom Banner Monthly Ad $100:
Just as is says; it's the bottom banner ad (728 x 90)'s the last ad viewers see as they leave the page.

Link Placement $15 Monthly:
We will place links in our Fashion Connections section below the Friend US on Google.

Send me a direct email from this link: or you can leave me a message on my contact page...Contact Me Here!


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