HEY! I'm serving some hot fashion take-out...How would you like it? a entree of Celebrity looks, high street style, or maybe served in a blend of fashion trends...whether it's a sample entree of shoes, handbags, jackets, or dresses...Join me for a entree! Like Us on Facebook Follow us for the latest looks for work & play...


Welcome to Fashion Take-Out: 
Serving You Fashion Urban Style

This site is for people who love fashion...
Breathe fashion...
And eat fashion... 
Ha got YAH didn't I. 

Actually I do all 3, literally I don't eat fashion... But I do put a new twist on it. I love to write about each fashion piece as if I'm serving it to YOU as an entree on a delicious platter...that's why I call my blog Fashion Take-Out.

 Who is Linda J. Baldridge?

I'm a writer, fashion blogger, Internet entrepreneur, jewelry designer, and I'm based out of Washington State since 1998.

I've always dreamed of writing about fashion and designing different clothing pieces.
Although I have been an office manager, internet marketing fool

I'm dedicated to making this site a fun place to share my complex interest in fashion and my love for the amazing/crazy place I CALL Life...

I love writing fashion editorials for TOP fashion brands, fashion blogger, and fashion enthusiasts through-out the world, when I write an article for a fashion brand, fashion blogger, etc...I love creating a edgy, trendy, fashion collage of a fashion look I would wear.

A Few Editorials:







 You Can Connect With Me On My Favorite Social Sites:

1. Polyvore is the Fashion Platform I Use to Create My Fashion Collages
2. Check out some of my edgy fashion collage on Pinterest

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The Land of Opportunity.

If you want to contact her for -
  • Questions and comments
  • Criticisms and rants
  • Brands, Trends, or fashion designers
  • Guest Article possibilities
  • Advertising Inquiries
  • Just to bug her
please check in at her email or leave a message on her contact me here

If you're interested in contributing something to - writing, photos, video, hot tips, suggestions, or anything else - you can email us by clicking here.

Be Social and Share if YOU Think Someone Else Might Enjoy IT!

Thank you for stopping by!

Linda J. Baldridge 


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