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Apr 1, 2014

Fashion Splash:: Floral Print Flare Pants & Crop Tank

Bring on a taste of "Fashion Splash" with Spring and Summer fashion looks. You know what I'm talking about. The kind when you walk into a mall, or the downtown strip shops. You know what you're doing too.

The jaw dropping, and the stares; what your wearing is so form fitting and one can resist looking because its such a stunning and chic fashion look.

fashion splash in super flred pants and crop top

I love the flared look these days in pants. Reminds of the 1960's; the flower child era. Flared hippie pants. Shredded t-shirts cropped out. Funny how styles seem to pop up again and again.

The "Floral Print Super Flared Pants" from Alice + Olivia here in the fashion collage make a really nice fashion statement too. The big bold flowers streaming all over; they really add to the flared look too.

What really sets off these super flared pants is a crop top to accent the waistline. I also thought grabbing a bright, bold "Vince Camuto Jill Leather Hobo Bag" would pick up the orange color tone in the pants.

Adding a pair of "Pointed Salida Nude Pumps" would look excellent with the fashion look too... Now remember; splash in some gold accessories with jewelry. Now were totally set for a "Fashion Splash".

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