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Apr 28, 2014

Wedding Fashion Accessories:: A Guide for The Perfect Wedding Accessories

A Guide for The Perfect Wedding Accessories

The girl, the dress, the location, the honeymoon, the suit, they’re all huge parts of your big day and little things such as wedding accessories can get over looked but the "SIZZLE" is in the details so make sure that everything is perfect with this little guide to great wedding accessories.  

wedding couple

" The Wedding Day "
a beautiful goddess ...
a handsome symbol of a man ...
embraced in love's circle ...
a fashion black tie affair ...
forever etched in time ...

 Accessories also make the man; so definitely invest in or purchase some quality braces, tie clips, cuff links and waistcoats. Purchasing things like wedding ties and cravats, braces and cummerbunds if you’re having a black tie event, more than likely, you won’t be wearing these on a regular basis and it’s cheaper to rent them for the day.

With things like cuff links; these can easily be made into gifts that are perfect for your groomsmen to keep as a memento of the day and the occasion. If you’re planning on doing this, it’s best to keep them plain and classy as they’ll want to be able to wear them again.

Button-hole Alternatives
The button-hole is probably something that you haven’t even had chance to think about yet but obviously, it’s a must. You won’t see a wedding photograph without all members of the bridal party with something sticking out of their button hole. These are very easy to get wrong, the colors of fresh flowers can sometimes let you down and not go exactly with the color scheme, or they can wilt, fall out or get rained on!

button-hole alternatives

There are some fun alternatives to flowers in button holes that can really make your big day full of personality.

Why not try a bunch of feathers, silk flowers or fishing flies, these are all pretty and striking ideas to brighten up your button hole. If you’re having a themed wedding, take something from that theme to pull it all together.

Finishing Touches
Make sure that everything is color coordinated; take swatches of color schemes whenever you go shopping to make sure that everything matches. Socks are important things to consider. If you have a rogue usher that might forget his socks, make sure that you have spares; you don’t want him to have to wear white sports socks or, even worse, no socks in your wedding photographs.

wedding ties

 If you’re having a relaxed, chic wedding with a pastel theme, pastel colored socks could be a fun way to inject some color into your wedding suit. Tie pins are also a lovely finishing touch and could also be given, like cuff links, as groomsmen gifts. Tie pins are coming back into style with a vengeance, so get back on the dapper wagon with them and give them a try.

Hopefully you’re now well on your way to creating your perfect wedding, don’t forget those finishing touches.

Apr 19, 2014

Fashion Poetry:: Silhouette of Fashion

Silhouette of Fashion
a face, no name, draped in thread.

blond tresses,

posed in picture,
ebony away.

click, click,
camera transfixed.

translucent skin,
on ruby red.

blue steel,
eyes piercing.

the brand, 
magazine stand.

in label.

© 2014 Linda J. Wolff –

Apr 17, 2014

Celebrity Fashion Looks:: Ri Ri Loves

I love the collaboration between Rhianna and the River Island brand! A match made with huge potential and opportunity! Each personality bring a special flavor to this collaboration.

celebrity fashion rihanna

River Island - With in-house designers; the River Island brand "high street style" is affordable and has such a unique touch to any collection. In the fashion collage below; the "floral print slim garette pants" brings a Summer flare when mixed with a "bardot crop top".

Rihanna - Brings a sense of rebellious attitude brand to the River Island collaboration. Flirty, floral senses run with her rocking rebellious love songs and modeling career. Perfect combination of high street style slash rebellious air.

This combo needs a pair of "Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pumps" and a "Givenchy handbag by Rocardo Tisci".

Apr 3, 2014

Fashion Illustrations:: Sketches of Paper

Sketches on paper ... Fashion illustrations of clothing pieces to be! ... from idea to reality ... watercolors ... figurines ... creative designs ... featuring Katie Rodgers from Paper Fashion ... a poem for her sketch (In the Sketchbook collection).

fashion sketch from Katie Rodgers

** Paper Fashion Doll **

a silhouette.

A form,
woman is,
her name.


Clothing drapes,
her beautiful body.

of hour glass.

erodes off,
her body.

Lust comes,
in the eye,
of the beholder.

high couture.
- © Linda J. Wolff - Author of Attitude Bomb

Apr 2, 2014

A feel Good Moment!

Sometimes I don't feel it's necessary always to write about fashion. So I'm sharing a sweet, little quote for a feel good moment ... So enjoy my beautiful people! Also; have have a awesome day or afternoon where ever you are in this great world.

 “If you're reading this...
Congratulations, you're alive.
If that's not something to smile about,
then I don't know what is.”
― Chad Sugg,

Apr 1, 2014

Fashion Splash:: Floral Print Flare Pants & Crop Tank

Bring on a taste of "Fashion Splash" with Spring and Summer fashion looks. You know what I'm talking about. The kind when you walk into a mall, or the downtown strip shops. You know what you're doing too.

The jaw dropping, and the stares; what your wearing is so form fitting and one can resist looking because its such a stunning and chic fashion look.

fashion splash in super flred pants and crop top

I love the flared look these days in pants. Reminds of the 1960's; the flower child era. Flared hippie pants. Shredded t-shirts cropped out. Funny how styles seem to pop up again and again.

The "Floral Print Super Flared Pants" from Alice + Olivia here in the fashion collage make a really nice fashion statement too. The big bold flowers streaming all over; they really add to the flared look too.

What really sets off these super flared pants is a crop top to accent the waistline. I also thought grabbing a bright, bold "Vince Camuto Jill Leather Hobo Bag" would pick up the orange color tone in the pants.

Adding a pair of "Pointed Salida Nude Pumps" would look excellent with the fashion look too... Now remember; splash in some gold accessories with jewelry. Now were totally set for a "Fashion Splash".


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