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Feb 2, 2014

Winter Fashion Statements:: Memories of Flowers & the Knit Sweater

Are you cold? I'm talking bone-chilling cold from the Winter blues ... Well I've put together a Winter fashion statement for you!

Winter can drag on you and your emotions; but that doesn't mean we have to stop there. Fashion is an emotion of itself. Read more below the pic ...

winter fashion in memories of flowers trousers

Hum ... Winter brings color tones of blues, grays, and black to my mind! But I'm bringing "memories of flowers" in these totally chic print trousers from MONKI. Perfect for a winter day. I love the monochrome summer floral print in these Stevie trousers.

Of course; we need to bundle up in a warm fuzzy sweater too ... So I'm going with a "Gisella" open knit sweater. A white cashmere to set off the "memories of flowers" in the trousers. This cute little sweater is designed by Anya Cole featuring a boat neck and drop sleeves.

The boat neck of the sweater is perfect for a "Kate Spade" sparkler glow statement necklace accenting the black of the trousers.

I thought a pair of lace-up high heel boots would totally set this whole "Winter Fashion Statement".

Now let's throw in some blue color tones to this fashion mix. I definitely need a accessory piece like a handbag. My choice is a blue multicolored "Colette Fendi Bag". Several shades of blue put a whole new spin on the look. From floral to retro.

So what's your thoughts? Are you a fan of this Winter Fashion Statement? Would love to know your thoughts...

~Linda J. Baldridge~

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