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Feb 11, 2014

Spring Fashion Looks:: Hydrangea Print & the Skinny Jean

Spring Hydrangea Blossoms. One of many Spring floral blossoms that tell us that old man Winter is on his way out. He had his chance.

But the deep colors of purple blue, lavender hues are taking over... Squelching out the dull colors of gray and black ...Read more below the pic ...

hydrangea print skinny jeans

Fashion looks tends to change with color tones too as we evolve from one season to the next. I love how that happens. 

J Brand bring the hydrangea flower blossom to life in their "Hydrangea Print Skinny Jeans". I fell in love with the black, purple, turquoise, and white color tones are splashed across these pair of jeans.

I put together a fashion collage to illustrate my personal Spring fashion look. Something I thought would look great is just a simple print top; neutral in color too. I didn't want to draw away from the "hydrangea print" in the skinny jeans.

I'm going to use my accessories to splash a little more color into my Spring Fashion Look. So I'm picking a few shades of pink. The skinny jeans has a slender feel to them. So I'm going to accent on the ankle area with a pair of "Casadei Blade Leather Pumps". Then a hot pink "Tory Burch Robinson Double Zip Tote".

I love the turquoise color. I need a necklace. I found a "Banana Republic Mint Poppy Statement Necklace" that will highlight the turquoise color in the skinny jeans as well.

I believe I'm set for a fabulous Spring Fashion Look and the mall with my friends. See you there ...

Hugs my lovelies!

~Linda J. Baldridge~

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