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Feb 20, 2014

Celebrity Fashion Looks:: Ariana Grande & the Red Valentino Flared Skirt

I love checking out celebrity fashion looks; from their everyday wear to their elaborate photo shoots fashion ensemble.

One particular celebrity came across my line of search today; I was trying to consider what kind of fashion collage I wanted to create at Polyvore. I knew I wanted to do something with a celebrity in mind.

I noticed Ariana Grande. An American actress, singer, and songwriter. Read more below the fashion collage ...

Ariana Grande & the Red Valentino Flared Skirt

We all know Ariana Grande hit the success from her single hit "The Way". When it hit the POP charts over at Billboard's Hot 100 list. Well; I look at her in a different light ... especially from a fashion point of view.

I have noticed her love for the flared skirt. She usually mix n matches it with a halter top or a sweet little bustier top.

Today I changed it up a little.

I found a gorgeous "Red Valentino Short Flared Skirt" from Farfetch and a bright hot pink flared skirt would go well with a "Tribal Print Adventurer Crop Top" from Forever21.

What a perfect celebrity fashion look!  You could put it together with a pair of "Jeffery Cambell Black Pumps" and a cute little "Diane Von Furstenberg Sutra Leather Hobo Bag" from Forzieri.

You can create your own celebrity fashion look. You don't even have to be a celebrity either. Fashion is about creating oneself. Putting a little character, creativity, and enjoying the skin you were born in.

~ Linda J. Baldridge

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