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Feb 24, 2014

Fashion Look Colors:: Mustard Yellow & the H&M Peplum

You know there's still a chill in the air and I'm freezing.

You ever get those days you're just cold. Today is one for me. It made me want to look for a warm, chic fashion style today. So I'm gonna create a Winter/Spring fashion look. Read more below fashion collage ...

fashion looks in mustard yellow and h&m

I came across H&M's site today. Found this gorgeous mustard/yellow peplum top. Just perfect for a Winter/Spring type of day. Enough to knock off the chill.

I know a maxi skirt would look totally awesome with the peplum top. Contrast is good in a fashion look. I'm gonna mix it up with some neutral tones too.

Considering the fact we have a long look in the maxi; I would mix in a pair of beige color tone ankle boots with low heels and a Armani Jeans contrast big tote bag. Now look at the fashion collage; see how nice all the clothing and accessory piece look together.

Are you a fan of mustard Yellow? I love it! Tell me what you think! I would love to hear your input on this fashion look!

Feb 20, 2014

Celebrity Fashion Looks:: Ariana Grande & the Red Valentino Flared Skirt

I love checking out celebrity fashion looks; from their everyday wear to their elaborate photo shoots fashion ensemble.

One particular celebrity came across my line of search today; I was trying to consider what kind of fashion collage I wanted to create at Polyvore. I knew I wanted to do something with a celebrity in mind.

I noticed Ariana Grande. An American actress, singer, and songwriter. Read more below the fashion collage ...

Ariana Grande & the Red Valentino Flared Skirt

We all know Ariana Grande hit the success from her single hit "The Way". When it hit the POP charts over at Billboard's Hot 100 list. Well; I look at her in a different light ... especially from a fashion point of view.

I have noticed her love for the flared skirt. She usually mix n matches it with a halter top or a sweet little bustier top.

Today I changed it up a little.

I found a gorgeous "Red Valentino Short Flared Skirt" from Farfetch and a bright hot pink flared skirt would go well with a "Tribal Print Adventurer Crop Top" from Forever21.

What a perfect celebrity fashion look!  You could put it together with a pair of "Jeffery Cambell Black Pumps" and a cute little "Diane Von Furstenberg Sutra Leather Hobo Bag" from Forzieri.

You can create your own celebrity fashion look. You don't even have to be a celebrity either. Fashion is about creating oneself. Putting a little character, creativity, and enjoying the skin you were born in.

~ Linda J. Baldridge

Feb 17, 2014

Celebrity Fashion Looks:: A Coco Chanel Look

Monday is upon us once again! With Monday's; I love to wish you success in your week to come! In fashion; we know success through fashion icons.

My favorite fashion icon would have to be Coco Chanel! At the young age of 12; Coco was sent off to the convent of Aubazine. There she learned the art of sewing. With that art under her belt; she became a new voice for women. Transforming the era of corsets; to a new age of sportive, chic woman. Read more about Coco Chanel...

a coco chanel fashion look

As a French creative fashion designer and founder of the Chanel brand. Coco influenced the high couture clothing movement to a new standards. Bringing jewelry, and handbags to fashion. But most of all; she brought her own brand of fragrance to women; her signature scent "Chanel No 5".

So today; I'm dedicating this fashion collage to her. A woman of class; lifelong determination, and professional style.

I chose 5 clothing and accessory pieces for a fashion look for Coco. Soft in color tones of pink, beige, tans, and black.

1. Alexander McQueen - Crepe Blazer with Peplum.
2. Aritzia - Talula Paldale Bustier.
3. Oiticica & Coelho - Floral Print Pencil Skirt.
4. Coach - Madison Cafe Carryall Tote.
5. House of Frasier - Jaguar Dorsay Pointed Court Shoes.

I'm hoping you will think this is a classy fashion look too.

~ Linda J. Baldridge

Feb 11, 2014

Spring Fashion Looks:: Hydrangea Print & the Skinny Jean

Spring Hydrangea Blossoms. One of many Spring floral blossoms that tell us that old man Winter is on his way out. He had his chance.

But the deep colors of purple blue, lavender hues are taking over... Squelching out the dull colors of gray and black ...Read more below the pic ...

hydrangea print skinny jeans

Fashion looks tends to change with color tones too as we evolve from one season to the next. I love how that happens. 

J Brand bring the hydrangea flower blossom to life in their "Hydrangea Print Skinny Jeans". I fell in love with the black, purple, turquoise, and white color tones are splashed across these pair of jeans.

I put together a fashion collage to illustrate my personal Spring fashion look. Something I thought would look great is just a simple print top; neutral in color too. I didn't want to draw away from the "hydrangea print" in the skinny jeans.

I'm going to use my accessories to splash a little more color into my Spring Fashion Look. So I'm picking a few shades of pink. The skinny jeans has a slender feel to them. So I'm going to accent on the ankle area with a pair of "Casadei Blade Leather Pumps". Then a hot pink "Tory Burch Robinson Double Zip Tote".

I love the turquoise color. I need a necklace. I found a "Banana Republic Mint Poppy Statement Necklace" that will highlight the turquoise color in the skinny jeans as well.

I believe I'm set for a fabulous Spring Fashion Look and the mall with my friends. See you there ...

Hugs my lovelies!

~Linda J. Baldridge~

Feb 8, 2014

The Tutu Fashion Look:: How to Wear a Tutu?

AWE ... The famous historical "tutu". Known to be worn in the early 1500's by ballerinas.

"a skirt worn as a costume in a ballet performance, often with attached bodice. It consists of a Basque (or waistband, as it can either be part of the bodice or a separate band) and the skirt itself might be single layer, hanging down, or multiple layers starched and jutting out.

   Today; we can see quite a few variations of the "tutu". Back in the old days they had different names; such as the "Romantic Tutu: A three-quarter length, bell-shaped skirt made of tulle."

The bell-shaped tutu here is given some modern effect with a waistband and button closure ... a bralet and a cropped jacket set this fashion look on fire.

Add a pair of rugged, combat boots to the mix ...

Maybe a gold chunky chain or two ...

Personally I might throw in a front hobo bag with chain accent to give it a little more attitude...


   Or the "Classical Tutu (pancake): A very short, stiff skirt made with layers of netting that extends straight outwards (from the hips) in a flat pancake shape."

The classical stiff tutu looks great with a tank top or a bustier; then top it with a cropped little button up blazer.

A pair of ankle booties would look awesome in this fashion look.

I would go with a sweet little pendant necklace and some bangles too ...

Then add a chic little tote or maybe a clutch.


 Then we have the "Balanchine/Karinska Tutu: also known as the "powder puff", this skirt is loosely tacked to give a softer, fuller appearance.

The balanchine tutu has a simple, sweet look ... a lace bustier or halter top would give this a subperb fashion look.

A pair of platform pumps would set this look on fire ...

A cropped floral print jacket, or a geo-print jacket would be the perfect match n mix ensemble for this tutu.

I would accessorize with a envelope clutch to finalize the look....


   We should not forget the " Platter Tutu: A tutu with a flat top that sticks straight out from the ballerina's waistline. It is very similar to the pancake tutu, though the top of the tutu is almost completely flat, where the pancake tutu is a bit fuller at the top."

Here is a tutu with attitude. The Platter tutu.

Reminds me of something Lady Gaga would wear. Cropped leather biker jacket.

Chunky chain jewelry maybe in gold or black linkage.

A pair of lace-up boots or stilts I would call them.

What do you think? Are you a "tutu" fan? Which fashion look is your favorite? I would love to know; I'm always curious of your personal flavors of fashion ... Drop me a line ... inquiring minds would love to know!

~Linda J. Baldridge~

Feb 4, 2014

Spring Fever Fashion Look:: Floral Frenzy and the Skater Dress

I've Got a Fever! I'm freezing my little tush off and I've got the Winter blues. I'm racing with SPRING fever! We'll today I put together a Spring Fever Fashion Look for you!

Winter just seems to hang around for ever and ever; so I'm going to put a little "Spring" into your step today! If I got your interest ... read more below the pic ...

spring fever floral frenzy skater dress

February is the month for love and flowers for that special someone. My 2 favorite flowers of Spring are tulips and roses. So I'm basing my Spring fashion look today on these two flowers.

Today I received a request for a featured Spring article; from fresh-from-the-field-flower shop "ProFlowers". They requested a spring styled fashion board ... So I'm bringing in a fresh Spring Fever Fashion Look to you!

There is nothing that speaks "Spring" more then the garden rose print in this "Floral Frenzy Skater Dress" from FOREVER21. Love the simplicity in this dress!

I'm going to play with the pink roses in the dress; let's add some color POP with a pair of hot pink "Mary Jane Platform Pumps ...POW!

I definitely still need a light to medium jacket. Too chilly to go without! I found a sweet little number over at COACH. This "Color-block Python Short Trench Coat" won't take away from the garden rose print in the dress.

Now to pick up a little dark color tone with black and gold. Yes ... a quilted shoulder bag with gold chain accents. I'm going to accent even more of the gold with a "Jane Norman Chunky Chain Necklace".

I'm feeling very light and fresh in this Spring Fever Fashion Look.Is this a Spring Fashion Look you could wear? I'm thinking totally YES!

Hugs my Lovelies! Thanks for stopping by and giving us a read!
~Linda J. Baldridge~

Feb 2, 2014

Winter Fashion Statements:: Memories of Flowers & the Knit Sweater

Are you cold? I'm talking bone-chilling cold from the Winter blues ... Well I've put together a Winter fashion statement for you!

Winter can drag on you and your emotions; but that doesn't mean we have to stop there. Fashion is an emotion of itself. Read more below the pic ...

winter fashion in memories of flowers trousers

Hum ... Winter brings color tones of blues, grays, and black to my mind! But I'm bringing "memories of flowers" in these totally chic print trousers from MONKI. Perfect for a winter day. I love the monochrome summer floral print in these Stevie trousers.

Of course; we need to bundle up in a warm fuzzy sweater too ... So I'm going with a "Gisella" open knit sweater. A white cashmere to set off the "memories of flowers" in the trousers. This cute little sweater is designed by Anya Cole featuring a boat neck and drop sleeves.

The boat neck of the sweater is perfect for a "Kate Spade" sparkler glow statement necklace accenting the black of the trousers.

I thought a pair of lace-up high heel boots would totally set this whole "Winter Fashion Statement".

Now let's throw in some blue color tones to this fashion mix. I definitely need a accessory piece like a handbag. My choice is a blue multicolored "Colette Fendi Bag". Several shades of blue put a whole new spin on the look. From floral to retro.

So what's your thoughts? Are you a fan of this Winter Fashion Statement? Would love to know your thoughts...

~Linda J. Baldridge~


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