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Jan 27, 2014

Trendy Styles for 2014:: Camo Print and Lace with Combat Boots

I'm feeling so flirty today!
That is; I'm flirting with camo print and lace in a fashion look today! Camo print pieces of clothing and accessories seem to be the trendy item for 2014.

Below I wanted to illustrate how I would wear camo print and lace together. What a fashion statement! Read more below the pic...

camo print and lace

Today's look is "Camo Inspired!". I say this phrase because of the camo print pieces and lace inspired pieces such as the one illustrated in the fashion collage.

AE Cropped Camo Print Jacket; Camo print gives a rugged, edgy, earthy atmosphere to a fashion look. I love the look and feel of this cropped camo jacket. Starting with a fitted and cropped silhouette. It accents a woman's figure perfectly. It would look awesome over a pair of skinny jeans or skirt. But a dress is best.

A Lace Mission Beach dress; I love lace; so feminine, and sweet. But this little lace dress says it all. A lovely corset-style with all-over-floral lace detailing. The fitted bodice and soft smocked back is the clincher with this lace dress.

Now let's combine the two. Camo print and lace together. What do you think?

I'm thinking on staying with the rugged, edgy look. I chose a pair of "Steve Madden Troopa combat boots". I know everyone is not a fan of combat boots, you could choose a pair of pumps or stilettos to go with this fashion look and it would still look awesome.

I went with a few more pieces to create more of an effect in this fashion look. A "Betty Johnson Dome Bag" and a few vintage looking pieces of jewelry ... So what do you think now? Would love to hear your thoughts on this fashion look?

~Linda J. Baldridge~

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