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Dec 18, 2013

Winter Fashion Trends:: Summer Dresses Fall Into Winter

OK; When most people think of "WINTER". They think of long wool coats. Or winter boots up to the knees, mittens, and hats. Not me. I'm thinking Summer. Why you ask? Because not everywhere in this world is it freaking cold! Read more below the pic...

strapless bustier dresses

So today; let's imagine I'm in warm sunny Arizona. I'm going strapless too. It's a whopping 72 degrees. Perfect strapless weather.

Searching online brought me to this sweet, flirty little strapless bustier dress from fashion designers "Elizabeth & James". I was really sad too, because they were all sold out. I could see why! I'll have to check back later to see if they have restocked. But being we're just imaging; lets play along with this fashion style.

So in the fashion collage above; I'm gonna keep it sweet and simple. No over doing it. I don't want to take anything away from the strapless bustier dress. What I love about it; is the dainty little ruffle lace at the edge of the bustier portion of the dress. Creating a girly, sweet, charming effect.

Then the wide bandage effect at the waist. Also the layers of ruffling at the bottom of the dress. But let's add to this dress with a "Tory Burch Austin Flap Clutch"; we're gonna stay with the pink color tone too.

Pink and white; or cream are perfect summer color tones; so why not add some feminine edge with a pair of "creamy crochet overlay platform court shoes" or heels.

Another color tone that looks awesome with pink is the gold color tone; I wanted to add a few gold pieces of jewelry to this fashion style. So I went with a "Chunky Chain Necklace & Bracelet.

OK MY BEAUTIES; Is this a sweet, simple fashion you could put on for some summer fun in the middle of the Winter season. I could.

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