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Dec 12, 2013

Seattle Street Style:: Coral Splash with Tory Burch Amira Dress

AWE. Seattle, WA a city that never sleeps. A city known for it's colorful people and its rock n roll legends like "Jimi Hendricks". I'm creating a fashion collage intertwined with colorful characteristics of Seattle, WA. Read more below pic...

tory burch amira dress

A Colorful color. "Coral" a reddish or pinkish shade of orange. The "Tory Burch Amira Dress" is a splash of floral embroidery print and Mexican folk art designs. This dress is a summer sensation on the sands of Ocean Shores to the Pike Place Market of downtown Seattle.

A Seattle street style that is unique and colorful. With this in mind; I was thinking of the rain. A pair of "black patent leather over-the-knee-cuff-boots" would be perfect match with the "Tory Burch Amira Dress" for a rainy day. Now I want to accentuate on the coral color of the floral embroidery print in the dress. So I chose a smooth "orange coral calfskin leather tote bag".

Gold tones are a great add when it comes to adding jewelry. Keep it simple. Because you don't want to take away from the gorgeous embroidery work in the dress. A simple "gold herringbone mesh bracelet" would also look great with this Seattle Street Style.

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~Linda J. Baldridge~

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