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Dec 7, 2013

Create a Fierce Haute Couture Fashion Look

TODAY is the day for a Fierce Haute Couture Fashion Look.
 Let's find out how! I will describe below how the silhouette, fitted pieces and pieces that have volume work together into this fierce haute couture fashion look. Read below the image for more details...

the flared skirt

The Silhouette. 
The silhouette or figure of a woman demands being accentuated upon. One must flatter ones body type with the perfect style of clothing. When you do; you look radiant, totally self-confident...You walk with an air that you control your very own existence. No one questions the fact that you are totally put together. So lets create a silhouette of a elegant, glamorous woman that you are.

When I look for clothing pieces to create a fierce haute couture fashion look; it's a detailed, a form-fitting, but yet creates volume when wearing these pieces together. So let's get started.

The Form-Fitting Look.
The form-fitting look is created by wearing clothing pieces that fit tightly around the body. Accentuating upon your silhouette. Crop-tops, bustiers, fitted leather jackets or blazers are a few that can create this effect.

In the fashion collage above; I chose a "Evanda Lace Oversized Crop Top" and a "Jitrois' Fur Collar Leather Jacket". Notice the detailing in the jacket, and mixing the crop top with the fitted look of the jacket. FORM-FITTING YEH BABY!

The Volume Look.
The volume look sculpts a second skin to your already perfect silhouette. I found this "YIQING YIN LAME Tight Waisted Flared Skirt". Notice the volume that is created with the layering of the fabric. This flared skirt speaks for itself. Total volume. Don't you think the gold and black tones in the skirt stand out even more.

Now lets combine the form-fitting pieces with the flared skirt. Notice how the crop top and leather jacket accent the flaring of the skirt creating a fierce haute couture fashion look.

But to create even more effectiveness; lets add a few more pieces. Let go with a "Moda Operandi Top Handle Bag" and a pair of "Charlotte Oympia Leather Ankle Sandals". Now that's fierce. Now the topper. The "One of a Kind Radiant Sapphire & White Topaz Peacock Necklace. YEP...I believe that does it. What do you think? I would Love to know what you think?

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