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Nov 13, 2013

POP Culture:: CAPOLOGY the Glamorous Baseball Cap

I can hear it now! What the heck is CAPLOGY?
I could say something humorous...Baseball caps, and philopsy...Yeah. 
No! That's not it. If you want to know more about CAPOLOGY; read below the picture...

glamorous fashion looks with baseball caps

The Practical Function::
You know we need to chat about out this detail. The typical soft, rounded crown, projecting a stiff peak in the front cap. YEP. That's it! The ole baseball cap. Pretty much BASEBALL CAPS are used as a marketing ploy for the all together famous brands of the world, but most widely used by incorporating sports brands, atheletes, etc.

But really now; the basic function of the baseball cap is protection. To shield the eyes from the scorching sun and also it provides warmth for the old noggin from COLD, WINTRY DAYS.

My meaning of CAPOLOGY! A mixture of fashion, creativity, attitude and of course the baseball cap.

I have noticed a few more functions for the elusive baseball cap.

POP Culture and Game day Trends::
 Wearing a baseball cap to a ball game is over. Well maybe not over. In the year of 2013; I saw a whole new twist on the elusive baseball cap. I'm gonna list a few of them for you!

1.) Everyday Street Style. Do you believe it? If you walk down the streets of NEW YORK CITY you might catch a girl wearing a baseball cap with silver prongs, a leather biker jacket, a skater skirt, sweet little crop top, and a pair of lace-up ankle booties from River Island.

2.) Pop Music Stars. Rihanna does it best. Rebellion. Rebel. Pop music, recording artist, actress, and fashion designer. She knows how to wear a baseball cap. Backwards that is. Top it with a Camo crop top, a pair of denim jeans rolled up, chic little envelope clutch, and a pair of stiletto heels.

3.) Runway Fashion Shows. Baseball caps and high fashion. I have noticed at a few fashion shows in 2013, that fashion designers are blending baseball caps in with their high class clothing pieces. Everything from long tailored dresses, but brands like Herve Leger display an array of gorgeous headwear pieces mixed with their detailed bodycon dresses. Very stylish indeed.

Have I got your interest? You should check it out yourself, baseball caps are totally trending for 2013, and 2014. From a street look to a high class fashion style baseball caps are it.

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