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Nov 27, 2013

Celebrity Fashion Look:: RIHANNA & the Stylish Hollow Bow Skinny Pants

Let's bust a celebrity fashion look with RIHANNA today! I'm talking about the edgy, trendsetting styles she creates for everyday wear. Read more below the fashion collage I created her illustrating this look...

Stylish Hollow Bow Skinny Jeans

We all know who RIHANNA is; the Barbadian recording artist, actress, and fashion designer. Born as Robyn Rihanna Fenty (born February 20, 1988), known by her stage name Rihanna (/riˈɑːnə/ ree-AH-nə or /riˈænə/ ree-AN, from the Welsh name Rhiannon).

I've notice a fashion look she wears. It's the crop top or bustier with a pair of distressed or destroyed skinny jeans. 

Today; I came across and their Stylish Hollow Bow Skinny Pants. I think Rihanna would look totally cool in a pair of these with a Polka Dot Bralette Bustier Tank Bandeaus Garage. If you noticed in the small image of the collage; she's wearing something similar to this fashion look

I also thought a pair of black leather-looking pumps by SUGARFREE SHOES would suit the whole look. Then add a Women's Tote With PU Leather Vintage Style Belts and Buckles De would finish the look completely.

Now lets polish this look with a few black and silver jewelry pieces. Yep; that does it for me. What about you? Could you wear this everyday fashion look?

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