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Nov 27, 2013

Celebrity Fashion Look:: RIHANNA & the Stylish Hollow Bow Skinny Pants

Let's bust a celebrity fashion look with RIHANNA today! I'm talking about the edgy, trendsetting styles she creates for everyday wear. Read more below the fashion collage I created her illustrating this look...

Stylish Hollow Bow Skinny Jeans

We all know who RIHANNA is; the Barbadian recording artist, actress, and fashion designer. Born as Robyn Rihanna Fenty (born February 20, 1988), known by her stage name Rihanna (/riˈɑːnə/ ree-AH-nə or /riˈænə/ ree-AN, from the Welsh name Rhiannon).

I've notice a fashion look she wears. It's the crop top or bustier with a pair of distressed or destroyed skinny jeans. 

Today; I came across and their Stylish Hollow Bow Skinny Pants. I think Rihanna would look totally cool in a pair of these with a Polka Dot Bralette Bustier Tank Bandeaus Garage. If you noticed in the small image of the collage; she's wearing something similar to this fashion look

I also thought a pair of black leather-looking pumps by SUGARFREE SHOES would suit the whole look. Then add a Women's Tote With PU Leather Vintage Style Belts and Buckles De would finish the look completely.

Now lets polish this look with a few black and silver jewelry pieces. Yep; that does it for me. What about you? Could you wear this everyday fashion look?

Nov 22, 2013

Playful FUN Style:: The Vanessa Bruno Printed Silk Mini Skirt

I'm feeling frisky and playful like a kitten. The weather is so cold here in Seattle. Funny how the cold weather does that to a person. Must be the electricity in the air.

So I chose to create a Playful, FUN, Style today. Check out my creative little fashion collage below.

Vanessa Bruno Printed Silk Mini Skirt

What is it about pink and blue color tones? They create a playful, fun atmosphere to play around with.

In the world of style; fashion designer Vanessa Bruno brings a Playful clothing piece to fashion in their "print silk mini skirt".

I wanted to maximize on the FUN aspect with a little "pink boxy graphic tee shirt" from Aeropostale and a open crop blazer from Body Central.

Style comes in the form of a perfect little piece such as this "Valentino Rockstud-Trim Lock Flap Bag". Yeh. Baby!

I also thought that a pair of "zip up ankle booties" adds the final touch to this playful, fun style.

Lets go have some FUN in the frisky, crispy, cold weather. Happy Friday! Hope you have a awesome weekend my lovelies.

Nov 19, 2013

How to Have Pefect Skin Like Hollywood Celebs?

Celebrities are known for wanting to look perfect, on or off from the set. Being a fashion icon has its demands. One of them is always looking perfect in front of the camera, that would be our ever so popular Kim Kardashian.

Celebrity; Kim Kardashian use cutting edge technology to keep that perfect celebrity look.

Kim uses companies like LaserAway for unwanted hair removal or sun damage, and maybe a little pick me up with plastic or cosmetic surgery.

But, she definetly is on LaserAway client list. If your looking for some hair removal or a new face lift LaserAway would be the place to go in Rancho Mirage, California.

Via: LaserAway

How to Wear Perfect, Flawless, Makeup Like the Celebrities?

Ever wonder how celebrities faces look so perfect, flawless, and spot on. The cosmetic companies of today have hit their mark when it comes to makeup. Millions of women and some men wear makeup; whether its for personal everyday use or for special fashion, music or film events. Makeup has taken on a whole new level, not just the average department store compact kit in a blush, eye shadow or mascara tube.

Nope, companies use air brush body paint technology to create a flawless, perfect iconic makeup look. We would like to feature today Temotu; the original paint formula and tatoo ink transfer company from 1996.

Temptu has taken the ordinary makeup to a whole new level. Not only do they offer this product to the fashion, music, and film industry. They are offering it to us women. A home airbrush makeup system. You should really check out their sleek AIRbrush Makeup System with exclusive AIRpod™ Makeup.

Via: Temptu

Nov 15, 2013

I'm Crushing Over a School Slang Dress from NASTYGAL

It's not a school crush over a guy either....
It's HOT pink. 
SQUARE Checkers!
Here it is...
a School Slang Dress from NastyGal
Check out the pics.

I'm crushing over the cuteness of this dress.
I love the hot pink color tone.
The plaid print.
The plunging V neckline.
Cutouts that you can still wear your favorite bra under.

Pair it with your favorite rugged leather biker jacket.

and a pair of ankle booties or lace up boots 
this would give the School Slang Dress 
a to die for fashion look.

You might want to add a chunky chain necklace to the mix too.

So are you crushing too?


Nov 13, 2013

POP Culture:: CAPOLOGY the Glamorous Baseball Cap

I can hear it now! What the heck is CAPLOGY?
I could say something humorous...Baseball caps, and philopsy...Yeah. 
No! That's not it. If you want to know more about CAPOLOGY; read below the picture...

glamorous fashion looks with baseball caps

The Practical Function::
You know we need to chat about out this detail. The typical soft, rounded crown, projecting a stiff peak in the front cap. YEP. That's it! The ole baseball cap. Pretty much BASEBALL CAPS are used as a marketing ploy for the all together famous brands of the world, but most widely used by incorporating sports brands, atheletes, etc.

But really now; the basic function of the baseball cap is protection. To shield the eyes from the scorching sun and also it provides warmth for the old noggin from COLD, WINTRY DAYS.

My meaning of CAPOLOGY! A mixture of fashion, creativity, attitude and of course the baseball cap.

I have noticed a few more functions for the elusive baseball cap.

POP Culture and Game day Trends::
 Wearing a baseball cap to a ball game is over. Well maybe not over. In the year of 2013; I saw a whole new twist on the elusive baseball cap. I'm gonna list a few of them for you!

1.) Everyday Street Style. Do you believe it? If you walk down the streets of NEW YORK CITY you might catch a girl wearing a baseball cap with silver prongs, a leather biker jacket, a skater skirt, sweet little crop top, and a pair of lace-up ankle booties from River Island.

2.) Pop Music Stars. Rihanna does it best. Rebellion. Rebel. Pop music, recording artist, actress, and fashion designer. She knows how to wear a baseball cap. Backwards that is. Top it with a Camo crop top, a pair of denim jeans rolled up, chic little envelope clutch, and a pair of stiletto heels.

3.) Runway Fashion Shows. Baseball caps and high fashion. I have noticed at a few fashion shows in 2013, that fashion designers are blending baseball caps in with their high class clothing pieces. Everything from long tailored dresses, but brands like Herve Leger display an array of gorgeous headwear pieces mixed with their detailed bodycon dresses. Very stylish indeed.

Have I got your interest? You should check it out yourself, baseball caps are totally trending for 2013, and 2014. From a street look to a high class fashion style baseball caps are it.

Nov 7, 2013

LUXE Fashion Style:: Gloss Red Black with Alexander McQueen

Creating a LUXE Fashion Style...
Gloss RED Black with Alexander McQueen

Did we get you at the pic? There is more below the image...
Luxerious Fashion Style
stop. look. listen. it's fashion.

I have fallen.

Fallen for a sweet little number by fashion label Alexander Mcqueen.

YES. A Diamond Chenille Knit Dress priced at £1,395.

Red chenille knit dress with quilted diamond texture.
Round neckline. 
 Keyhole opening in the back with pearl button closure.

 I'm putting it on my wish list from SANTA.

Along with a Valentino Rockstud Leather Trapeze Bag...$2,075
A pair of  Michael Kors™ Adelaide Stiletto Heels...$395
AND a Kate Spade Stepping Stone Graduated Necklace.

What's on your wishlist for Christmas? You know it's just around the corner.

About Linda Baldridge
Hi I'm Linda Baldridge, Founder & Editor in Chief of Fashion Take-Out. I'm an advocate for fashion blogging. I'm saying goodbye to the traditional picture fashion blogging and inspiring a whole new way of looking at fashion blogging by illustrating clothing pieces through an artistic, edgy, whimsical fashion board or collage. Connect with me on Facebook: or My Google Profile

Nov 6, 2013

SEXY Glamorous Looks:: The Spy Love Buy PRYNCESS Stiletto Heel Platform Court Shoes

Creating a SEXY Glamorous Look with Spy LOVE Buy.
Look at the fashion collage!

People say; Awe. You Look So Sexy and Glamorous!

I ask; What makes you want to say this! They say; It's the way you wear your fashion pieces and your choices of clothing and accessory pieces. 

So; Let's create a SEXY glamorous look today.

I have a long slender frame. I want to accentuate on that! One must learn how to build upon the beautiful body GOD gave us. We are all created so differently. But if we take the time to learn what makes us glamorous and sexy. It's amazing how it can promote self-confidence and a sexy persona.

Appearance. How we look to ourselves is more important than how we look to others. Feeling comfortable in our own skin is HUGE.

BODY. Be blessed with the body you have and build upon it. You don't have to be stuck with what you have. Exercise and eating healthy does some crazy things to one's body. And it totally does a ego attack on your self-confidence. Whoa I feel Good!

Color Analysis. Did you know we all wear different color tones more effectively. I'm a wintry type of person. What I'm trying to say; is with my skin tone I can wear Burgundy's, Greens, Blues, Lavenders, and purple color tones to accentuate my sexy glamorous look.

OK. I could go on and on.

My SEXY glamorous look today is with 5 fashion pieces from favorite fashion brands.
MIU MIU, BALENCIAGA, HOUSE of Fraser, Moda Operandi, and SPY LOVE BUY.

Remember I have a long slender frame; so today I chose a 1.) Miu Miu Printed Duchesse Cotton-blend Skirt. Notice the length. It accentuates on my long legs.

Also; I thought WEARING a 2.) BALENCIAGA Halter Bustier Top would flatter my waistline forming a slimming silhouette.

Adding a 3.) House of Fraser beautiful Leopard Print Tuxedo Jacket is a great addition to my SEXY glamorous look.

Now it's accessory time. Now I'm going to take away from the long slenderizing lines I've created in my clothing pieces and go with a 4.) Rectangular Luxe Leather Bag from MODA OPERANDI to add to my sexy glamorous look.

I'm adding one last POP to this look. A pair of 5.) PRYNCESS Stiletto Heel Platform Court Shoes in Silver Glitter. Yep that's the look I'm was set to create.

What do you think? Is this a sexy glamorous look for you!
About Linda Baldridge
Hi I'm Linda Baldridge, Founder & Editor in Chief of Fashion Take-Out. I'm an advocate for fashion blogging. I'm saying goodbye to the traditional picture fashion blogging and inspiring a whole new way of looking at fashion blogging by illustrating clothing pieces through an artistic, edgy, whimsical fashion board or collage. Connect with me on Facebook: or My Google Profile

Nov 2, 2013

Body Sculpting:: Dazzle After Dark in Herve Leger

The night is young...

bodycon dress by herve leger

Dazzle After Dark in Herve Leger:: Just imagine the night is young, the air is cold and crisp. It's gonna be a night on the town. A night to remember.

You're gonna dazzle him after dark in your Herve Leger Body Sculpting Dress

NET-A-PORTER...$2,150 The Sequined Bodycon Dress

Pair your Herve Leger sequined bodycon dress with a your highest stilletto heels. I chose a  7 Inch Stiletto Heel Clear Vamp Skull and Crossbones Cut Out Platform Slide from 

Serve it up with some sterling silver accessories and a Mulberry shoulder bag.

I'm sure this little fashion ensemble will warm the night. What do you think?

 About Linda Baldridge
Hi I'm Linda Baldridge, Founder & Editor in Chief of Fashion Take-Out. I'm an advocate for fashion blogging. I'm saying goodbye to the traditional picture fashion blogging and inspiring a whole new way of looking at fashion blogging by illustrating clothing pieces through an artistic, edgy, whimsical fashion board or collage. Connect with me on Facebook: or My Google Profile


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