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Oct 3, 2013

High End Fashion Trends:: The Wes Gordon Metal Chain Pencil Skirt

Hope you are having a glamorous Thursday! 

Today I was doing an online search for a few trunk shows from fashion designers abroad. I came across Moda Operandi and their TRUNK SHOW with "fashion designer" Wes Gordon.

OK...I can hear it now! What the hell is a TRUNK SHOW? 
Let me explain it to you...a trunk show is where fashion designers present there clothing lines directly to stores or selective customers. In most cases it allows store personnel to preview and/or purchase merchandise before it is made available to the public.

In the olden day; the term "trunk show" was used because of how dresses were shipped in old wooden trunks. Guess we learn something new every day!

Back to my online search; I was searching for some high end fashion clothing pieces I could write about...You know me I love serving up fashion take-out with it being hot n sizzling. Read more below...

the wes gordon metal chain pencil skirt

But the clothing piece I found was definitely high end fashion; it came with a whopper price tag of $6,990. Whoa!

Wes Gordon designed a metal chain pencil skirt. This metal chain skirt is really made of metal, featuring a open lattice construction...sizzling with Swarovski crystal embellishments too.

I created a fashion collage to illustrate how I would where such a high end fashion piece. There's nothing more flattering than showing a little midriff. So, I went with a Theysken's Theory white fanette top to accent the slim lines the metal chain pencil skirt creates.

Then a Stylebop leather jacket with silver fox fur. I also wanted to keep this high end fashion trend sizzling with a pair of Alexander McQueen platform ankle booties and a Pierre Hardy black n white calf stripe bag.

So, I'm curious of what your take is on this!

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