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Oct 4, 2013

7 Pros and Cons of Buying a $2390 Saint Laurent Shredded Chain Embellished Skinny Jeans

Today I have a tough decision; I want to purchase these gorgeous, punk-chic style Saint Laurent shredded chain-embellished skinny jeans. But I must weigh out the pros and cons of purchasing them.

Join me in my decision making process!

1. CONS:: The Price Tag
One determining factor in purchasing something; is the price tag and whether it's affordable and within your budget. If you have set yourself a fashion style spending budget...then these Saint Laurent shredded chain-embellished skinny jeans may not be for you...the price tag for this pair of skinny jeans alone is $2390. OUCH! That will put a crimp in your fashion style spending budget...

2. CONS:: The Dry Cleaning Bill
Being that these skinny jeans are a specialty clothing piece; being shredded, and torn, then too have to silver chain embellishments added into to the detailing; they will require special washing treatments from the dry cleaners. Read more pros & cons below the image...

saint laurent shredded chain embellished skinny jeans

3. PRO OR CON:: How often Would I Wear These?
Are these a pair of skinny jeans I would wear a few times a month; does this constitute the price tag. The more I wear them the more dry cleaning, the more the wear and tear on these speciality skinny jeans. Hum!

4. PROS:: The fashion Statement
Just wearing these Saint Laurent shredded, tattered and torn chain-embellished skinny jeans alone is a fashion statement in itself. Let alone the embellishing these skinny jeans with the appropriate clothing and accessory pieces will create quite the STIR. They give off the vibe of being punk and chic at the same time. What do you think?

5. PROS:: The Conversation Piece
Can you imagine the conversation and finger pointing that will occur when you walk through the mall with a pair of these Saint Laurent shredded chain-embellished skinny jeans. Others will say; where did you get those chic skinny jeans from?

6. PROS:: To Crop or Not to Crop

Saint Laurent shredded chain-embellished skinny jeans have such a unique style and fit; you could wear a long or short sleeve crop top. Or a loose bulky sweater over the top of them. Maybe just a casual Old Navy tee would work.

But for my personal preference; being that the skinny jeans have such a high end price tag. I would chose a top that is very stylish. Such as a sleeveless lace peplum top or a crop top and a open end cardigan.

7. PROS: The Accessories
Personally I might go with a big over sized handbag or a cross-body bag. Then pair it with a some bright colored heels. Silver jewelry pieces is a must to accent the silver chain embellishments in the skinny jeans.

The Decision; I usually give myself a spending budget of $500 a month. I have been so good of keeping within my budget too. But I'm jumping in with both legs into these Saint Laurent shredded chain-embellished skinny jeans. I deserve it! I'm a stay at home fashion blogger, mom extraordinaire and work my little butt off 24/7 taking care of my family...I'm worth it!

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