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Sep 6, 2013

Top 5 Women's Superheroes for Dressing Up

Top 5 women's Superheroes for Dressing Up


Superman,Thor, Captain America; sometimes it feels like male superheroes are the only ones saving people at the moment. Now Joss Whedon, the writer/director behind megahit Avengers Assemble has spoken out about the lack of female heroines on the big screen. 

As fun as the likes of Supergirl and Batgirl are, here are some fancy dress ideas for top notch women superheroes who are more than just sidekicks.


wonder woman

Wonder Woman
One of the most iconic female superheroes, big-haired Amazonian warrior Wonder Woman is dedicated to fighting for justice, love and peace, and her costume is a fun one to put together. 
Wear a red bustier and blue miniskirt or star-print hot pants, accessorized with a gold tiara, red cape and lasso of truth. If you can find one.


Super-heroine or super-villain? Either way, this feisty feline is a great option for fancy dress
Think black, shiny and skin-tight and you’re most of the way to Catwoman’s slinky costume. Add a thick belt, boots and gloves, topped off with an eye mask and some ears for a sense of cat-like mystery.

A bit of an eighties’ flashback, He-Man’s sister is an acrobatic Princess of Power with an indestructible sword. 

To transform into She-Ra, wear awhite sleeveless dress with a red cape and as many gold accessories as possible, including boots, arm cuffs and a belt. 

Flowing blonde hair (or a blonde wig) will pull this look together.

buffy the vampire slayer
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
You can’t bring up Joss Whedon and not mention one of his most famous creations, the smart, sassy, undead-killing Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The main part of Buffy’s look is her shoulder-length blonde hair, so popon a wig or style your own hair with a side-parting. The rest of the outfit is nineties’ American teenager: vest tops, tight dark jeans or red leather trousers, and platform boots. Finish off with a pointed stake.

katniss everdeen
Katniss Everdeen
She may not have mutant powers or be able to fly, but the Hunger Games’ heroine is one tough cookie. 
To recreate her ready-for-anything costume, layer a dark v-neck top with a zip-up black hooded jacket, skinny brown cargo trousers and black boots. 
Accessorize with a bow and arrows, hair braided into a chunky plait and, if you can find one, the iconic Mockingjay pin.

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