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Sep 11, 2013

The $5200 Fashion Look:: A Intricate Evening in a VALENTINO Cocktail Dress

Awe just imagine romance is in the air. Your going to meet Mr. Debonair. You want to look so elegant. But not with too much flair. A sweet romantic fashion look. For the faint of heart.

intricate valentino cocktail dress

Fashion designer VALENTINO; definitely has an eye for sweetness in this little "intricate cocktail dress" price tag $2634. Flirting with a off the shoulder look and pairing it up with a fitted waist and flawless overlaying with a embroidered floral design. Then giving way to the tulip effect in the shape of the skirt.

I wanted to highlight on the light blue color tones of the flowers in the Valentino intricate cocktail dress and accent the evening look with a soft power blue with a Givenchy small antigona leather tote priced at $2280.

Then pick up the darker royal blue color tone too with a pair of elegant fashion ladies high heels will set the Valentino intricate cocktail dress on fire priced at $23.

Last but least a small splash of silver with a Rebecca Minkoff pave dome choker priced at $168.

There we have a $5200 evening fashion look with Valentino and his intricate cocktail dress.

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