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Sep 20, 2013

Floral Print Fashion Trends:: The Tory Burch Kai Skirt

Have you noticed the feminine, romantic, botanical floral print fashion trends in this year summer,  fall, and winter collections - I'm checking out fashion designer Tory Burch's multi-dimensional floral patterns.

AWE. The botanical garden. Romantic in a love story. Teasing in the sense of titillating smell. Feminine for lady like flounce. Can you just envision this?

I can in fashion designer "Tory Burch Kai Skirt". A slimming, pencil line silhouette flirting with a multi-dimensional floral print patterns. The "Tory Burch Kai Skirt" definitely defines a show stopping fashion style.

I wanted to illustrate my personal stylish touch in a fashion collage below. So you might want to have an idea of how you could wear this STYLISH "Tory Burch Kai Skirt". So here is my personal stylish touch.

Floral Print Fashion Trends The Tory Burch Kai Skir

There's nothing more romantic then adding a sultry "J. Crew racerback crop carrie cami" to sweeten up this fashion style.

Then a classic lightweight long sleeve cardigan from Lagarconne. Look how it creates total standout style with the "Tory Burch Kai Skirt" and crop carrie cami.

Now lets add some accessory pieces to this fashion style...I'm grabbing a DKNY "leather shopper handbag" from Macy's and  a pair of ZARA "studded court shoes with ankle straps".

Last but least; a chunky chain necklace from Shopbop. AWE. I love the whole classic, but yet modern fashion style. Do You?

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  1. Gorgeous set as always! Love the simplicity of colors and accessories!

    1. Thank you Sweets. I always look forward to ur comments. Hope u have a terrific weekend!


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