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Sep 28, 2013

Floral Print Fashion Trends:: The Vera Wang Cropped Rose-Jacquard Pants

Happy Saturday My Lovelies!

Today I'm featuring a fashion look featuring "fashion designer" Vera Wang! Vera's closing look in her fall runway show featured cropped pants and pumps.We all know that the floral prints are the latest rave  in fashion trends these days; whether they come in the fine small floral print or the big beautiful rose-jacquard print especially in cropped pants and jeans.

Vera Wang flaunted us with her huge beautiful rose jacquard print delicately splattered across these gorgeous cropped rose-jacquard pants. I wanted to illustrated how I would design a personal fashion look with these gorgeous cropped rose-jacquard pants. So let's get started. Read more below image.

the vera wang rose jacquard pants

Vera Wang cropped rose jacquard pants accents the Fall season color tones. Reminds me of walking down New York City sidewalks before the street sweeper has swept away all the leaves that have fallen from the trees. The rustic browns and gold tones.

Close your eyes and let's go there. Imagine the crackling under your feet as you step upon the leaves, the brushing sound as you move your feet through the pile of leaves...The crispness in the air and the chill as the breeze whispers across your face. Do you feel it? I do.

Well I flirted with a few more pieces to really accent upon the rustic color tones. I chose a darling crop top from H&M to blend with the black in the pants.Then I added a pair rust colored Sole Society Chrissy Ankle Booties, and Vince Camuto Leila Shoulder Bag with Gold chain. See how it's coming together.

Now lets add some accents like a Nouv-Elle curve pendant necklace and a Kendra Scott Elite earrings. Now what do you think?

About Linda Baldridge
Hi I'm Linda Baldridge, Founder & Editor in Chief of Fashion Take-Out. I'm an advocate for fashion blogging. I'm saying goodbye to the traditional picture fashion blogging and inspiring a whole new way of looking at fashion blogging by illustrating clothing pieces through an artistic, edgy, whimsical fashion board or collage. Connect with me on Facebook: or My Google Profile

Sep 26, 2013

Celebrity Fashion LOOK:: Sizzling Style with Miley Cyrus

Lets sizzle with a Miley Cyrus celebrity fashion look! I'm talking about the PUNK fashion phase that Miley is entertaining these days.

Miley Ray Cyrus was born (Destiny Hope Cyrus; November 23, 1992). An American actress and recording icon. Also the daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus; she has evolved from an American teen idol (Hannah Montana) to a mainstream pop star; she has become one of the most successful artists to originate from Disney.

She has finally broke out of her cute teen idol phase and is now stepping into her rebellious, punk, untamed successful music icon.

So today I am creating a sizzling punk celebrity fashion look for Miley Cyrus! Read more below the image...

celebrity lashion look sizzling style with miley cyrus

In my Miley Cyrus celebrity fashion look I'm going to serve you a rebellious, punk look.  A Miley Cyrus clothing piece that I have noticed she wears is the bralets or little crop tops. So my first choice for creating sizzling punk look is this (1) Topshop "black shiny PU Bralet" .

Another clothing piece is the (2) "PAULE KA crop printed jacket" from FarFetch. It has a fitted detailed look to it. Goes really well with the bralet.

Now the adorable (3) "classic high waisted denim shorts" to create an even more punk celebrity fashion look.

It's time to kick in the (4) "Jimmy Choo Tamba Stretch Leather Over-the-Knee-Boots" from Net-a-Porter. WOW! Effective...

Last final touches...A zip zing of gold bling. The bracelet & cuff. The chunky chain "Allsaints Valtari Necklace", Kate Spade "The Ropes Stud Earring", and the Forever New "Ivanka Trump Rebecca Shoulder Flap Clutch complete this punk celebrity fashion look to give it just the right kind of sizzling style.

So what do you think?

About Linda Baldridge
 Hi I'm Linda Baldridge, Founder & Editor in Chief of Fashion Take-Out. I'm an advocate for fashion blogging. I'm saying goodbye to the traditional picture fashion blogging and inspiring a whole new way of looking at fashion blogging by illustrating clothing pieces through an artistic, edgy, whimsical fashion board or collage. Connect with me on Facebook: or My Google Provile >

Sep 23, 2013

Celebrity Fashion LOOK:: Savage Elegance with RIHANNA

Happy Monday Everyone! Hope you have started your week off in the right direction and may it be a successful one at that too!

 I'm starting my Monday with a celebrity fashion look that illustrates little bit of edginess from Rihanna. I just adore Rihanna in her wardrobe choices. So I'm inspired with a twist of edginess. It reminds me of one of Rihanna's popular songs she had released on Nov 8th, 2012. If you haven't heard of it (Diamonds). You can listen at it over at Rihanna VEVO Diamonds on YouTube.

celebrity fashion look rihanna

Diamonds have this savage elegance until they are cultured by mankind. Giving us many facets of its edgy splendor. Rihanna does the same in her raw talent.

Today I wanted to create a edgy celebrity fashion look with Rihanna in mind. There's something about animal print creates the savage, edgy, chiseled elegant look I'm trying to achieve in this celebrity fashion look for Rihanna.

In order to create Rihanna's celebrity fashion look of savage edginess I chose a "zebra print satin silk pencil skirt" from To inspire even more savage look; I added a royal blue "sleeveless turtleneck crop top". A black belt defines the edgy look don't you think?

Grabbing a "asymmetrical zip jacket" from Shop BAZAAR keeps the look consistent. Then add a pair of 3.1 Phillip Lim "Ella Ankle Strap High Heels" and a Reed Krakoff T-Pin Clutch gives it a final pop.

Finally the the bling. Add some zing with a few jewelry pieces from Dannijo.

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Sep 20, 2013

Floral Print Fashion Trends:: The Tory Burch Kai Skirt

Have you noticed the feminine, romantic, botanical floral print fashion trends in this year summer,  fall, and winter collections - I'm checking out fashion designer Tory Burch's multi-dimensional floral patterns.

AWE. The botanical garden. Romantic in a love story. Teasing in the sense of titillating smell. Feminine for lady like flounce. Can you just envision this?

I can in fashion designer "Tory Burch Kai Skirt". A slimming, pencil line silhouette flirting with a multi-dimensional floral print patterns. The "Tory Burch Kai Skirt" definitely defines a show stopping fashion style.

I wanted to illustrate my personal stylish touch in a fashion collage below. So you might want to have an idea of how you could wear this STYLISH "Tory Burch Kai Skirt". So here is my personal stylish touch.

Floral Print Fashion Trends The Tory Burch Kai Skir

There's nothing more romantic then adding a sultry "J. Crew racerback crop carrie cami" to sweeten up this fashion style.

Then a classic lightweight long sleeve cardigan from Lagarconne. Look how it creates total standout style with the "Tory Burch Kai Skirt" and crop carrie cami.

Now lets add some accessory pieces to this fashion style...I'm grabbing a DKNY "leather shopper handbag" from Macy's and  a pair of ZARA "studded court shoes with ankle straps".

Last but least; a chunky chain necklace from Shopbop. AWE. I love the whole classic, but yet modern fashion style. Do You?

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Sep 13, 2013

The POWER Clashing Trends:: Floral and Aztec Fashion Look

POWER Clashing with Floral and Aztec Patterns...

Have you noticed this summer and now fall season the mismatching of prints? For instance; the mix-n-match of checkers with large or small floral print designs. Or, the polka dot print converging over the checker print.

One could really accentuate on those patterns to create a really dramatic edgy, but feminine fashion look.
The Aztec pattern is small and refined giving away to edgy, slender, slimming look. While the floral pattern creates a feminine, flirty, sweetness.

I like to make the "POWER Clashing Trends" of these patterns INTENTIONAL.

Like for example; the fashion collage I created here. This whole fashion look cost less then $200.

I chose the FOREVER21 rockin rose crop top with larger floral design print for $9...then I found a black and stone woven aztec print pencil skirt from for $24.

I really wanted to create even more edgy look with a butterfly handbag from online accessory boutique MaggieBags for $114.

Now the last effect...a pair of Zara pointed patent leather court shoes priced at $50.

Now something I would suggest is using a few gold tone jewelry pieces to accent the whole power clashing trend even more.

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Sep 11, 2013

The $5200 Fashion Look:: A Intricate Evening in a VALENTINO Cocktail Dress

Awe just imagine romance is in the air. Your going to meet Mr. Debonair. You want to look so elegant. But not with too much flair. A sweet romantic fashion look. For the faint of heart.

intricate valentino cocktail dress

Fashion designer VALENTINO; definitely has an eye for sweetness in this little "intricate cocktail dress" price tag $2634. Flirting with a off the shoulder look and pairing it up with a fitted waist and flawless overlaying with a embroidered floral design. Then giving way to the tulip effect in the shape of the skirt.

I wanted to highlight on the light blue color tones of the flowers in the Valentino intricate cocktail dress and accent the evening look with a soft power blue with a Givenchy small antigona leather tote priced at $2280.

Then pick up the darker royal blue color tone too with a pair of elegant fashion ladies high heels will set the Valentino intricate cocktail dress on fire priced at $23.

Last but least a small splash of silver with a Rebecca Minkoff pave dome choker priced at $168.

There we have a $5200 evening fashion look with Valentino and his intricate cocktail dress.

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Sep 7, 2013

The CHIC High Street Office Style Edition:: A 10 Week Mini Series

Welcome to Our 10 Week Mini Series:: Where I will show 10 different chic high street office styles that you can wear at the office, you might work in an high end attorney's firm or just a classy office environment. These fashion looks will certainly set a high street style among the office environment.

I would invite you to stop by my Fashion Take-Out Facebook Page; where I will be sharing our chic high street office styles with MY facebook readers...if you want to follow along to see what I will be sharing next. I would so appreciate your follow.

Below I will share a few of our chic high street office fashion styles.

#1 CHIC High Street Office Style
Sweet little print skirt, polka dot sleeveless top, a warm fuzzy sweater jacket, a quaint top handle bag, and a chic little pair of ankle boots...

chic high street office style looks

#2 CHIC High Street Office Style 
 Red and black color tones sweeten this little chic high street office style on fire...Starting with a fitted blazer, checked print wrap skirt, sleeveless blouse, closed toe heels, and a classy little shoulder bag...

chic high street office style mini series

If your enjoying my personal picks from fashion designers all over the world. Stay tuned as I share them on my Facebook page Fashion Take-Out...Click here. I would love to get your feedback, your opinion counts.

Sep 6, 2013

Top 5 Women's Superheroes for Dressing Up

Top 5 women's Superheroes for Dressing Up


Superman,Thor, Captain America; sometimes it feels like male superheroes are the only ones saving people at the moment. Now Joss Whedon, the writer/director behind megahit Avengers Assemble has spoken out about the lack of female heroines on the big screen. 

As fun as the likes of Supergirl and Batgirl are, here are some fancy dress ideas for top notch women superheroes who are more than just sidekicks.


wonder woman

Wonder Woman
One of the most iconic female superheroes, big-haired Amazonian warrior Wonder Woman is dedicated to fighting for justice, love and peace, and her costume is a fun one to put together. 
Wear a red bustier and blue miniskirt or star-print hot pants, accessorized with a gold tiara, red cape and lasso of truth. If you can find one.


Super-heroine or super-villain? Either way, this feisty feline is a great option for fancy dress
Think black, shiny and skin-tight and you’re most of the way to Catwoman’s slinky costume. Add a thick belt, boots and gloves, topped off with an eye mask and some ears for a sense of cat-like mystery.

A bit of an eighties’ flashback, He-Man’s sister is an acrobatic Princess of Power with an indestructible sword. 

To transform into She-Ra, wear awhite sleeveless dress with a red cape and as many gold accessories as possible, including boots, arm cuffs and a belt. 

Flowing blonde hair (or a blonde wig) will pull this look together.

buffy the vampire slayer
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
You can’t bring up Joss Whedon and not mention one of his most famous creations, the smart, sassy, undead-killing Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The main part of Buffy’s look is her shoulder-length blonde hair, so popon a wig or style your own hair with a side-parting. The rest of the outfit is nineties’ American teenager: vest tops, tight dark jeans or red leather trousers, and platform boots. Finish off with a pointed stake.

katniss everdeen
Katniss Everdeen
She may not have mutant powers or be able to fly, but the Hunger Games’ heroine is one tough cookie. 
To recreate her ready-for-anything costume, layer a dark v-neck top with a zip-up black hooded jacket, skinny brown cargo trousers and black boots. 
Accessorize with a bow and arrows, hair braided into a chunky plait and, if you can find one, the iconic Mockingjay pin.

Sep 4, 2013

The $253 Question:: How To Create a Chic High Street Fashion Look?

Welcome to The $253 Question: where you can create a stunning chic high street fashion look for under two hundred and fifty three dollars. Read more below the picture...

chic high street fashion look

Let's find out how: Today I went online and found Dorothy Perkins. An affordable, fashion retailer in the United Kingdom (UK), that offers feminine fashion and a great shopping experience.

Are you ready to find out how I created this fashion look? Here is The $253 Question:
It seems today, with the economy flopping this way and that, we are forced to be on a monthly budget for spending. That include shopping for our chic high street fashion look.

How to Create a  Chic High Street Fashion Look with $253?
In order to create a chic high street fashion look; one must choose clothing pieces that define the words "detailing, classy, custom fitted".

So I choose a few pieces from Dorothy Perkins.
1. A check leather look pocket pencil skirt priced at $39.
2. A blue notch lapel jacket priced at $59.
3. A winter white dome stud tote priced at $44.

then I found the rest from other online fashion boutiques...

3. A Brooks Street tank betty from priced at $16.
4. A pair of BCB Generation Liberty black n white patent pumps from priced at $93.

Total chic high street fashion look $253...Hope you enjoyed shopping with us today!

Sep 3, 2013

Celebrity Looks:: Nicole Scherzinger Glossy n Sequins

Creating a Celebrity Look with Nicole Scherzinger in Glossy Black and Sequins....

celerity look with nicole scherzinger

Happy Holiday my American friends and happy Monday to my friends abroad...Hope your enjoying your day and may it be one that is successful and sweet.

I haven't created a celebrity look in awhile. About time I get off my little bum and get busy. Today's celebrity look will be illustrated after Nicole Scherzinger.

Are you familiar with who Nicole Scherzinger is? 
Nicole was born June 29, 1978...she loved entertaining as a child...which moved her onto her role as a lead vocalist for the "The Pussycat Dolls, then becoming a American singer, songwriter...and fashion icon.

I loved watching her as judge on the X Factor with Simon Cowell. But we're here today to illustrate a celebrity look I have created for Nicole and you too. I hope you enjoy it.

I found a gorgeous "glossy black quilted jacket" from Balmain, and paired it with a pair of Diane Von Fursenberg sequin shorts. I love how they blend together to create such a celelbrity look of sophistication.

Now lets pick up on some more silver tones. A stunning pair of Badgley Mischka stiletto silver sandals with double and criss cross accents in the ankle straps. I thought a sweet little lunch clutch from Lagarconne would add the final touch along with various jewelry pieces...

Hope you enjoyed the celebrity look for today!

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Sep 1, 2013

Loud Bold Fashion Statements:: The Privileged Bucka Neon Yellow Heels

The Privileged Bucka Neon Yellow Heels

Have you noticed the bright, loud, bold fashion trends in 2013 Summer n Fall collections - I'm out to create a loud, bold fashion statement in neon yellow, black and gold tones.

I found the perfect accessory piece for my fashion take-out entree today! It's Privileged Bucka's "Neon Yellow Heels"! Neon yellow in synthetic leather with a very chic gold chain link strap. I love it! What a clever design!...You can purchase these through HEELS.COM.

I found a classy, sophisticated, designer AQ/AQ Label "black open side mini dress" that would sweeten the loud, bold fashion statement. Then I added a Balmain's dragon black and gold tone belt to accent more upon the gold tone of the ankle straps in "The Privileged Bucka Neon Yellow Heels".

Now to pick up a little more yellow tone in the dress, let's add a piece of jewelry to give it that loud, bold, fashion statement. Awe yes... a Jane Stone yellow bubble fashion statement necklace.

Last of all a Burberry "textured leather Somerford tote" and a pair of black n gold tone earrings. I believe we have created a loud, bold fashion statement...don't you think?

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