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Jul 31, 2013

CHIC Handmade Jewelry: The Double Ring Copper Sphere Bracelet

CHIC Handmade Jewelry: The Double Ring Copper Sphere Bracelet

In past articles, I have written about my fascination with jewelry and becoming a jewelry designer. A year ago, I started my jewelry businness and named it JIJI CHIC. CHIC handmade jewelry.

I love working with copper. First hand forming the shapes. Then hammering to give it some character. Then crimping a design to give it even more definition.

I wanted to share with you the double ring copper bracelet I made on Monday.

Each jewelry piece I make is custom made to order. So if your looking to add one to your jewelry collection. Give me a shout at or fill out my contact form here Contact Me Here...and we can make arrangements.

Haute Couture:: Giorgio Armani Style

Haute Couture:: Giorgio Armani Style

High fashion comes into play with the creation of exclusive custom-fitted clothing, or as we all refer to "haute couture". 

Fashion brand Giorgio Armani takes haute couture quite seriously. 

How can we put it into words...what Giorgio Armani fashion brand brings to fashion. Here is my fashion spill...cultivated. asymmetrical. prestige. exquisite. A look of high class fashion...simply put "Haute Couture".

Today i chose a few of Giorgio Armani pieces to illustrate this "haute couture style". Let's take a look at the fashion collage below.

high fashion custom fitting clothin

Images of models dressed in sophisticated detailed clothing pieces encompass this fashion collage. I start with a Giorgio Armani jacquard, stripe, lapel collar blazer. I'm loving the draw string effect of the blazer, giving a slim line effect.

Then add a asymmetrical stub-silk tank top to bring a dark color tone into the mix. I love the flowing look the tank creates as it flows over the wide leg grey silk trousers.

Top the whole high fashion look with a pair of Giorgio Armani platform sandals. But now the best of the best is Giorgio Armani's silk satin clutch. Smothered with Swarovski crystals embroidered over the face, silk satin lining, detachable metal chain shoulder strap...this little trendy beauty was made in Italy

What do you think? Could you walk out on New York city main street in this high fashion haute couture style?

Jul 25, 2013

Fashion Designer:: Talbot Runhof - The Bronze Turquoise Dress

Fashion Designer:: Talbot Runhof - The Bronze Turquoise Dress

I'm craving a elegant cocktail dress. My sweetheart wants take me out to a fancy restaurant for a luncheon date. I want a dress that is sophisticated, and refined. One that will accentuate my feminine silhouette.

I was searching for elegant cocktail dress on Polyvore. When this one dress caught my eye immediately from "fashion designers" Talbot Runhof. It was bronze and turquoise in color. But what really got my attention was the combination of the shimmery effect of bronze and turquoise with the design of the dress. 

Fashion Designer  Talbot Runhof  The Bronze Turquoise Dress

The love how the neckline draped, and how the fabric seemed to just lay loosely draping itself around and around in this elegant cocktail dress. It is so stunning and elegant.

 I needed to know more about this elegant cocktail dress. I wanted to know more about the "fashion designers" Talbot Runhof, and how they came about.

So here is a little history lesson. "The German-American designer duo Talbot Runhof is known for its elegant evening wear. In 2000, the label was launched in Munich and presents its creations since 2006 twice a year during Paris Fashion Week. The collections of Talbot Runhof create the exquisite combination Couturetechniken with unparalleled simplicity in cut and shape and have been made exclusively in their own studios in Germany."

Now to create the perfect fashion ensemble with this elegant cocktail dress from "fashion designers" Talbot Runhof.

1. Talbot Runhof - The Bronze Turquoise Dress
2. Micheal Kors -  Snake Embossed Shoulder Tote
3. Karen Miller - Color Block Ankle Strap Sandals
4. DANNIJO -  Statement Necklace
5. Lucky Brand - Turquoise Stone Cuff

Jul 22, 2013

Fysiko Eye Lash Growth Serum Update

Today I'm doing an update for Fysiko Eye Lash Growth Serum. Back in June I started using their product. I'M going to tell you right now. I love it. It really works. I have eyelashes like I did when I was a young teenage girl.

Fysiko Eye Lash Growth Serum When I put on mascara...OMG. They look so good. I swear if you have lost most of your eyelashes, or they have thinned out like mine did. You need to use this product.

I will continue to use this product. It was a 16 week trial, but after using it this far and seeing the results. I don't regret it.

 I only applied it once a day. I started using it twice a day, but noticed it was irritating my eyes, so i went back to once a day and it is fine now.

So if your interested in using the Fysiko Eye Lash Growth Serum. Hop on over to their site

Hope your having a awesome day my friends....

Jul 18, 2013

High Street Fashion:: Black Brings Sexy Back

Black Brings Sexy Back in High Street Fashion

What is it about the color of black? In high street fashion it's a sign of elegance.

A Little History: "Black first became a fashionable color for men in Europe in the 17th century, in the courts of Italy and Spain. In the 19th century, it was the fashion for men both in business and for evening wear, in the form of a black coat whose tails came down the knees. 

For women's fashion, the defining moment was the invention of the simple black dress by Coco Chanel in 1926. Thereafter, a long black gown was used for formal occasions, while the simple black dress could be used for everything else. The designer Karl Lagerfeld, explaining why black was so popular, said: "Black is the color that goes with everything. If you're wearing black, you're on sure ground. 

Skirts have gone up and down and fashions have changed, but the black dress has not lost its position as the essential element of a woman's wardrobe. The fashion designer Christian Dior said, "elegance is a combination of distinction, naturalness, care and simplicity, and black exemplified elegance."

black brings sexy back high street fashion

So with this thought I created a high street fashion collage. First a gorgeous picture of fashion model Rosie Tupper in her pose on Austrilia Bondi Beach for ELLE VIETNAM 2013.

In this high street fashion collage I chose:

1. Joie "Devanie Beaded Silk Top" from Harvey Nicols priced at $250
2. A pair of PREEN "Leather Front Ted Slim Pants" priced at $1542 from Boutique 1.
3. A Micheal Kors "Black Leather Satchel Handbag" priced at $358 from Lord & Taylor.
4.  A pair of Rihanna for River Island sandals.

Hope you enjoyed this article...if so please share with your friends...Facebook...Twitter

Jul 15, 2013

Creating a Coffee Haute Office Look

Coffee Haute Office Look

I don't know about you, but my first cup of coffee in the morning has to be "Haute"!  

It's got to have that special blend of creamy smooth, but yet a classy sweetness, and the last savoring flavor is the little bite of bitterness... 

That is a "Coffee Haute Office Look! Read below to see what our special BLEND consisted of...

coffee haute office look

Now to create this "Coffee Haute Office Look" I chose some very special clothing and accessory pieces from some of my favorite fashion labels

To get that special blend we grabbed a LANVIN "Draped Crepe Top" from Browns Fashion for the start of our creamy smooth sensation....

Then for some classy sweetness I chose a Diane Von Furstenberg "Yara Crepe Shorts" from Harvey Nichols.

Mix it up with a pair of black suede peep toe platform heels from New LOOK

Now one last stir and mix with a Mulberry "Effie Hobo Bag"...

Hope you like this special "Coffee Haute Office Look"?

Jul 7, 2013

8 Fashion Pieces For a Summer Fashion Look

Creating a Sweet Summer Fashion Look!  

Today I chose 8 trendy little fashion pieces to create this sweet summer fashion look.

From accessories to a chic little tanky top. Today in Seattle, I know we will be hitting temperatures in the mid eighties...when we get to these temps we get to contend with the humidity that is formed from all the water that surrounds this wonderful city.

It kind of reminds me of music star "Bridgit Mendler" and her single hit "Ready or Not"


Summer is saying "ready or not here I come"; are you ready with your summer fashion look. I went with some soft summer color tones, a mix of pearl, lavender metallic, and ivory. This fashion collage will illustrate these 8 fashion pieces I chose. 
summer fashion look with rabeanco handbags

I fell in love with the (1) simple pearl Calypso ST. Barth Tank Top, so simple but stylish, especially when I pair them with a (2) Metallic Jacquard Shorts from J. Crew.

But the next 2 pieces of my summer fashion look are my faves; the (3) Fabrianna Handbag from RABEANCO and a pair of (4) Ivory Delphine Sandals from Lebunny Bleu. We need to block some of those sun rays with a pair of (5) Fantas Eyes Round Sunglasses from Nordstrom.

Now to trickle in some bling! I need one (6) Ashley Pittman Horn & Bronze Bangles, a (7) Madewell Metal Fan Necklace, and some (8) Roundup Fun Rings from Modcloth

Now I believe we have a sweet summer fashion look, so stay cool and trendy!

Jul 3, 2013

Win $1K and Revamp Your Summer Wardrobe

Win $1K and Revamp Your Summer Wardrobe
It's not true that you can't get something for nothing - take free online games like Wink Bingo, for example, its new and improved Risk-Free $1,000 jackpot game offers players just that.
To have a go, simply log on every Friday from 21.45 GMT to be in with the chance of picking up the cool, cash prize. If you don't win, you'll get the money you spent on cards refunded to your account, but if lady luck is on your side, you'll suddenly find yourself with $1,000 to splash out!
And since warm weather has finally arrived, what better way to spend your winnings than revamping your summer wardrobe? Instead of having to make do with last year's trends, give your style an overhaul and inject some of this season's must-haves into your daily outfits.
Read on for essential summer pieces to help you stand out from the crowd.

Summer dresses
Get ready to make a statement this summer with bold, jumbo-sized striped dresses.
This trend has already been spotted on the hottest celebs - from Katy Perry to Alicia Keys - and it's showing no sign of disappearing any time soon. Whether you wear them in black and white or mix them up with a few colours, one thing's for sure, you'll certainly turn some heads.
Also hot at the moment are floral print dresses, which are in full bloom this summer. So, be prepared to embrace your inner lady with a subtle smattering or full on bold, flowery prints - it's all about having fun with fashion and this trend isn't going away anytime soon.
In terms of cut, figure-hugging shift dresses or short flowy designs are the styles to go for, meaning you better get your pins smartened up pronto.

Bikinis and beachwear
Swimwear is both exciting and terrifying in equal measure and summer's arrival means ladies up and down the country are fretting about their beach body and toned abs - or lack of.
Thankfully this season's trends are being very kind to us ladies and instead of putting all our wobbly bits and cellulite on show, beachwear in 2013 is all about making the most of what you've got and accentuating your womanly curves.
The retro look is big and this means high-waisted bikini bottoms and cut out swimsuits, which go a long way to accentuating shape and hiding belly fat.
Stripes are also big in the beachwear world, as the nautical theme is a popular must-have trend for the season - pastel shades and monochrome pieces are also bang on. Match them up with floaty dresses to cover up and sip beachside cocktails as the sun's going down.
One of the hottest looks for summer 2013 eyewear is soft, translucent colours and feminine touches - whether you prefer retro cats-eyes shapes or oversized glamorous ones.
Of course, a decent pair of sunglasses don't come cheap, but with £1,000 to splash out on a new summer wardrobe, investing in some decent shades will go a long way and your eyes will thank you for it as they'll be better-protected against the sun's UV rays.
Ray-Bans are also a good choice for summer eyewear and with the brand's Wayfarer and Aviator models still proving popular season after season, you'll be able to wear these shades for some years to come - try tortoiseshell or bold frames to really stand out.


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