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Jun 2, 2013

FYSIKO & The Eye Lash Extension Craze

Good Morning My Lovelies...

About two weeks ago; I received a package in the mail from

They had asked; if I would try their product Fysiko Eye Lash Growth Serum  and give a them a review. You can guess of course I was a little skeptical.

 Is it possible you can really grow eye lashes back? Longer and thicker eye lashes in 16 weeks.

I'm 52, and I've had pretty good eyelashes when I was younger. But as you age, your hair thins out and you lose your eye lashes too. So mine are pretty thin. So I want to give this a shot.

This doesn't happen to everyone. But our genetic makeup is what tells our body what to do. Then add stress, aging, health...these all play an important role in how body handles life.

The Before Picture...

As you can see my eye lashes are pretty thin. 

So I'm pretty excited to see if  the Fysiko Eye Lash Growth Serum really grows longer and thicker eye lashes like they claim.

You have heard the latest craze is eye lash extensions. People are paying big bucks to have this procedure done...

The initial cost alone is over $200 dollars for this procedure, and then there is the touch ups after that...those could run ya $50 to $60.

So let's see what happens...I'm actually looking forward to giving this a try...

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