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Jun 26, 2013

RABEANCO & The Kadoorie Tote Bag

Creating a Fashion Look With RABEANCO and the Kadoorie Tote Bag.

Summer is finally here! Yeah...I don't know about you, but here in Seattle, Spring likes to hang around way too long. I'm totally ready for some long warm days.

Being able to lounge around at the beach or just a day to hang with my hommies at the mall. I've created a fashion look that can work for either the beach or the mall.

Have you ever come across fashion brand RABEANCO? No, me either. 

Well a little tidbit about them. RABEANCO originated out of Italy, with the products being designed and manufactured in Asia. This high quality line of leather handbag accessories will tweak every handbag fanatic abroad...whether your looking for a leather and luxury, bright or trendy, or just down right affordable handbags...RABEANCO has it.

RABEANCO & The Kadoorie Tote Bag

Today I chose RABEANCO'S "Kadoorie Tote Bag" for my summer fashion look. I also chose the soft color tones of pink, gray, cognac, and a light maroon for my fashion collage to illustrate how wonderful these colors go with the Kadoorie tote bag.

I also found a sweet little Madewell "Cami Dress in chevron print". I thought between the Cami Dress and the Kadoorie Tote Bag it would be a summery fashion look. I added a pair of Saint Laurent "Janis 105 Sandal"s and a polished curves metal plates necklace from and a Perlota black diamond double star ring.

Now if your just doing a day at the beach; you might want to switch out the sandals for a pair of flip flops or flats. You can definitely capture the moment in this fashion look.

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Jun 20, 2013

Creating a Sexy Summer Tie Die Sensation With RIHANNA & River Island

Good Morning Everyone! Hope your all having a awesome Thursday! Awe two more days and the weekend is upon us again...Are you ready for a sexy summer tie die sensation with music label Rihanna?

The weather is finally shaping up for us here in Seattle, WA. The warm of the sun inspires me to pull out my summer threads or maybe it's time to go shopping.

I've got to update my summer wardrobe and throw out some of my know those old favorites you wear year after year cause there so dam comfortable. I'm inspired to create a sexy summer tie die sensation with Rihanna's fashion collection.

sexy summer tie die sensation with rihanna

Well out with the old (clothing that is) and in with the new...a couple of weeks ago I did a post on music artist RIHANNA and her collaboration with fashion label River Island. I fell in love with RIHANNA'S new summer 2013 fashion collection.

So today I'm creating a sexy summer tie -die sensation with a few clothing pieces from Rihanna's 2013 fashion collection...I wanted to go with a soft sutle, but yet sexy off the should look...

The soft color of mint was the perfect color. I found a green tie die off the shoulder crop top and a matching pair of green tie die high waisted shorts from Rihanna's summer 2013 fashion collection...So sweet, yet sexy too...

Add a pair of ankle strap stiletto's. Whoo hoo! Also a triangle stone bead envelope clutch...Now were talking! 

Polish the whole sexy summer tie die fashion look with a Mimco Take Me On Choker...So is this something you could wear? I think so....I know I can...

Jun 13, 2013

Fashion Designer Alert: Macy's Offers MADE 4 Impulse Collection

MACY Offers Their New Clothing Line...the MADE 4 Impulse Collection

Are you impulsive? I am. Especially when the price is right (ching, ching) and the fashion style is right up my alley!

I totally flipped when I was searching online through MACY'S newest edgy, chic fashion collection.  Macy had recently collaborated with MADE Fashion Week to design a MADE 4 Impulse fashion collection that inspired a mix n match fashion piece line up of pop culture, music, and high street fashion.  

If you haven't had a peek, you have got to get on over there and take advantage of Macy's totally affordable pricing on this MADE 4 Impulse fashion collection.

I created a fashion collage illustrating a few of Macy's MADE 4 Impulse fashion collection, of course using my favorite mix n match platform (Polyvore).

made 4 impulse fashion collection

Who is MADE Fashion Week? "MADE is a year-round, dynamic platform that connects emerging talent in fashion, music, art and pop-culture."

I don't know about you, but I love what MACY'S and MADE Fashion Week have designed.

1. RACHEL Rachel Roy Handbag Tote 
2. High-Neck Short-Sleeve Shirtdress
3.  Scoop-Neck Short-Sleeve Striped Scalloped-Hem Top & Wide-Leg Striped Pants
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Jun 7, 2013

Celebrity Fashion Style:: RIHANNA Offers an Edge on Fashion

RIHANNA Offers Her Own Edgy, CHIC, Fashion Style...

Are you a fan of RIHANNA or familiar with who she is? No. Here's a little background...

"Robyn Rihanna Fenty (born February 20, 1988), known by her stage name Rihanna (/riˈɑːnə/ ree-AH-nə or /riˈænə/ ree-AN, from the Welsh name Rhiannon), is a Barbadian recording artist, actress, and fashion designer."

I love her style in music, especially her hit like her latest single "STAY", or maybe your familiar with  "Only Girl (In the World)", or  "Diamonds".

I'm also a huge fan of her new collaboration with fashion label "RIVER ISLAND". It was a success...RIHANNA celebrity fashion styles are edgy, chic, but with a twist of grunge, and femininity... I could wear this celebrity fashion style...I created a fashion collage to illustrate some of her fashion pieces...

Celebrity Fashion Style: RIHANNA Offers an Edge on Fashion

So I created this celebrity fashion style for today. All these pieces can be found through this link..Click here for RIHANNA & River Island Collection 2013 .

Jun 5, 2013

Fashion Trends: The Charm Wristlet Giveaway

Good Afternoon my lovelies!

It's that time again! We are having our monthly giveaway and today I'm giving away a charm wristlet...Sign up for a chance to win this darling little charm bracelet...

The charm wrislet is made of leather cord, acyrlic, glass, metal charm beads...

Jun 3, 2013

How to nail the skater look

Rock Star Travis Barker Embraces the Skater Look

rock stars like travis barker embraces the skater look
Travis Barker
While balance and technique are obviously essential attributes for any skater, the truth is that the sport is as much about looking the part as it is about ability. 

The fashion trends that have emerged around skating perfectly encapsulate the rebellious attitude of the top riders, which is why anyone who wants to skate like a pro will need to dress like one.


Having been pioneered by a group of adrenaline junkies looking to push the boundaries of sport back in the 1970s, skating has developed into a symbol of unconventionalism, and as a result has been adopted by many musicians, with several genres becoming associated with the care-free spirit of skating.

Hip-hop, punk and rock have all helped to shape the skate dress code, and whichever of these musical movements you feel most connected to will determine the style that you fit into.

For a run-through of how to get the perfect skater look, read on.

Hip-hop style

Hip-hop has its roots in urban jungles, so it's only fitting that the genre should be associated with
 street fashion. To really nail the hip-hop skater look you'll need to wear your jeans low around your waste, keeping them baggy to allow for maximum mobility when pulling off tricks. After all, skate style is all about minimising restrictions in order to be able to perform, so loose-fitting t-shirts are also a must.

In terms of shoes, flat soles with lots of grip are absolutely essential if you want to stay on your board, with brands such as DC tending to be favoured by hip-hop skaters. Baseball hats have also become a common accessory and perfectly complement this particular style.

Rock style

Skating has helped to create an entirely new sub-division of rock music, with bands like Green Day and Blink-182 emerging as two of the leading skate rock groups. This look is all about the grunge style, which can be created by emulating these bands.

Other notable grunge acts include Nirvana and Pearl Jam, and fans of the genre will be aware of how the music is perfectly reflected in the clothes worn by the musicians. Essentially it's all about rejecting the shackles of mainstream society, and as a result the t-shirts and trousers involved in this look are often baggy and ripped.

This style is also closely related to the surfer look, so brands like Quiksilver and Animal have begun producing clothes that fit in perfectly with the grunge scene.
Long hair is another common feature of this particular look, with beeny hats also popular.

Punk style

Punks tend to be slightly more aggressive in both their philosophy and their fashion sense, with many choosing to wear tight jeans that symbolise their somewhat prickly nature and total rejection of social conventions. Body art is also popular, with tattoos, piercings and brightly-colored hair becoming something of a trademark of punk skaters.

Fortunately, however, you don't have to get any ink or put holes in your face to fit in with this crowd, as aggressively-themed t-shirts, such as those that incorporate skulls into their design, can also provide the edginess that is so essential to the punk style.

Metallic, spikey belts are also common, with brands like Low Life producing a great range of punky skate accessories.

Jun 2, 2013

FYSIKO & The Eye Lash Extension Craze

Good Morning My Lovelies...

About two weeks ago; I received a package in the mail from

They had asked; if I would try their product Fysiko Eye Lash Growth Serum  and give a them a review. You can guess of course I was a little skeptical.

 Is it possible you can really grow eye lashes back? Longer and thicker eye lashes in 16 weeks.

I'm 52, and I've had pretty good eyelashes when I was younger. But as you age, your hair thins out and you lose your eye lashes too. So mine are pretty thin. So I want to give this a shot.

This doesn't happen to everyone. But our genetic makeup is what tells our body what to do. Then add stress, aging, health...these all play an important role in how body handles life.

The Before Picture...

As you can see my eye lashes are pretty thin. 

So I'm pretty excited to see if  the Fysiko Eye Lash Growth Serum really grows longer and thicker eye lashes like they claim.

You have heard the latest craze is eye lash extensions. People are paying big bucks to have this procedure done...

The initial cost alone is over $200 dollars for this procedure, and then there is the touch ups after that...those could run ya $50 to $60.

So let's see what happens...I'm actually looking forward to giving this a try...


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