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May 31, 2013

Sweet SUMMER Love Fashion Look

Creating a Sweet SUMMER Fashion Look!
Summer a season for love...The first encounter of romance...

Just imagine meeting your first date...the night air is warm. You want the perfect fashion look...but not sure what to wear! 

Making the first impression on your date is a must! Dinner and a movie! So today I created a sweet, summer fashion look that you could wear...using my favorite platform for mix n match social platform (polyvore).

Today I chose the lovely color of peach. It reminds me of going to the farmers market and purchasing freshly picked sweet peaches ripened from the warm sun.

...Sweet SUMMER Love Fashion more below...

We all know in early summer the night air could be a little a pair of white belt rip skinny fit jeans from MissRebel will fit the bill for warmth. 

A darling chic little number I would add to those skinny fit jeans would be a scalloped peach top from If your a tall person, and you don't want to look taller than your guy; you might want to go with a pair of flats in floral print to pick up the peach color tone. 

As girls; we all need our soho handbag in peach from Modcloth also to carry all the necessities to keep us looking perfect in front of our gorgeous date. 

Remember to add a few bangles and a gold-tone necklace to accent the peach color tones of your fashion look. I believe were set for a awesome dinner and a movie...What do you think?

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Hope your having a awesome my friends!

~Linda J Baldridge...Fashion Take-Out~

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  1. Your Sweet SUMMER Love Fashion Look are so nice and your blog article...


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