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May 16, 2013

How to choose a watch for a man..

Choosing a watch for your man, friend, or family member.
Watches are one of the few pieces of jewelry most men will own, so it’s essential when looking for gifts that you pick a timepiece they will treasure.

When choosing a present for a family member, partner or friend, it pays to consider the recipient and what they will be looking for in their new watch.
Rather than asking them outright and ruining the surprise there are a few factors which should be able to help you decide on the ultimate designer watch.


Take a look at the man you’re buying it for, how does he dress? Is he a fan of classic color combinations and timeless designs or would he consider himself to be quite edgy with one eye on the latest catwalk trends?

If he’s happy to make a statement with his outfits then you can afford to experiment with a brightly colored molded plastic watch, or perhaps a printed leather design. This depends on whether he is a fan of modernism, minimalism or a lover of vintage fashion. 

However, if they prefer to play it safe then a versatile option such as a stainless steel Hugo Boss timepiece or an Emporio Armani watch with a dark leather strap could be an excellent choice.

Don’t be afraid to rifle through his wardrobe if it gives you a clearer idea of his personal style. This might also help you to decide what color or metal choice to opt for, as you can see what  will complement their current accessories, especially if they wear bracelets, necklaces or rings.


A man who enjoys being the life and soul of the party needs accessories that convey his confident, lively personality. A large clock face will usually do the job, and could be very practical, especially if they have a busy social life and need to be checking the time often. A strong Raymond Weil rectangular face is a bold option for that natural extrovert in your life.

Alternatively, if he’s more of a straightforward and practical character then he may prefer a smaller, timepiece with multiple functions, such as time, day of the week, date and stopwatch. Gadget fans love a new toy to play with, meaning features like water pressure resistance and water resistant depth are likely to appeal.


Your style may be very reflective of your job. A high-powered businessman can afford to be a little flash in how he presents himself, so may want to opt for a slick metallic designer watch, such as one from the Bvlgari Ergon series. On the other hand, a professional sportsperson needs something more practical that can withstand the elements and daily and wear and tear. 

Of course, this needn’t compromise on style, not if you choose a cool designer watch from a brand such as Lacoste, which puts a real emphasis on combining useful details with a  top quality finish.

His profession could also affect what sort of materials he requires in a timepiece. Stainless steel is extremely hard wearing, as are silver and gold clock faces, allowing the watch to last for many years and be passed down through generations. If comfort is key then a leather or rubber strap might be preferable, especially if he has an active job and will be wearing the chronograph every day.

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  1. Good advice. Watches make great gifts for guys!
    Loving your blog Linda!


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