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May 3, 2013

Fashion Frenzy. Hair Integration. Accessory Center.

Happy Friday My Sweet Readers and New Comers.

Hope you have a weekend jam packed with fun!  Mine is going to be soaking up some of this gorgeous sunshine in Seattle, WA that is being delivered from the heavens above. Maybe do a little MALL time with some friends or family.

So fun for me is getting into a fashion frenzy over what to wear.   

Hair integrations could be a part of that fashion frenzy too, along with accessorizing with my favorite shoes or handbags in my accessory center, which is my closet jammed with all my pretties.

As we all know famous fashion label and icon COCO CHANEL. She clearly states the following. "I Don't Do Fashion, I Am Fashion." 

I love that quote, cause I'm not a follower, I own my fashion statement. How about you?

 Today I wanted to feature "hair integrations" from and how they play a unique role in our fashion styles we can create with them. We all know pulling off the perfect fashion style not only includes your favorite clothing and accessory pieces, but having a gorgeous hair style only accentuates your fashion look even more.

Whether your wearing a hair piece clip-on, wig, or hair extension. 

A perfect hair style definitely puts the final touch to your fashion ensemble. 

hair clip-ons, hair clip-ins
 If you have thin hair, and you're looking to add some volume to your tresses, a hair clip-on or clip-in will give your hair an extra boost of volume through the top or sides, fitting perfectly where you need it.

Using hair wigs can put a whole new spin on your fashion look, let's say your usually a brunette, but you want to go out for the evening in a totally unique and new fashion look...

Kind of creates an intensifying feeling...being somebody you're not...going as a blonde or redhead and no one recognizes you...It would be kind of fun to see how long it would take before someone would recognize who you are. What do you think?

hair extensions
 Hair extensions on the other hand, have a whole new purpose too. You could explore the possibilities of length, or going from a straight hair style to curly hair style. Other options for hair extensions are creating bangs when you don't have any or if you have medium hair length and you want a long pony tail. That is a nice effect to have with short hair. 

Maybe you want to add a little color pop into your hair style.  Colorful hair extension range from bright pinks hues to baby blues...It all comes down to your personal style for creating your fashion look....

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