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May 15, 2013

5 Reasons to Downsize Your Wedding

Many brides and grooms-to-be would agree that having a smaller wedding has its benefits. Whether you're trying to cut down on costs or would just prefer a more intimate ceremony, there are plenty of reasons to downsize your special day - read on to hear some of ours.

Better venue options

For every stunning venue that can hold large weddings, there are just as many - or even more - that cater for parties with less people.

Because you are not restricted by the size of your guest list, you'll find you can tie the knot in smaller wedding venues that have more to offer, such as a cute country barn or secluded flower garden.

Furthermore, many of the grand country houses and castles that seem to only accommodate large weddings often have little rooms and courtyards that would be perfect for your downsized wedding.

wedding on a budget


When it comes to invitations, it is often tempting for couples to compile a guest list as long as the bridal train, but having a small number of people at your wedding can make the event feel particularly romantic and meaningful.

Perhaps you've got your heart set on a cosy little venue that only seats up to 40 guests - well, the plus side of this is that all guests will be able to see and hear the vows being exchanged between you and your partner.

At smaller weddings, where all of the guests are someone you know well, you may find the intimacy of the ceremony makes the whole day seem less nerve-wracking. However, you could invite more distant acquaintances along to your evening celebrations.

simple weddings

More room in the budget

The less people you invite to your nuptials, the more you can spend on those who are attending to make the day even more special.

Not only does this mean you can all enjoy better quality food and drink, you won't need to purchase as many flowers or favours, so there will be no need to compromise the quality of the wedding for the sake of the budget.

Less pressure

Ensuring they engage in polite conversation with all of their guests can be a tiring chore for newlyweds and one they could do without on such a memorable day.

If you make sure you only invite the people that really matter to you, you won't have to circulate and talk to those you don't know as well and you can use the event to spend more time with individuals that you care about.

It also means the guests themselves are guaranteed to feel relaxed, at ease and happy, instead of frustrated at not being able to congratulate the bride and groom.

Saving money

It's simple - the less people you invite, the more money you will save. Tying the knot can be an expensive affair and couples who want their day to be one to remember but cannot afford a big wedding are likely to benefit from having an intimate ceremony the most.

So why not slim down your guest list and leave yourself a bit of extra cash for the honeymoon? The day is all about you after all, so the more spending money you have to spare for a post-nuptials jaunt, the better.

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