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May 31, 2013

Sweet SUMMER Love Fashion Look

Creating a Sweet SUMMER Fashion Look!
Summer a season for love...The first encounter of romance...

Just imagine meeting your first date...the night air is warm. You want the perfect fashion look...but not sure what to wear! 

Making the first impression on your date is a must! Dinner and a movie! So today I created a sweet, summer fashion look that you could wear...using my favorite platform for mix n match social platform (polyvore).

Today I chose the lovely color of peach. It reminds me of going to the farmers market and purchasing freshly picked sweet peaches ripened from the warm sun.

...Sweet SUMMER Love Fashion more below...

We all know in early summer the night air could be a little a pair of white belt rip skinny fit jeans from MissRebel will fit the bill for warmth. 

A darling chic little number I would add to those skinny fit jeans would be a scalloped peach top from If your a tall person, and you don't want to look taller than your guy; you might want to go with a pair of flats in floral print to pick up the peach color tone. 

As girls; we all need our soho handbag in peach from Modcloth also to carry all the necessities to keep us looking perfect in front of our gorgeous date. 

Remember to add a few bangles and a gold-tone necklace to accent the peach color tones of your fashion look. I believe were set for a awesome dinner and a movie...What do you think?

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Hope your having a awesome my friends!

~Linda J Baldridge...Fashion Take-Out~

May 25, 2013

Dorothy Perkins & The Kim Kardashion Kollection Ombre Mini Dress

The Kim Kardashian Kollection Ombre Mini Dress

Hi Everyone! Yeah it's Saturday! I know what you're thinking; "Why is she working on a Saturday?" I guess I'm a workaholic.

Ever heard the phrase "Pretty in PINK". Well today were "Trending in Pink".
Especially since I found this gorgeous "ombre mini dress" from Dorothy Perkins and the Kim Kardashion Kollection. You know of Kim Kardashian; the American socialite, television personality and occasional actress.

We'll I created a CHIC little fashion collage of my personal style I what I would wear with the "ombre mini dress". 

kardashian kollection ombre dress

 Do see how sweet this little ombre mini dress is? You could wear it for a prom date or a party.

I would wear it for a special occasion with my sweetie. I would definitely accessorize with a Kardashian Kollection bone winged stud stopper handbag and a pair of gold platform court heels.

If the occasion is in the evening, 



I might throw in a black loose fit jacket from the Kardashian Kollection to keep the chill off of the evening air.

Hope you might consider wearing this chic little trendy ombre mini dress!

Happy Holidays to those of you who celebrate Memorial Day Holiday!

May 23, 2013

GET the Look with Selena Gomez

Create a Fashion Look with Selena Gomez

Good Morning My Lovely Readers! 
Today I'm entertaining the idea of creating a fashion look for Selena Gomez. At LEAST something I think she would look very CHIC in. If you don't know who she is, here's a little history lesson.

"Selena Marie Gomez (born July 22, 1992)[3] is an American singer and actress. She made her debut as a child actress in Barney & Friends. In 2007, Gomez came to prominence as a starring cast member in the television series Wizards of Waverly Place. She signed to Hollywood Records the following year, and became the founder and lead singer of the pop band Selena Gomez & the Scene."

selena gomez fashion look

Today; as I envisioned this fashion look I wanted to pick up on some contrast in color tones, especially being that Selena has dark brown hair and brown eyes.  

So I went with a light blue Tessa Denim Jacket from Abercrombie, then to give this fashion look some contrast I went with this gorgeous cobalt blue lace tie-back dress from Aeropostale. A sweet, chic, little dress too!

Now let's accent on the contrast color even more with a navy blue Chanel vintage lambskin Mademoisselle double flap bag from FashionPhile and a pair of Forever 21 crisscross faux suede platform sandals.

Lets top it off with a few aztec 1960 bangles and a double wrap bracelet

Don't forget...if you want to add even more pop. Grab a brilliant bright red lipstick...

Don't forget to stop bye and say Hi on my Fashion Take-out Facebook page...
I would love to hear from you!

~Linda J. Baldridge~

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May 22, 2013

Craving Spicy GUESS Parshally Ankle Booties

I'm Craving a Little Spicy Leopard Print & Mesh Ankle Booties from GUESS!

Back in March 2013 of this year;  fashion label... GUESS had offered a CONTEST to all the members of Polyvore to create a fashion collage featuring their new fragrance Guess Girl. There were over 7,398 members that participated in the contest.
I was so blown away when I was chosen as the winner. I was rewarded with a $100 gift card, GUESS Girl Eau de Toilette, and GUESS Girl Body Cream. I had the most fun deciding how I would spend my gift card.
After relentless hours searching through GUESS online. My search ended. I found them. A pair of gorgeous leopard print GUESS Parshally Ankle Booties. Flirty, chic, and fashionable.

Check out the turquoise necklace hanging around the ankle base...One of my designer pieces from my jewelry collection I created a few months back...

I love the casual look they have. I can mix n match them with a leg flaunting mini...or maybe a pair of leggings. What would you wear them with?

May 19, 2013

NASTY GAL Slashed Combat Boots & Rebel Fashion Look

Slashed Combat Boots From Nasty GAL Brings Out the REBEL in Me

Today over at Polyvore; they're running a CONTEST on creating a fashion look using combat boots. I chose a pair of slashed combat boots from Nasty Gal to illustrate my rebel fashion look.

Of course when I think of combat boots; the fashion look that comes to mind is a rebellious, grunge style. So; I had to chose some rebelious model shots of Natasha Ramachanddran by photographer...Gianluca Santoro in "Punk Beauty" for Fashion Gone Rogue.

slashed combat boots rebel fashion look

 I had to find the perfect fashion piece to go with these slashed combat boots...WA LA...a grunge black floral print warehouse dress from Jay Jays. A sleeveless, dip hem, drop waist dress that will fit perfectly bringing out the black color tone of the combat boots.

Now it's accessory time. I'm gonna class up this rebellious fashion look with a Louis Vuitton Suede Python Monogram Whisper PM Tote let's accent with some black jewelry rubber blade necklace from FAB.COM, A Femme braided effect bracelet from, and a 24k gold plated crown of throns ring from

So there we are; a rebellious but chic grunge fashion look. What do you think? Dare to share and wear... 

Thanks my lovely readers for stopping by! Happy Sunday or Monday for some of you...:))

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May 17, 2013

4 Ways To Save On Hair Salon Treatments

Saving Money On Hair Salon Treatments

Are you a hair salon fanatic? Every time there is a special occasion to go run to the hair salon to have your hair done...and when your done, your ready to pay the jump back at the staggering price of the charge for such hair treatments.

There are alternatives to going to the hair salon; hair extensions are the ongoing trend for affordable, simple hair styles.

Let's chat about the 4 ways to save on hair salon treatments.


1. Length of Hair
I don't know about you, but sometimes I like to have a hair style for the day that is longer...I love the varieties of  hair extension pieces that allow you to add length to your hair style. 

You can choose from human hair to synthetic hair pieces...also to a selection of wavy, braided, or straight clip-in-hair extension pieces. You can add lengths of 10 inches on up to 20 inches.... 
What variety!


 2. Volume in Hair
Are you one of the lucky few born with thin hair? We have an answer for that...why not create volume through using clip-in-hair extensions from human hair to synthetic. 

Clip ins add extra volume by making your hair look fuller and feel thicker. You can choose from short top hair extensions to mid top, and long top clip-in-hair extension pieces


3. Pony Tail Styles
Are you planning for a prom, or maybe a special occasion where you want to wear your hair up in a pony tail. There are some really trendy ready-to-wear pony tail hair extension pieces that make gorgeous hair styles. The textured pony hairdo is a hair style that's popular, along with the wrap around pony hair piece. 

Another hair style is the classy hair piece popular with wearing to proms. The clip-in beaded braid is a trendy little hair extension piece I love.



4. Bang Bang Hair Extensions
Do you have long or medium length hair? You want to change up your hair style...add some bangs to that long hair. For instance a clip-in-side bangs, or longer bangs that hang to the side with a feather clip-in bang hair piece

Hair styles with bangs give to a girlish, wow hair style. I myself prefer bangs...if you have a long forehead...bangs can definitely change the look of your face.



Colorful Clip in Hair Pieces
You also might want to try some clip-in-color hair extension pieces if you dare to dazzle...

From braids, feathers, or colored hair pieces...

Thanks for stopping by! Hope your having a awesome day...or maybe it's afternoon or evening.

 Still again I much appreciate your visit...:))

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May 16, 2013

How to choose a watch for a man..

Choosing a watch for your man, friend, or family member.
Watches are one of the few pieces of jewelry most men will own, so it’s essential when looking for gifts that you pick a timepiece they will treasure.

When choosing a present for a family member, partner or friend, it pays to consider the recipient and what they will be looking for in their new watch.
Rather than asking them outright and ruining the surprise there are a few factors which should be able to help you decide on the ultimate designer watch.


Take a look at the man you’re buying it for, how does he dress? Is he a fan of classic color combinations and timeless designs or would he consider himself to be quite edgy with one eye on the latest catwalk trends?

If he’s happy to make a statement with his outfits then you can afford to experiment with a brightly colored molded plastic watch, or perhaps a printed leather design. This depends on whether he is a fan of modernism, minimalism or a lover of vintage fashion. 

However, if they prefer to play it safe then a versatile option such as a stainless steel Hugo Boss timepiece or an Emporio Armani watch with a dark leather strap could be an excellent choice.

Don’t be afraid to rifle through his wardrobe if it gives you a clearer idea of his personal style. This might also help you to decide what color or metal choice to opt for, as you can see what  will complement their current accessories, especially if they wear bracelets, necklaces or rings.


A man who enjoys being the life and soul of the party needs accessories that convey his confident, lively personality. A large clock face will usually do the job, and could be very practical, especially if they have a busy social life and need to be checking the time often. A strong Raymond Weil rectangular face is a bold option for that natural extrovert in your life.

Alternatively, if he’s more of a straightforward and practical character then he may prefer a smaller, timepiece with multiple functions, such as time, day of the week, date and stopwatch. Gadget fans love a new toy to play with, meaning features like water pressure resistance and water resistant depth are likely to appeal.


Your style may be very reflective of your job. A high-powered businessman can afford to be a little flash in how he presents himself, so may want to opt for a slick metallic designer watch, such as one from the Bvlgari Ergon series. On the other hand, a professional sportsperson needs something more practical that can withstand the elements and daily and wear and tear. 

Of course, this needn’t compromise on style, not if you choose a cool designer watch from a brand such as Lacoste, which puts a real emphasis on combining useful details with a  top quality finish.

His profession could also affect what sort of materials he requires in a timepiece. Stainless steel is extremely hard wearing, as are silver and gold clock faces, allowing the watch to last for many years and be passed down through generations. If comfort is key then a leather or rubber strap might be preferable, especially if he has an active job and will be wearing the chronograph every day.


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