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Apr 5, 2013

Victoria Beckham Dose of Fashion Style

When I first met Victoria Beckham; she was the sexy but slightly dull one in the Spice Girls. After a few chavvy tracksuits, greasy hair moments and a healthy dose of hair extensions later and she is the fashion icon we all know today. 

 I say that as if it took only a day to achieve but Victoria Beckham’s transformation was began a slow (be it much needed) one, which ended in the making of a hugely successful fashion designer and the death of the daily use of the word ‘posh’. 

 What Victoria is so strangely famous for now, given her past fashion faux pas, is her sleek styling and use of very feminine lines

Despite her being very thin, both her fashion label as well as her own wardrobe hosts a bevy of 60s style body clinging, tight fitting dresses in bright colors to accentuate her female physique and flatter the figure. 

Keeping pieces simple and in feminine cuts that keeps the usual celebrity game of skin show-n-tell under wraps - creating a truly classic and classy aesthetic, whilst still remaining sexy as well as elegant. Though buying designer fashions certainly isn’t the only way to achieve this. 

These cuts are simple and achievable at any price, as well as being incredibly wearable both in and out of the office, for the working girl. Buy colorful pieces to bring in that summer feeling and brighten your skin tone, despite the weather, or keep main pieces to more subtle colors, such a blacks and greys, in beautiful cuts and shapes, teamed with brighter colored accessories, and there you have it! 

So, thanks Victoria! You sure have taught us how to PUT our fashion style on, so I think it’s about time we took it on board and adopted those classically simple 60s shapes for a more flattering look. 

 Hey; my lovely reader. If your reading this and many thanks for your continued support and comments...Hope your having the most awesome day!

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