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Apr 8, 2013

Spring Rains Bring in Burberrys Bright Red Trench Coats

Step Into April's Spring Showers; with a Burberry Bright Red Trench Coat

AWE....April is here with it's torrent of Spring rain. We all know if you're not prepared one could get drenched completely. I just stepped outside for just a second to unload groceries from my car...and it literally felt like it was pouring cats and dogs out of the sky. HaHa

If I would have been wearing Burberry's bright red trench coat; I would have stayed dry, instead of having to go and take a hot shower cause I got drenched through and through. ARRGH! 

Burberry is bringing in April with their "April Brights 2013 Collection", have you seen them? They start from weather ready little totes, to boots, , brollies and are made from patent leather and perspex. So, today I've created a very bright fashion collage to illustrate my personal fashion look I would have worn.

burberry bright red trench coat

I chose a Rag & Bone over-sized shirt, a darling pair of Sessun Memory House navy blue cropped trousers, Hunter Carlyle rain boots, and yes of cource one Burberry check-lined walking umbrella.  

Wishing you a dry, sweet April!

1. Burberry's bright red trench coat - seems this is a popular item...

2. Rag & Bone over-sized shirts
3. Sessun Memory House navy blue cropped trousers
4. Hunter Carlyle rain boots
5. Burberry check-lined walking umbrella

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