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Apr 18, 2013

How To Wear a Simple Print Dress From Katherine and Elizabeth?

From a Simple Print Dress To a Classy Fashion Look

Do you ever wonder how you can create a classy fashion look out of a simple print dress you have hanging in your closet? Let me create a personal fashion look for you from Katherine & Elizabeth women's cloth boutique.

I was asked by Katherine & Elizabeth to feature a few a their gorgeous designer pieces, instead of a few I chose one, their gorgeous "Annalee + Hope Printed Designer Dress".

You all know; I love using Polyvore to create a fashion collage that illustrates the beauty of each clothing or accessory piece. I really wanted to show you how I would turn a simple print dress into a classy fashion look.

annalee + hope print designer dress

First I wanted to set the color tone of the fashion collage to accent the print in the "Annalee + Hope Printed Designer Dress". So I chose some soft lavender plum, baige, and a neutral shade of gray. I love the print design in the dress. It's the soft baige color in the dress that caught my eye, and that is going to be my basis for my fashion's the accessories that will create this classy fashion look.

I thought a chic little belt from YOOX would give just a little POP around the waistline.

Now let's add a few jewelry pieces...a Tribal retro gold triangles pendant necklace from StoreEnvy and a pair of gold leaf earrings from Amrita Singh, along with a circle hammered cuff from Esty sets the baige color in the dress on fire.

Add a Saint Laurent top handle leather handbag and a pair of lace-up ankle booties from Oqvestir, now check out the fashion collage again. What do you think? We went from a simple print designer dress to a complete classy fashion look I would wear in a New York minute.

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