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Apr 20, 2013

How To Wear a Fantastic New Pair of Ankle Boots?

What To Match With Those Fantastic New Ankle Boots

The current hot trend for ankle boots is all about accentuating the shape of the footwear itself. They've been everywhere this winter, when the look has been firmly accented on teaming them with warm trousers and jeans, along with the so on-trend shorts and opaque tights.

Ankle boots are most often worn on the outside of clothing, so lots of turned-up hems have been seen on jeans – but they've also made their mark when worn outside the current sweeping trend for skinny jeans too.

If you've got the legs to carry it off, one look which always suits ankle boots is a big, baggy jumper – and scarf if the weather dictates it – with opaque tights underneath, and a pair of ankle boots with a fine or stiletto heel.

how to wear ankle boots or booties

Ankle boots with the latter style of heel also add a feminine touch when teamed with a figure-hugging black midi dress. This is a great look for showing off your curves. If you've got the legs for it, they can also be made to look supremely businesslike when combined with opaque tights, a close-fitting miniskirt and cropped blazer.

Of course, ankle boots also go tremendously well with a long, flowing coat, making them a must-have for all seasons – and here in the UK, that applies equally if we have to suffer another disappointing summer!

One of the best counterpoints to a pair of pointed, angular ankle boots is a wide-brimmed hat, and with a pair of distressed jeans, a wide belt, casual sweatshirt and loose-fitting jacket, you can give more than a nod to cowboy chic.

Another style of short boot which is getting around this winter and spring is the biker-style boot, with its numerous buckles which can be shown off to good effect with black opaques, a mid-length coat and a pashmina.

With patterned tights also remaining in vogue, you can also emphasise your favourite design by donning your boots and framing your legs with a thigh-skimming mini skirt or dress for maximum 'wow' effect.

For a cover-up, though, you can pair your ankle boots with a maxi skirt for a class combination which has a mix of right on-trend-ness and demure class about it. Whether you go for a fuller, more flowing skirt style or a more closely fitted one will, of course, depend on which style of skirts suits you the best. But the overall intention of an ensemble like this is not to show any leg.

Ankle boots will work with just about any style of trouser. But you should try to avoid wearing voluminous pants with ankle boots – that's such an old-fashioned look which was briefly in fashion in the 1980s, but should definitely be consigned to history!

Trousers worn with ankle boots should, therefore, be tight, as they will have the same effect as wearing with a short dress or skirt in accentuating your legs, but of course, they'll also offer more coverage if we're to suffer another disappointing summer.

Ankle boots come in an array of different heel sizes too, so you can choose a style which exactly suits the look you want to achieve. Don't go for a too chunky heel though – that look is really only for those of a Goth persuasion!

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