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Apr 3, 2013

Get The Look With Number Eight Men and Women's Designer Clothing

How to Create a Designer Fashion Look with Number Eight Designer Clothing?

Today I was approached by a men and women's designer clothing fashion brand Number Eight; a lifestyle fashion boutique based out of Scotland to feature a fashion look that included a few of the fashion designer clothing lines that they carry in their store.

I took the time to search through their men and women's designer clothing labels; and there were a few particular pieces that really jumped out at me. I'm a huge fan of the skinny jean trends and fashion designer TED BAKER.

I love to illustrate my fashion looks with a creative fashion collage that shows how I would GET THE LOOK with Number Eight men and women's designer clothing. So Let's Get Started.

number eight men and womens designer clothing

My first article of women's designer clothing is a classic short trench by brand Coach. I want to create softer, sweet fashion look today of soft color tones, the white little trench coat is a good start.

But my favorite fashion piece today is the Summer Bloom floral printed jeans by Ted Baker; I love the fine print in the floral design...just enough to highlight the soft color tones in my fashion collage. Keeping up with the softer, sweet fashion look I chose a woven tie-front lace tank from brand Aeropostale to go with the floral print jeans and short trench coat.

Now let's Accessorize. I chose a very chic pair of Giuseppe Zanotti fuchsia sculpted jem heels to give the look a bit of a POP. Then a Ted Baker designer handbag. Last but least I wanted to picked up some more of the soft color tones of the floral print skinny jeans, so I chose a cute little jewel statement necklace from Modeets.

Here's where you can find these fashion pieces:

1. Floral Print Skinny Jeans - $110
2. Classic Short Trench Coat - $348
3. Woven Tie-Front Lace Tank - $20
4. Ted Baker Designer Handbag - $40
5. Fuchsia Sculpted Jem Heels - $850 

If your this far down the page; thank you for your read...I really appreciate you stopping by!

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