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Apr 30, 2013

NEW LOOK Fashion Style: The Denim Trend Lives On...

From Acid Washed To a Cropped Denim Jacket...The Denim Trend Lives On...

Denim has been around in the fashion world it seems forever...In actuality "denim" has been used in America since the late 18th century. The word originates from the name of a sturdy fabric called "serge". Denims traditional color was a "indigo blue" to create blue jeans.

Then the denim market was forced to be creative after a demand of denim processing emerged from dry or raw denim to selvedge, to even more uses that became prevalent to the fashion world.

Fashion label "NEW LOOK" creator of "British Denim Jackets" is taking advantage of these processes through their line up of denim jackets for 2013.

I was asked by NEW LOOK to feature a few of their chic little denim jackets in a blog post. The denim jacket I chose to feature in my fashion collage is their little long sleeved, button up denim jacket. 

denim jackets

I wanted to create a fashion style that can be worn with this chic little denim jacket; that illustrated a casual fashion street style.

Denim jackets these days seems to be a popular trend that can be mix n matched with a sequin top or a jersey dress. Maybe throw in a pair of skinny floral jeans and some ankle booties. 

Just like today; I chose to mix-n-match with LA PERLA two-tone techno lace top and a Parisian cream flower lace skater skirt. I also thought a Saint Laurent petite cabas classique Y in powder leather handbag and a pair of Alejandro Ingelmo Athena heels would give the fashion ensemble the right fashion street style POP.

New Look has a nice lineup of denim jackets they are offering in their 2013 collection.

mint green westa denim jacket 

You need to check out their "Parisian light blue Aztec dip dye denim jacket". They teased this little denim jacket with a little mixture of tie die and a savoring flavor of Aztec into the upper portion of the jacket.

mint green westa denim jacket

I'm also loving their sweet little Spring and Summer "Mint Green Westa denim jacket". I love the mint green color. It flirts between girly and rocker chic. Certainly would fit into the street style look. I could kick it in a plaid shirt and prairie skirt with a cowgirl type of boots. That would look totally hot.

These are just a few of New Look's gorgeous selection of chic little denim jackets. Thank you for stopping by and giving my blog a read. I so appreciate your loyal support. You're the best...Have a awesome day or night maybe!

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Apr 29, 2013

Creating a CHIC Classy Fashion Look With Aldijana Fashions

Happy Monday My Lovelies...Hope this day finds you all well...and I also hope you all have a successful week

Today I wanted to feature a special friend of mine "Aldijana Ahmic" a fashion designer from Tampa Bay, Florida and her gorgeous, creative designs. She designs beautiful hand crochet tops that I just adore. My favorite one from her online boutique Aldijana Fashions; is the black crochet halter top.

Such as chic, sexy little fashion piece too. So I popped over to my favorite place ( and created a sweet little fashion collage that illustrates how I would wear Aldijana's CHIC little black crochet halter top.

black crochet halter top

I found a darling pin striped pencil skirt from J. Crew. I thought this would really accent the detail in the stitching of the black crochet halter top. Notice the pink little detail in the waist of the skirt. That's my focal point color tone I'm gonna accent with the solid colors of the black crochet halter top and pencil skirt.

So PINK it is. Let's accessorize my lovelies. I chose a gorgeous Mulberry bayswater grainy print leather handbag and a pair of Jessica Simpson Blairee2 sandals to pick up some pink color tones. Now let's add that last topper....a unique Dannijo London statement necklace...

Well I believe this is something we could all CHIC, BUT SEXY AND CLASSY ALL AT THE SAME TIME....What do you think? I would love to hear your opinions good, bad, or indifferent. Again thanks for stopping by my friends.

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Apr 24, 2013

Sassy, Flirty Short, Short Fashion Look With LA GARCONNE

Are You a Sassy Short, Short Girl? I AM!

I'm not talking about your height either my lovelies. We all come into this WORLD with pre-designed genetics by GOD. Guess we got to live with that. But that don't stop us on how we can create a fashion look to suit your body style.

What I'm talking about is the trendy little short, shorts for the 2013 street fashion look.

I'm really loving the way you can mix and match the short, shorts with different fashion pieces. Today I'm feeling kind of peachy!

So I used my favorite platform ( for creating my peachy fashion collage. I chose 5 fashion pieces for my personal fashion look. Let's see if it's something you would consider wearing.

sassy short shorts

 Being that this blog post is about short, shorts, let's get started! 

I was searching through several online fashion brands when I came across La Garconne. There was one little pair of short, shorts that jumped out at me. The Helmut Lang Medallion Jacquard Shorts. What I loved about them was the detailing of the leather waist band with the aquatic inspired print jacquard.

So I chose to make these little sassy, short, shorts my focal point of my fashion ensemble. Now I'm going to group other pieces to accent these sassy little short, shorts.

I'm gonna pick up a little more peach tone with a cute little jersey Milano crop top from boutique The Kooples. This jersey crop top features a zip-up back. 

Being were still in the Spring season, I'm gonna throw in a N. Pearl cashmere oversized sweater from The OutNet and a darling pair of platform wedge sandals from Madison Harding

Now let's top it off with some acessories. I chose a peachy Meredith Wendall unicorn clutch, a chunky chain necklace from and a set of 4 Saint Laurent gold-vermeil rings.  

Well my lovelies; What do you think? Something you could wear? 
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Apr 20, 2013

How To Wear a Fantastic New Pair of Ankle Boots?

What To Match With Those Fantastic New Ankle Boots

The current hot trend for ankle boots is all about accentuating the shape of the footwear itself. They've been everywhere this winter, when the look has been firmly accented on teaming them with warm trousers and jeans, along with the so on-trend shorts and opaque tights.

Ankle boots are most often worn on the outside of clothing, so lots of turned-up hems have been seen on jeans – but they've also made their mark when worn outside the current sweeping trend for skinny jeans too.

If you've got the legs to carry it off, one look which always suits ankle boots is a big, baggy jumper – and scarf if the weather dictates it – with opaque tights underneath, and a pair of ankle boots with a fine or stiletto heel.

how to wear ankle boots or booties

Ankle boots with the latter style of heel also add a feminine touch when teamed with a figure-hugging black midi dress. This is a great look for showing off your curves. If you've got the legs for it, they can also be made to look supremely businesslike when combined with opaque tights, a close-fitting miniskirt and cropped blazer.

Of course, ankle boots also go tremendously well with a long, flowing coat, making them a must-have for all seasons – and here in the UK, that applies equally if we have to suffer another disappointing summer!

One of the best counterpoints to a pair of pointed, angular ankle boots is a wide-brimmed hat, and with a pair of distressed jeans, a wide belt, casual sweatshirt and loose-fitting jacket, you can give more than a nod to cowboy chic.

Another style of short boot which is getting around this winter and spring is the biker-style boot, with its numerous buckles which can be shown off to good effect with black opaques, a mid-length coat and a pashmina.

With patterned tights also remaining in vogue, you can also emphasise your favourite design by donning your boots and framing your legs with a thigh-skimming mini skirt or dress for maximum 'wow' effect.

For a cover-up, though, you can pair your ankle boots with a maxi skirt for a class combination which has a mix of right on-trend-ness and demure class about it. Whether you go for a fuller, more flowing skirt style or a more closely fitted one will, of course, depend on which style of skirts suits you the best. But the overall intention of an ensemble like this is not to show any leg.

Ankle boots will work with just about any style of trouser. But you should try to avoid wearing voluminous pants with ankle boots – that's such an old-fashioned look which was briefly in fashion in the 1980s, but should definitely be consigned to history!

Trousers worn with ankle boots should, therefore, be tight, as they will have the same effect as wearing with a short dress or skirt in accentuating your legs, but of course, they'll also offer more coverage if we're to suffer another disappointing summer.

Ankle boots come in an array of different heel sizes too, so you can choose a style which exactly suits the look you want to achieve. Don't go for a too chunky heel though – that look is really only for those of a Goth persuasion!

 Author bio

This post was contributed by Olivia Golding. I’m an aspiring writer who has a keen interest in all things fashion. I like to connect with bloggers to see what they’re doing with the current trends, and to get some style inspiration. Once I’ve gained enough of an insight into the blogging world, I hope to start my own blog and show off my unique style! I simply cannot WAIT until summer finally shows its glorious head so that I can hit the beach. There’s not a whole load of people I trust to get me a well-fitting bikini, but one outlet I’ve grown confidence in is women’s swimwear at Missguided. I tend to only buy one or two pairs over summer, so it’s essential that these fit me perfectly! I plan to be very busy with writing in summer and monochrome checks are predicted to be big, so keep an eye out for me posting about that! I hope you enjoyed reading my post.

Apr 18, 2013

How To Wear a Simple Print Dress From Katherine and Elizabeth?

From a Simple Print Dress To a Classy Fashion Look

Do you ever wonder how you can create a classy fashion look out of a simple print dress you have hanging in your closet? Let me create a personal fashion look for you from Katherine & Elizabeth women's cloth boutique.

I was asked by Katherine & Elizabeth to feature a few a their gorgeous designer pieces, instead of a few I chose one, their gorgeous "Annalee + Hope Printed Designer Dress".

You all know; I love using Polyvore to create a fashion collage that illustrates the beauty of each clothing or accessory piece. I really wanted to show you how I would turn a simple print dress into a classy fashion look.

annalee + hope print designer dress

First I wanted to set the color tone of the fashion collage to accent the print in the "Annalee + Hope Printed Designer Dress". So I chose some soft lavender plum, baige, and a neutral shade of gray. I love the print design in the dress. It's the soft baige color in the dress that caught my eye, and that is going to be my basis for my fashion's the accessories that will create this classy fashion look.

I thought a chic little belt from YOOX would give just a little POP around the waistline.

Now let's add a few jewelry pieces...a Tribal retro gold triangles pendant necklace from StoreEnvy and a pair of gold leaf earrings from Amrita Singh, along with a circle hammered cuff from Esty sets the baige color in the dress on fire.

Add a Saint Laurent top handle leather handbag and a pair of lace-up ankle booties from Oqvestir, now check out the fashion collage again. What do you think? We went from a simple print designer dress to a complete classy fashion look I would wear in a New York minute.

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Apr 14, 2013

Featuring Daily Outfits With Fashion Blogger: The Clothes Horse

Happy Sunday My Lovely Readers!

As you know once a month; we have "Feature a Fashion Blogger Day", if your a fashion blogger, you also can a have a chance to be featured on our fast, growing fashion blog Fashion Take-Out.   

Pretty much; you can sponsor yourself or a friend who is a fashion blogger, just leave me a comment below with your link to who you would like feature as fashion blogger and we'll give them a peek...

We would like to introduce you to fashion and personal style blogger Rebecca and her blog "The Clothes Horse". Rebecca loves to create a style that expresses her personality and creativity. When I feature a fashion blogger, I like to create a fashion collage with a fashion look that I think she would look totally chic in. So here's my personal fashion style for Rebecca.

I thought Rebecca would look great in a little street style

Now let's get started. 

1.) The first little fashion piece we chose is a Allsaints cropped voxon leather jacket. It's still chilly in some places. It is in Seattle, WA. This cropped jacket is perfect throw on over a tank.

2.)  Now for the second piece...a chic semi-sheer cropped tank top from Forever 21, we added a darling PINK little faceted stone statement necklace from Guess to give a splash of color.

3.) My third piece; I wanted to bring in a little more color to the fashion look, so I chose a green elastic waist Galaxy Bilayer mesh yoke skirt from

4.) It's accessory time. I love fringe. How about you? I chose a Easy Rider fringe bag from

5.) Last but least, we need a chic little pair of Madison Harding Olivia Cut-Out buckle boots. 

Well I'm hoping that Rebecca would cool with this little fashion ensemble I created, what do you think? Something you might wear too. 

Again hoping your having a awesome Sunday! If you like what your reading, I would so appreciate a share to your friends....Thank you for stopping by my lovely reader.

Linda @FashionTake-Out

Apr 11, 2013

8 Gorgeous Engagement Rings From Wharton Goldsmith

Are You Planning an Engagement Soon?

I love weddings! But more so; I love the prelude that comes with weddings; the engagement, the promise to love, the pledge to love forever, the promise of love and laughter, of fairy tale endings, and happy ever afters... 

AWE! An emotional feeling that consumes ones heart and everyone involved in the couple to be. Are you in need of help in choosing the right ring for that perfect proposal? Wharton Goldsmith has 8 Gorgeous Engagement Rings to set the perfect mood for the special occasion.

engagement rings
"Love is a miracle, sweet as can be,
That will always remain a complete mystery.
For though it is something that's centuries old,
It cannot be purchased for silver or gold.
But instead must be given of one's own free will,
And received with no promises it must fulfil.
And once it's exchanged in this time-honoured way,
There's nothing that love cannot manage to say.
No problems too great and no problems too small,
For love, like a miracle, conquers them all.
And leaves in their place such a feeling of peace,
That joy, just like love, cannot help but increase!"

I researched a little further into Wharton Goldsmith, they have a few jewelry designers that produce SOME quality jewelry pieces that can be useful in your wedding jewelry. 

Jewelry designer "Rachel Galley" offers some exquisite jewelry pieces, here are a few of my favorites...

rachel galley jewelry designer
Also another fave of mine is jewelry designer "Linda MacDonald". Here are some of my favorites too. Simple but classy!

linda macdonald jewelry designer

What do you think? You like these selections, if you just might want to go check out what else that might tickle your jewelry fancy... 

Apr 8, 2013

Spring Rains Bring in Burberrys Bright Red Trench Coats

Step Into April's Spring Showers; with a Burberry Bright Red Trench Coat

AWE....April is here with it's torrent of Spring rain. We all know if you're not prepared one could get drenched completely. I just stepped outside for just a second to unload groceries from my car...and it literally felt like it was pouring cats and dogs out of the sky. HaHa

If I would have been wearing Burberry's bright red trench coat; I would have stayed dry, instead of having to go and take a hot shower cause I got drenched through and through. ARRGH! 

Burberry is bringing in April with their "April Brights 2013 Collection", have you seen them? They start from weather ready little totes, to boots, , brollies and are made from patent leather and perspex. So, today I've created a very bright fashion collage to illustrate my personal fashion look I would have worn.

burberry bright red trench coat

I chose a Rag & Bone over-sized shirt, a darling pair of Sessun Memory House navy blue cropped trousers, Hunter Carlyle rain boots, and yes of cource one Burberry check-lined walking umbrella.  

Wishing you a dry, sweet April!

1. Burberry's bright red trench coat - seems this is a popular item...

2. Rag & Bone over-sized shirts
3. Sessun Memory House navy blue cropped trousers
4. Hunter Carlyle rain boots
5. Burberry check-lined walking umbrella

Apr 5, 2013

Victoria Beckham Dose of Fashion Style

When I first met Victoria Beckham; she was the sexy but slightly dull one in the Spice Girls. After a few chavvy tracksuits, greasy hair moments and a healthy dose of hair extensions later and she is the fashion icon we all know today. 

 I say that as if it took only a day to achieve but Victoria Beckham’s transformation was began a slow (be it much needed) one, which ended in the making of a hugely successful fashion designer and the death of the daily use of the word ‘posh’. 

 What Victoria is so strangely famous for now, given her past fashion faux pas, is her sleek styling and use of very feminine lines

Despite her being very thin, both her fashion label as well as her own wardrobe hosts a bevy of 60s style body clinging, tight fitting dresses in bright colors to accentuate her female physique and flatter the figure. 

Keeping pieces simple and in feminine cuts that keeps the usual celebrity game of skin show-n-tell under wraps - creating a truly classic and classy aesthetic, whilst still remaining sexy as well as elegant. Though buying designer fashions certainly isn’t the only way to achieve this. 

These cuts are simple and achievable at any price, as well as being incredibly wearable both in and out of the office, for the working girl. Buy colorful pieces to bring in that summer feeling and brighten your skin tone, despite the weather, or keep main pieces to more subtle colors, such a blacks and greys, in beautiful cuts and shapes, teamed with brighter colored accessories, and there you have it! 

So, thanks Victoria! You sure have taught us how to PUT our fashion style on, so I think it’s about time we took it on board and adopted those classically simple 60s shapes for a more flattering look. 

 Hey; my lovely reader. If your reading this and many thanks for your continued support and comments...Hope your having the most awesome day!


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