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Mar 29, 2013

How To Wear Cut Off Denim Gold Shorts From Faith Connection?

A Very SHORT Short Story!  
What is all the rave about the short, shorts fashion look or maybe you could call it a street look these days! 

I think its a fashion trend that will last at least until the fall season...but even then one could get away with wearing them if they added a few special pieces to the fashion look.  

So let's chat about this shall we!
I created a fashion collage over at Polyvore to show you how I would wear these chic little "Faith Connection" cut off denim gold shorts. We chose images of fashion blogger from "Flavia Desgranges van Der Linden" ( to illustrate our fashion collage.

faith connection cut off denim gold shorts

When wearing the "Faith Connection" cut off denim gold shorts, I would definitely pick out a cropped leather biker jacket or blazer...I chose a Motorcycle PU leather jacket from SammyDress. The coral color of the jacket is a nice off set to the "Faith Connection" cut off denim gold shorts.

Being the weather is still a little cool, a pair of black or white thigh high socks would keep the legs a little warmer without a detour from the fashion look to much. For a top I chose a ROCKGEWETTER print t-shirt in black from 

Now it's accessory time. I love lace-up boots with this fashion look. So a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike Black Shoes will look awesome. I know we have to have a handbag too. I chose a small handbag from Forever New as the last fashion piece for this perfect fashion look

I really can see you in this. You look awesome! Have a great day my lovelies!

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