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Mar 5, 2013

Radley Accessories & the Star Gazing Purse


These are the words that describe Radley London; an accessory fashion label known for their prestigious collection of handbags and purses of the United Kingdom.

I was asked to feature an article around Radley’s playful little Star Gazing purse collection. This purse collection reminds me of stories surrounding around a playful little Scottie dog and his wonderful little adventures, but consistent with staying on the chic and trendy side as well.

Our favorite of this collection; is the Star Gazing zip purse with the stars and a little Metallic Scottie dog. I wanted to create a fashion collage around this darling little purse organizer for your handbag that accented a classy, sophisticated fashion look for a day at the office, or maybe a shopping spree in London’s famous malls.

We chose a few fashion pieces to accent this chic little purse organizer.

star gazing zip pure

Being that we are almost into spring, we still have the need for a light jacket, so I chose an Em torno dopescoco black round neck slim jacket made of leather and detailed stitching.  Now for a perfect little spring top, we found a MISS SIXTY design print blouse, ruffles, and frills and zip closure makeup this chic little top.
A classic pair of pietro linen trousers from John Lewis will suit the fashion look quite well along with a pair of Christian Louboutin Bianca platform heels. How did we do so far?

Now one piece I didn’t put into the fashion collage was a handbag. We do need a handbag to stuff the chic little Star Gazing zip purse into. I’m going to stick with Radley’s handbags. So I spent a little time reviewing their shoulder bags, cross-body bags, totes, work bags, grab bags, and pocket bags. As you can see they have quite the selection to choose from. I narrowed it down to one.  

The Pocket Bag; is a medium across body bag with a classic shape, but luxurious crocodile embossing. I chose the pocket bag because the little organizer purse would accent it perfectly. 

 Now we all know we are still missing some vital pieces; accessorizing in the jewelry. I chose the color black again wanting to pick up the color tones in the design print blouse. I thought a set of Bangles by Chloe and a pair of Pim + Lankin round faceted stud earrings would set everything off perfectly.

Radley London has a few more surprises up their sleeves, with fashion model Laura Bailey. You know who she is right; model, writer, trendy editor to British Vogue and the classy, cultural ambassador for the British Fashion Council

No wonder Radley chose her to model their handbags and purses; that’s a whole lot of fashion clout right there.

Laura as a model; has the classy look to offset Radley’s luxurious handbags and purses don’t you think?

Where you can find these fashion pieces.

1.       Star Gazing Purse Organizer -$49.00

3.       MISS SIXTY Design Print Blouse - $95.00

4.       Pietro Linen Trousers from John Lewis - $59.00

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  1. great collection! love the top :)

    hope you can visit mine gain sometime :)



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