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Mar 9, 2013

Anyone UP For Some Mint Julep Fashion?

I'm so craving a sweet southern mint julep...

But first you ask? What the heck is a Mint Julep? A mint julep is a social cocktail known for it's origins in the southern states. Particularly Kentucky and the Kentucky Derby (Churchhill Downs Horse Races).

OK Ladies! Please pass the pitcher; we're serving a Geneva Mint Bodycon Peplum Dress from online fashion store Pink Boutique. A cool, glamour, celebrity inspired fashion boutique.

Can you imagine everyone standing around waiting for that first horse race to start: sipping on there cool Mint Julep's waiting in anticipation for the horses to break through the gates.

The mint julep recipe consist of four main ingredients mint, sugar, ice, and bourbon. So here's how we mix up a sweet mint julep fashion;

1. The Mint Sprig.
Of course we have the main ingredient which is mint. Mint is so cool, refreshing and soothing in the summer time. We found this gorgeous, chic little Geneva mint bodycon peplum dress from Pink Boutique to start our Mint Julep fashion look.

2. Oh Sweet Sugar.
Now let's mix in our next ingredient, oh sweet sugar to sweeten the fashion look. A pair of black Kyliegh Stiletto heels from ought to sweeten up the Geneva mint bodycon peplum dress.

3. The Icer.
So in order to create a cool summer cocktail; one must have ice and the vintage Chanel hearts & CC necklace from that packs just enough coolness to offset this gorgeous fashion look.

4. The Bourbon Touch.
Bourbon is the last and final ingredient in a cool mint julep recipe. So we are pouring in a Armani exchange textured hobo bag from into the mix to give this fashion look it's last final touch.

So settle down and enjoy your cool, chic summer fashion look watching the horse races with me...:))

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