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Mar 13, 2013

5 Hot Designer Swimwear & Beachwear Pieces

 5 Hot Designer Swimwear & Beachwear Pieces From Honeys Lingerie Boutique

Today in Seattle, WA it's literally raining cats and dogs (ha ha) and I'm longing for the hot summer days when I can lounge around in my designer two piece bikini swimwear on my back deck and soak up some precious vitamin D (AKA the SUN).

I have two choices today! It's either go out walking in the rain with an umbrella or search online for my new designer two piece bikini swimwear that I will wear this summer. So that bought me to Honeys Lingerie Boutique where I fell in love with their swim and beachwear pieces. 

I searched through all the swim and beachwear wear on their site. I found 5 gorgeous designer two piece bikini swimwear and beachwear I wanted to share with you.

1. Aguaclara Designer Swimwear and Beachwear -

 Ibiza - Bandau Bikini - $150
This piece was inspired by the mystical Amazon and the salt mines deep in the heart of  South America. A DESIGNER two piece swimwear with glamorous embellishments.

2.Aguaclara - Zafiro - Halter Neck Bikini - $135

This gorgeous designer two piece swimwear is highlighted with  blue sequins and bead embellishments to accent the black and white tones of the swimwear.

3. Aguaclara Swimwear - Amor Salvaje - Bandeau Bikini - $191

I love this designer 2 piece swimwear...I'd say its my favorite. Love the flattering tie-sides, and the zebra looking print along with the turquoise embellishment. A totally chic beachwear two piece.

4. Aguaclara 2013 - Costa Brava - Triangle Bikini - $141

This designer two piece swimwear flirts with gold rings and tie strings in a halter top style of gold and white color tones.

5. Aguaclara 2013 - Paracas Chic - Chic Paradise - Halter Neck Bikini - $167


The sweet, chic style of this designer two piece swimwear says it all...high definition Geo digital print laced with black jewel create a chic paradise bikini detail..

Hope you like our picks today! If you would like to check out more swimwear and beachwear...just go to Honeys Lingerie Boutique!

Thanks for stopping, I so appreciate your visit!

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