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Mar 30, 2013

Flirtatous, Free Spirited Fun With Guess Girl Fragrance

Are You a Guess Girl? I sure am!

HI My lovelies; look what came in the mail a few days ago. Fashion label Guess and Guess Girl Fragrance & Body Cream and a $100 Gift Card...Why did I receive this? Read below for more details... 

guess girl fragrance and body creme
About three weeks ago fashion label Guess and fashion mix-n-match platform Polyvore put on a contest for all of it's members. They wanted all of us members to create a fashion collage that would show our sexiest fashion style to represent the new Guess Girl fragrance. I also included in this image a few of my select bangles I created from my jewelry label JIJI CHIC.

So I created this chic, sexy fashion style to represent the Guess Girl fragrance. I was so thrilled when my set was chosen as WINNER of the Guess Girl contest (Are You a Guess Girl) by Guess. So a big shout out to Guess and Polyvore! Thank you so much! I love the smell of the Guess Girl fragrance too; it blends with my skin oils really well and I've had tons of compliments from it.

The fashion pieces I chose for my fashion collage are listed below:

1. Guess by Marciano - Purple Sequin Mini Dress $57
2. GUESS - New Brunswick Tote $67

3. Guess Shoes  - Nancille Black Multi Fabric $110
4. GUESS - Round Plastic Sunglasses With Rhinestone Logo $82

Also if your interested in the chic little bangles from my jewelry label JIJI CHIC...give me shout at, they run in the price range of $20 - $30...Just let me know which one you like and we'll work out the details...

Mar 29, 2013

How To Wear Cut Off Denim Gold Shorts From Faith Connection?

A Very SHORT Short Story!  
What is all the rave about the short, shorts fashion look or maybe you could call it a street look these days! 

I think its a fashion trend that will last at least until the fall season...but even then one could get away with wearing them if they added a few special pieces to the fashion look.  

So let's chat about this shall we!
I created a fashion collage over at Polyvore to show you how I would wear these chic little "Faith Connection" cut off denim gold shorts. We chose images of fashion blogger from "Flavia Desgranges van Der Linden" ( to illustrate our fashion collage.

faith connection cut off denim gold shorts

When wearing the "Faith Connection" cut off denim gold shorts, I would definitely pick out a cropped leather biker jacket or blazer...I chose a Motorcycle PU leather jacket from SammyDress. The coral color of the jacket is a nice off set to the "Faith Connection" cut off denim gold shorts.

Being the weather is still a little cool, a pair of black or white thigh high socks would keep the legs a little warmer without a detour from the fashion look to much. For a top I chose a ROCKGEWETTER print t-shirt in black from 

Now it's accessory time. I love lace-up boots with this fashion look. So a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike Black Shoes will look awesome. I know we have to have a handbag too. I chose a small handbag from Forever New as the last fashion piece for this perfect fashion look

I really can see you in this. You look awesome! Have a great day my lovelies!

Mar 27, 2013

DRESS n Impress & the Blackstar Platform Ankle Bootie

Blackstar Platform Ankle Bootie & DRESSnIMPRESS

Today we were approached by Dress n Impress to feature a few of their men and ladies fashion pieces. They carry fashion designer labels such as; Bench, Hooch, RedBear...these are only to name a few of the brands...

I chose one fashion piece in particular; fashion designer Abbey Dawn and their Blackstar Platform Ankle Bootie. So I designed a fashion collage around these chic little booties.

dress n impress men and ladies designer clothing

Dress n Impress carrys quite a few men and ladies designer fashion pieces

I chose the Bench Expo Barbi Jacket and the Bench Chromatic Jeans too...What do you think? Something that might quirk you fashion taste buds...I'm definite loving the Abby Dawn Blackstar ankle booties...  

Mar 24, 2013

Sarah Jessica Parker Birthday Celebrity Fashion Look

Happy Birthday Sarah Jessica Parker!

Here at Fashion Take-Out; we're wishing you the best day ever on your 48th birthday! In celebrating your birthday on March 25, 2013; we have created a celebrity fashion collage that we thought might suit your fashion style...or not!

Everyone knows who celebrity Sarah Jessica Parker is...the famous model, fashion icon, singer, producer, but best of all American actress known for her role in HBO in the television series Sex in the City (1998–2004).

happy birthday sarah jessica parker

 We created our version of a celebrity fashion look we though Sarah Jessica Parker might like to wear....a sweet simple but chic little ensemble for our fashion icon birthday gal! 

1. The Chic Sweet Little Dress
I'm gonna start with a Rebecca Taylor Exclusive Strapless Dress...$425

2.  A Cropped Leather Jacket
Next we need some fashion outwear...a Coach Leather Motorcycle Jacket....$798

3. A Peep-Toed Wedge
Now something to flatter the feet with our strapless dress and leather jacket; a peachy colored Steve Madden High Heel Wedge Shoe...$80

4.  The Accessory Handbag
We need an accessory handbag to put the final touch to this fashion look; such as an oversized Chanel classic vintage quilted caviar leather shoulder bag...$3595

With this fashion look; I'm sure it would look awesome on u too...

Mar 18, 2013

UGG Australia & the AZIN Leather Mocassin Sneaker

UGG Australia and the Australia Spring 2013 Collection

Good day my lovely readers! Hope this finds you feeling awesome and having a successful day!  

Today we wanted to write about UGG Australia. I'm sure you have all heard of the fashion label UGG and their famous pull-on boots. Over at Polyvore; UGG is promoting their new Australia Spring 2013 Collection.

So we created a fashion collage surrounded around UGG Australia and a few of their footwear and accessory fashion pieces.

UGG Australia Spring 2013 Collection

The promotion through UGG Australia is centered around a quaint, mystical little town called Marrakech...known for it's rich culture, spices and exotic jewelry. So we started out with a Spring/Summer fashion look with this chic little NAJA peach button up top

Then we added a pair of Scotch & Soda Bermuda Shorts. There is no better way to jazz up a fashion look than a colorful crochet drawstring handbag. We then chose a pair of women’s leather moccasin sneaker from UGG Australia.

We hope you have enjoyed our fashion ensemble today and thank you for stopping by...We so appreciate your visits! :))

Here's where you can find these great fashion pieces:

1. NAJA Peach Tank Top - $88

2. Scotch & Soda Bermuda Shorts - $104
3. Crochet Drawstring Handbag - $245
4. Women's Leather Moccasin Sneakers - $100

Mar 13, 2013

5 Hot Designer Swimwear & Beachwear Pieces

 5 Hot Designer Swimwear & Beachwear Pieces From Honeys Lingerie Boutique

Today in Seattle, WA it's literally raining cats and dogs (ha ha) and I'm longing for the hot summer days when I can lounge around in my designer two piece bikini swimwear on my back deck and soak up some precious vitamin D (AKA the SUN).

I have two choices today! It's either go out walking in the rain with an umbrella or search online for my new designer two piece bikini swimwear that I will wear this summer. So that bought me to Honeys Lingerie Boutique where I fell in love with their swim and beachwear pieces. 

I searched through all the swim and beachwear wear on their site. I found 5 gorgeous designer two piece bikini swimwear and beachwear I wanted to share with you.

1. Aguaclara Designer Swimwear and Beachwear -

 Ibiza - Bandau Bikini - $150
This piece was inspired by the mystical Amazon and the salt mines deep in the heart of  South America. A DESIGNER two piece swimwear with glamorous embellishments.

2.Aguaclara - Zafiro - Halter Neck Bikini - $135

This gorgeous designer two piece swimwear is highlighted with  blue sequins and bead embellishments to accent the black and white tones of the swimwear.

3. Aguaclara Swimwear - Amor Salvaje - Bandeau Bikini - $191

I love this designer 2 piece swimwear...I'd say its my favorite. Love the flattering tie-sides, and the zebra looking print along with the turquoise embellishment. A totally chic beachwear two piece.

4. Aguaclara 2013 - Costa Brava - Triangle Bikini - $141

This designer two piece swimwear flirts with gold rings and tie strings in a halter top style of gold and white color tones.

5. Aguaclara 2013 - Paracas Chic - Chic Paradise - Halter Neck Bikini - $167


The sweet, chic style of this designer two piece swimwear says it all...high definition Geo digital print laced with black jewel create a chic paradise bikini detail..

Hope you like our picks today! If you would like to check out more swimwear and beachwear...just go to Honeys Lingerie Boutique!

Thanks for stopping, I so appreciate your visit!

Mar 9, 2013

Anyone UP For Some Mint Julep Fashion?

I'm so craving a sweet southern mint julep...

But first you ask? What the heck is a Mint Julep? A mint julep is a social cocktail known for it's origins in the southern states. Particularly Kentucky and the Kentucky Derby (Churchhill Downs Horse Races).

OK Ladies! Please pass the pitcher; we're serving a Geneva Mint Bodycon Peplum Dress from online fashion store Pink Boutique. A cool, glamour, celebrity inspired fashion boutique.

Can you imagine everyone standing around waiting for that first horse race to start: sipping on there cool Mint Julep's waiting in anticipation for the horses to break through the gates.

The mint julep recipe consist of four main ingredients mint, sugar, ice, and bourbon. So here's how we mix up a sweet mint julep fashion;

1. The Mint Sprig.
Of course we have the main ingredient which is mint. Mint is so cool, refreshing and soothing in the summer time. We found this gorgeous, chic little Geneva mint bodycon peplum dress from Pink Boutique to start our Mint Julep fashion look.

2. Oh Sweet Sugar.
Now let's mix in our next ingredient, oh sweet sugar to sweeten the fashion look. A pair of black Kyliegh Stiletto heels from ought to sweeten up the Geneva mint bodycon peplum dress.

3. The Icer.
So in order to create a cool summer cocktail; one must have ice and the vintage Chanel hearts & CC necklace from that packs just enough coolness to offset this gorgeous fashion look.

4. The Bourbon Touch.
Bourbon is the last and final ingredient in a cool mint julep recipe. So we are pouring in a Armani exchange textured hobo bag from into the mix to give this fashion look it's last final touch.

So settle down and enjoy your cool, chic summer fashion look watching the horse races with me...:))

Mar 6, 2013

Featuring Eclectic Fashion Blogger MAFFASHION

Hello my lovely friends... 

Remember back in February I decided that I was going to start a "Feature a Fashion Blogger Day". Well believe it or not a whole month has passed since then...So here we are again.

Today our featured fashion blogger is "Maffashion". Julietta's eclectic sense of fashion style appeals to the masses. A Rogue, formidable, savvy fashion in this fashion collage.


Plaid checker shirts, camo tanks with printage, high waisted snake skin leggings, zip-up ankle boots give her just the right pop.

We created a fashion collage through Polyvore fashion platform and we simulated a close look of the one in her photo sets.

So let's get started...
we found a leather jacket from Voltage, and a pair of women's Holly Spring leggings from Woolrich, then a Wildfox white lightening black we're going to put a biker twist look with a pair Sharon Stone buckle ankle boots. Last but least a chic Micheal Kor's travel messenger bag.

What do you think?

If you know of someone who is a fashion blogger...give us a shout and we just might feature them...:))

Mar 5, 2013

Radley Accessories & the Star Gazing Purse


These are the words that describe Radley London; an accessory fashion label known for their prestigious collection of handbags and purses of the United Kingdom.

I was asked to feature an article around Radley’s playful little Star Gazing purse collection. This purse collection reminds me of stories surrounding around a playful little Scottie dog and his wonderful little adventures, but consistent with staying on the chic and trendy side as well.

Our favorite of this collection; is the Star Gazing zip purse with the stars and a little Metallic Scottie dog. I wanted to create a fashion collage around this darling little purse organizer for your handbag that accented a classy, sophisticated fashion look for a day at the office, or maybe a shopping spree in London’s famous malls.

We chose a few fashion pieces to accent this chic little purse organizer.

star gazing zip pure

Being that we are almost into spring, we still have the need for a light jacket, so I chose an Em torno dopescoco black round neck slim jacket made of leather and detailed stitching.  Now for a perfect little spring top, we found a MISS SIXTY design print blouse, ruffles, and frills and zip closure makeup this chic little top.
A classic pair of pietro linen trousers from John Lewis will suit the fashion look quite well along with a pair of Christian Louboutin Bianca platform heels. How did we do so far?

Now one piece I didn’t put into the fashion collage was a handbag. We do need a handbag to stuff the chic little Star Gazing zip purse into. I’m going to stick with Radley’s handbags. So I spent a little time reviewing their shoulder bags, cross-body bags, totes, work bags, grab bags, and pocket bags. As you can see they have quite the selection to choose from. I narrowed it down to one.  

The Pocket Bag; is a medium across body bag with a classic shape, but luxurious crocodile embossing. I chose the pocket bag because the little organizer purse would accent it perfectly. 

 Now we all know we are still missing some vital pieces; accessorizing in the jewelry. I chose the color black again wanting to pick up the color tones in the design print blouse. I thought a set of Bangles by Chloe and a pair of Pim + Lankin round faceted stud earrings would set everything off perfectly.

Radley London has a few more surprises up their sleeves, with fashion model Laura Bailey. You know who she is right; model, writer, trendy editor to British Vogue and the classy, cultural ambassador for the British Fashion Council

No wonder Radley chose her to model their handbags and purses; that’s a whole lot of fashion clout right there.

Laura as a model; has the classy look to offset Radley’s luxurious handbags and purses don’t you think?

Where you can find these fashion pieces.

1.       Star Gazing Purse Organizer -$49.00

3.       MISS SIXTY Design Print Blouse - $95.00

4.       Pietro Linen Trousers from John Lewis - $59.00


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