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Jan 25, 2013

Craving a Cutting Edge Designer Fashion?

Cutting Edge Designs with Cruise Fashion?

I'm craving some ionic cutting edge designer fashions today...I ran across a luxury retailer whom we love. Have you heard of Cruise Fashion stores and online boutique? 

Cruise Fashion has been recognized as the UK'S leading independent LUXURY retailer. They recognize the need for on trend and in style fashion for customers.

So today, I wanted to portray myself as your personal fashion stylist and design a fashion set that might quirk your fashion savvy sense.  Read more on this set...

Cutting Edge Fashion with Cruise Fashion

The Basic Fashion Ensemble:
We fell in love with Gucci's fur trim black wool coat at Cruise Fashion. But we were looking to give the fur trim black wool coat a little color pizazz with a Dolce & Gabanna floral royal knights printed silk multi-colored dress. Now let's move on to accessories.

Let's Accessorize!

With the floral print silk dress, I wanted to pick up on the black color with a soft fabric handbag from Dolce & Gabanna. Now for the perfect pair of shoes...the cut-out suede & leather black ankle boot ...the spike chain necklace from Republic will add just enough spice to the dress without over doing it...last of all a pair of midnight blue sapphire princess earrings...OK...So how did we do today as your personal fashion stylist?

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