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Dec 22, 2013

Winter Fashion Trends:: Gold and Burgundy Color Tones

Fashion Take-Out Color Tones; Gold and Burgundy are wonderful winter colors. Gold gives a color "POP" to the darker blend in the burgundy. Eye Candy Appeal! These 2 color tones will definitely bring the looks to this Winter fashion trend...

gold, burgundy color tones

Dec 18, 2013

Winter Fashion Trends:: Summer Dresses Fall Into Winter

OK; When most people think of "WINTER". They think of long wool coats. Or winter boots up to the knees, mittens, and hats. Not me. I'm thinking Summer. Why you ask? Because not everywhere in this world is it freaking cold! Read more below the pic...

strapless bustier dresses

So today; let's imagine I'm in warm sunny Arizona. I'm going strapless too. It's a whopping 72 degrees. Perfect strapless weather.

Searching online brought me to this sweet, flirty little strapless bustier dress from fashion designers "Elizabeth & James". I was really sad too, because they were all sold out. I could see why! I'll have to check back later to see if they have restocked. But being we're just imaging; lets play along with this fashion style.

So in the fashion collage above; I'm gonna keep it sweet and simple. No over doing it. I don't want to take anything away from the strapless bustier dress. What I love about it; is the dainty little ruffle lace at the edge of the bustier portion of the dress. Creating a girly, sweet, charming effect.

Then the wide bandage effect at the waist. Also the layers of ruffling at the bottom of the dress. But let's add to this dress with a "Tory Burch Austin Flap Clutch"; we're gonna stay with the pink color tone too.

Pink and white; or cream are perfect summer color tones; so why not add some feminine edge with a pair of "creamy crochet overlay platform court shoes" or heels.

Another color tone that looks awesome with pink is the gold color tone; I wanted to add a few gold pieces of jewelry to this fashion style. So I went with a "Chunky Chain Necklace & Bracelet.

OK MY BEAUTIES; Is this a sweet, simple fashion you could put on for some summer fun in the middle of the Winter season. I could.

Dec 12, 2013

Seattle Street Style:: Coral Splash with Tory Burch Amira Dress

AWE. Seattle, WA a city that never sleeps. A city known for it's colorful people and its rock n roll legends like "Jimi Hendricks". I'm creating a fashion collage intertwined with colorful characteristics of Seattle, WA. Read more below pic...

tory burch amira dress

A Colorful color. "Coral" a reddish or pinkish shade of orange. The "Tory Burch Amira Dress" is a splash of floral embroidery print and Mexican folk art designs. This dress is a summer sensation on the sands of Ocean Shores to the Pike Place Market of downtown Seattle.

A Seattle street style that is unique and colorful. With this in mind; I was thinking of the rain. A pair of "black patent leather over-the-knee-cuff-boots" would be perfect match with the "Tory Burch Amira Dress" for a rainy day. Now I want to accentuate on the coral color of the floral embroidery print in the dress. So I chose a smooth "orange coral calfskin leather tote bag".

Gold tones are a great add when it comes to adding jewelry. Keep it simple. Because you don't want to take away from the gorgeous embroidery work in the dress. A simple "gold herringbone mesh bracelet" would also look great with this Seattle Street Style.

If you enjoy my personal styling; please like us on Facebook or Twitter, or just go to the top of the page and get our updates via email. I would love to have you join us in our Fashion Take-Out. Hugs n Kisses!

~Linda J. Baldridge~

Dec 7, 2013

Create a Fierce Haute Couture Fashion Look

TODAY is the day for a Fierce Haute Couture Fashion Look.
 Let's find out how! I will describe below how the silhouette, fitted pieces and pieces that have volume work together into this fierce haute couture fashion look. Read below the image for more details...

the flared skirt

The Silhouette. 
The silhouette or figure of a woman demands being accentuated upon. One must flatter ones body type with the perfect style of clothing. When you do; you look radiant, totally self-confident...You walk with an air that you control your very own existence. No one questions the fact that you are totally put together. So lets create a silhouette of a elegant, glamorous woman that you are.

When I look for clothing pieces to create a fierce haute couture fashion look; it's a detailed, a form-fitting, but yet creates volume when wearing these pieces together. So let's get started.

The Form-Fitting Look.
The form-fitting look is created by wearing clothing pieces that fit tightly around the body. Accentuating upon your silhouette. Crop-tops, bustiers, fitted leather jackets or blazers are a few that can create this effect.

In the fashion collage above; I chose a "Evanda Lace Oversized Crop Top" and a "Jitrois' Fur Collar Leather Jacket". Notice the detailing in the jacket, and mixing the crop top with the fitted look of the jacket. FORM-FITTING YEH BABY!

The Volume Look.
The volume look sculpts a second skin to your already perfect silhouette. I found this "YIQING YIN LAME Tight Waisted Flared Skirt". Notice the volume that is created with the layering of the fabric. This flared skirt speaks for itself. Total volume. Don't you think the gold and black tones in the skirt stand out even more.

Now lets combine the form-fitting pieces with the flared skirt. Notice how the crop top and leather jacket accent the flaring of the skirt creating a fierce haute couture fashion look.

But to create even more effectiveness; lets add a few more pieces. Let go with a "Moda Operandi Top Handle Bag" and a pair of "Charlotte Oympia Leather Ankle Sandals". Now that's fierce. Now the topper. The "One of a Kind Radiant Sapphire & White Topaz Peacock Necklace. YEP...I believe that does it. What do you think? I would Love to know what you think?

Dec 4, 2013

Celebrity Street Style of 2013:: RIHANNA Street Style

Happy Wednesday My Lovelies...

We'll over at Polyvore; they are running a contest for the "The Best Celebrity Street Style of 2013". I choose to submit a fashion collage illustrated around celebrity, recording artist, actress, and fashion designer "RIHANNA" in short nick named "Ri Ri" by the media. Read more below image...

I was so thrilled this morning when I logged into my Polyvore account and found that my fashion collage was chosen for "TOP Set" of the day December 4th, 2013.

You know how I love Ri Ri's edgy celebrity street style!

In the celebrity shot above "Ri Ri" is wearing a mint flared skirt. Then she has also has on a Balmain mixed print blouse. I really didn't want to copy her whole street look. So I switched it up a little. I chose a "metallic boucle bustier". There something about the fit look of the bustier with a flared skirt that make the whole street style just "POP".

Then to make the celebrity street style sizzle; I added a pair of Sergio Rossi ankle strap pumps and a envelope gold textured clutch.

I could wear a celebrity street style like this...I love the soft color tones of mint and light pink; then mix it up with the gold metallic...

Could you wear a street style look like this? Love to hear about it!

Dec 1, 2013

Holiday Fashion Looks:: The Puffed Sleeve Mini Dress

I love the holidays! The festivities. The holiday parties. The mingling with family and friends. But most of all the memories we create from them.

What ever we do for the holiday season; fashion will definitely be a part of it all. I don't know about you; but I love dressing up for the festivities. I enjoy wearing a gorgeous holiday fashion look. Check out my fashion collage below...

The Puffed Sleeve Mini Dress

I love the color tones of red and black for the Christmas holiday. It has a crisp, bold, but yet a defining holiday fashion look to it.

The puffed sleeve mini dress from above really creates a festive, sexy holiday fashion look; especially when combined with a pair of Gucci peep-toe sandals.

The sandals add a touch of elegance to the holiday fashion look.

Then when you a chic little bow saddle bag to the mix; it give it the perfect POP. The saddle bag can be turn into a qaint little tote by taking off the shoulder strap too.

So; what do you think of our sweet little puffed sleeve mini dress and my mix n match of shoes and tote bag? You could also add some sterling silver jewelry pieces too, which will accentuate the holiday fashion look more...

Nov 27, 2013

Celebrity Fashion Look:: RIHANNA & the Stylish Hollow Bow Skinny Pants

Let's bust a celebrity fashion look with RIHANNA today! I'm talking about the edgy, trendsetting styles she creates for everyday wear. Read more below the fashion collage I created her illustrating this look...

Stylish Hollow Bow Skinny Jeans

We all know who RIHANNA is; the Barbadian recording artist, actress, and fashion designer. Born as Robyn Rihanna Fenty (born February 20, 1988), known by her stage name Rihanna (/riˈɑːnə/ ree-AH-nə or /riˈænə/ ree-AN, from the Welsh name Rhiannon).

I've notice a fashion look she wears. It's the crop top or bustier with a pair of distressed or destroyed skinny jeans. 

Today; I came across and their Stylish Hollow Bow Skinny Pants. I think Rihanna would look totally cool in a pair of these with a Polka Dot Bralette Bustier Tank Bandeaus Garage. If you noticed in the small image of the collage; she's wearing something similar to this fashion look

I also thought a pair of black leather-looking pumps by SUGARFREE SHOES would suit the whole look. Then add a Women's Tote With PU Leather Vintage Style Belts and Buckles De would finish the look completely.

Now lets polish this look with a few black and silver jewelry pieces. Yep; that does it for me. What about you? Could you wear this everyday fashion look?

Nov 22, 2013

Playful FUN Style:: The Vanessa Bruno Printed Silk Mini Skirt

I'm feeling frisky and playful like a kitten. The weather is so cold here in Seattle. Funny how the cold weather does that to a person. Must be the electricity in the air.

So I chose to create a Playful, FUN, Style today. Check out my creative little fashion collage below.

Vanessa Bruno Printed Silk Mini Skirt

What is it about pink and blue color tones? They create a playful, fun atmosphere to play around with.

In the world of style; fashion designer Vanessa Bruno brings a Playful clothing piece to fashion in their "print silk mini skirt".

I wanted to maximize on the FUN aspect with a little "pink boxy graphic tee shirt" from Aeropostale and a open crop blazer from Body Central.

Style comes in the form of a perfect little piece such as this "Valentino Rockstud-Trim Lock Flap Bag". Yeh. Baby!

I also thought that a pair of "zip up ankle booties" adds the final touch to this playful, fun style.

Lets go have some FUN in the frisky, crispy, cold weather. Happy Friday! Hope you have a awesome weekend my lovelies.

Nov 19, 2013

How to Have Pefect Skin Like Hollywood Celebs?

Celebrities are known for wanting to look perfect, on or off from the set. Being a fashion icon has its demands. One of them is always looking perfect in front of the camera, that would be our ever so popular Kim Kardashian.

Celebrity; Kim Kardashian use cutting edge technology to keep that perfect celebrity look.

Kim uses companies like LaserAway for unwanted hair removal or sun damage, and maybe a little pick me up with plastic or cosmetic surgery.

But, she definetly is on LaserAway client list. If your looking for some hair removal or a new face lift LaserAway would be the place to go in Rancho Mirage, California.

Via: LaserAway

How to Wear Perfect, Flawless, Makeup Like the Celebrities?

Ever wonder how celebrities faces look so perfect, flawless, and spot on. The cosmetic companies of today have hit their mark when it comes to makeup. Millions of women and some men wear makeup; whether its for personal everyday use or for special fashion, music or film events. Makeup has taken on a whole new level, not just the average department store compact kit in a blush, eye shadow or mascara tube.

Nope, companies use air brush body paint technology to create a flawless, perfect iconic makeup look. We would like to feature today Temotu; the original paint formula and tatoo ink transfer company from 1996.

Temptu has taken the ordinary makeup to a whole new level. Not only do they offer this product to the fashion, music, and film industry. They are offering it to us women. A home airbrush makeup system. You should really check out their sleek AIRbrush Makeup System with exclusive AIRpod™ Makeup.

Via: Temptu

Nov 15, 2013

I'm Crushing Over a School Slang Dress from NASTYGAL

It's not a school crush over a guy either....
It's HOT pink. 
SQUARE Checkers!
Here it is...
a School Slang Dress from NastyGal
Check out the pics.

I'm crushing over the cuteness of this dress.
I love the hot pink color tone.
The plaid print.
The plunging V neckline.
Cutouts that you can still wear your favorite bra under.

Pair it with your favorite rugged leather biker jacket.

and a pair of ankle booties or lace up boots 
this would give the School Slang Dress 
a to die for fashion look.

You might want to add a chunky chain necklace to the mix too.

So are you crushing too?


Nov 13, 2013

POP Culture:: CAPOLOGY the Glamorous Baseball Cap

I can hear it now! What the heck is CAPLOGY?
I could say something humorous...Baseball caps, and philopsy...Yeah. 
No! That's not it. If you want to know more about CAPOLOGY; read below the picture...

glamorous fashion looks with baseball caps

The Practical Function::
You know we need to chat about out this detail. The typical soft, rounded crown, projecting a stiff peak in the front cap. YEP. That's it! The ole baseball cap. Pretty much BASEBALL CAPS are used as a marketing ploy for the all together famous brands of the world, but most widely used by incorporating sports brands, atheletes, etc.

But really now; the basic function of the baseball cap is protection. To shield the eyes from the scorching sun and also it provides warmth for the old noggin from COLD, WINTRY DAYS.

My meaning of CAPOLOGY! A mixture of fashion, creativity, attitude and of course the baseball cap.

I have noticed a few more functions for the elusive baseball cap.

POP Culture and Game day Trends::
 Wearing a baseball cap to a ball game is over. Well maybe not over. In the year of 2013; I saw a whole new twist on the elusive baseball cap. I'm gonna list a few of them for you!

1.) Everyday Street Style. Do you believe it? If you walk down the streets of NEW YORK CITY you might catch a girl wearing a baseball cap with silver prongs, a leather biker jacket, a skater skirt, sweet little crop top, and a pair of lace-up ankle booties from River Island.

2.) Pop Music Stars. Rihanna does it best. Rebellion. Rebel. Pop music, recording artist, actress, and fashion designer. She knows how to wear a baseball cap. Backwards that is. Top it with a Camo crop top, a pair of denim jeans rolled up, chic little envelope clutch, and a pair of stiletto heels.

3.) Runway Fashion Shows. Baseball caps and high fashion. I have noticed at a few fashion shows in 2013, that fashion designers are blending baseball caps in with their high class clothing pieces. Everything from long tailored dresses, but brands like Herve Leger display an array of gorgeous headwear pieces mixed with their detailed bodycon dresses. Very stylish indeed.

Have I got your interest? You should check it out yourself, baseball caps are totally trending for 2013, and 2014. From a street look to a high class fashion style baseball caps are it.

Nov 7, 2013

LUXE Fashion Style:: Gloss Red Black with Alexander McQueen

Creating a LUXE Fashion Style...
Gloss RED Black with Alexander McQueen

Did we get you at the pic? There is more below the image...
Luxerious Fashion Style
stop. look. listen. it's fashion.

I have fallen.

Fallen for a sweet little number by fashion label Alexander Mcqueen.

YES. A Diamond Chenille Knit Dress priced at £1,395.

Red chenille knit dress with quilted diamond texture.
Round neckline. 
 Keyhole opening in the back with pearl button closure.

 I'm putting it on my wish list from SANTA.

Along with a Valentino Rockstud Leather Trapeze Bag...$2,075
A pair of  Michael Kors™ Adelaide Stiletto Heels...$395
AND a Kate Spade Stepping Stone Graduated Necklace.

What's on your wishlist for Christmas? You know it's just around the corner.

About Linda Baldridge
Hi I'm Linda Baldridge, Founder & Editor in Chief of Fashion Take-Out. I'm an advocate for fashion blogging. I'm saying goodbye to the traditional picture fashion blogging and inspiring a whole new way of looking at fashion blogging by illustrating clothing pieces through an artistic, edgy, whimsical fashion board or collage. Connect with me on Facebook: or My Google Profile

Nov 6, 2013

SEXY Glamorous Looks:: The Spy Love Buy PRYNCESS Stiletto Heel Platform Court Shoes

Creating a SEXY Glamorous Look with Spy LOVE Buy.
Look at the fashion collage!

People say; Awe. You Look So Sexy and Glamorous!

I ask; What makes you want to say this! They say; It's the way you wear your fashion pieces and your choices of clothing and accessory pieces. 

So; Let's create a SEXY glamorous look today.

I have a long slender frame. I want to accentuate on that! One must learn how to build upon the beautiful body GOD gave us. We are all created so differently. But if we take the time to learn what makes us glamorous and sexy. It's amazing how it can promote self-confidence and a sexy persona.

Appearance. How we look to ourselves is more important than how we look to others. Feeling comfortable in our own skin is HUGE.

BODY. Be blessed with the body you have and build upon it. You don't have to be stuck with what you have. Exercise and eating healthy does some crazy things to one's body. And it totally does a ego attack on your self-confidence. Whoa I feel Good!

Color Analysis. Did you know we all wear different color tones more effectively. I'm a wintry type of person. What I'm trying to say; is with my skin tone I can wear Burgundy's, Greens, Blues, Lavenders, and purple color tones to accentuate my sexy glamorous look.

OK. I could go on and on.

My SEXY glamorous look today is with 5 fashion pieces from favorite fashion brands.
MIU MIU, BALENCIAGA, HOUSE of Fraser, Moda Operandi, and SPY LOVE BUY.

Remember I have a long slender frame; so today I chose a 1.) Miu Miu Printed Duchesse Cotton-blend Skirt. Notice the length. It accentuates on my long legs.

Also; I thought WEARING a 2.) BALENCIAGA Halter Bustier Top would flatter my waistline forming a slimming silhouette.

Adding a 3.) House of Fraser beautiful Leopard Print Tuxedo Jacket is a great addition to my SEXY glamorous look.

Now it's accessory time. Now I'm going to take away from the long slenderizing lines I've created in my clothing pieces and go with a 4.) Rectangular Luxe Leather Bag from MODA OPERANDI to add to my sexy glamorous look.

I'm adding one last POP to this look. A pair of 5.) PRYNCESS Stiletto Heel Platform Court Shoes in Silver Glitter. Yep that's the look I'm was set to create.

What do you think? Is this a sexy glamorous look for you!
About Linda Baldridge
Hi I'm Linda Baldridge, Founder & Editor in Chief of Fashion Take-Out. I'm an advocate for fashion blogging. I'm saying goodbye to the traditional picture fashion blogging and inspiring a whole new way of looking at fashion blogging by illustrating clothing pieces through an artistic, edgy, whimsical fashion board or collage. Connect with me on Facebook: or My Google Profile

Nov 2, 2013

Body Sculpting:: Dazzle After Dark in Herve Leger

The night is young...

bodycon dress by herve leger

Dazzle After Dark in Herve Leger:: Just imagine the night is young, the air is cold and crisp. It's gonna be a night on the town. A night to remember.

You're gonna dazzle him after dark in your Herve Leger Body Sculpting Dress

NET-A-PORTER...$2,150 The Sequined Bodycon Dress

Pair your Herve Leger sequined bodycon dress with a your highest stilletto heels. I chose a  7 Inch Stiletto Heel Clear Vamp Skull and Crossbones Cut Out Platform Slide from 

Serve it up with some sterling silver accessories and a Mulberry shoulder bag.

I'm sure this little fashion ensemble will warm the night. What do you think?

 About Linda Baldridge
Hi I'm Linda Baldridge, Founder & Editor in Chief of Fashion Take-Out. I'm an advocate for fashion blogging. I'm saying goodbye to the traditional picture fashion blogging and inspiring a whole new way of looking at fashion blogging by illustrating clothing pieces through an artistic, edgy, whimsical fashion board or collage. Connect with me on Facebook: or My Google Profile

Oct 30, 2013

Fashion Trends:: Cropped Camo and Pencil Skirts

Hey My Beauties; Hope your having a fashionable day!

Over the past few months; I noticed a fashion trend COMING through Seattle area. Read more below the image...

I would have to say the fashion trend flirts toward the side of a street look.

So I wanted to create a fashion collage to illustrate this street look to you. I chose the Wesley Camo Jacket; it gives the fashion trend the whole "street look".  I love the cropped effect it has, it accentuates the bustier top and the a-line of the pencil skirt.

Then I chose the Biker-Chic Faux Leather Bustier Top; it brings out a edginess to the street look with its faux leather material and it's sweetheart neckline.

The J Crew pencil skirt takes on a high street look; with the a-line straightness to it. But when you wear the cropped camo jacket it tones down the look giving it a rugged, street style.

Then finalize the whole street look with a few accessories from fashion labels Micheal Kor and Steve Madden. The high sandal and clutch bag definitely give it the final POP.

Then trim it with a chunky chain necklace and gold n black tone belt. Is this a fashion trend you would wear? I sure could!

 About Linda Baldridge
Hi I'm Linda Baldridge, Founder & Editor in Chief of Fashion Take-Out. I'm an advocate for fashion blogging. I'm saying goodbye to the traditional picture fashion blogging and inspiring a whole new way of looking at fashion blogging by illustrating clothing pieces through an artistic, edgy, whimsical fashion board or collage. Connect with me on Facebook: or My Google Profile  

Oct 24, 2013

How to Create a Glamorous Look in a Badgley Mischka Designer Evening Dress!

Glamour Comes From Within! 
It starts with the element of self-confidence. 
The powerful force of nature.
Read more below... 

a glamorous look badgley mischka designer evening dresses

*The Attitude*
Actually I wouldn't say attitude; I would say having 
self-confidence in yourself as a person.

Self-confidence allows you to walk into 
a room of strangers and demand the ROOM.

A strong, arched back, with a alluring pose 
as you glance from face to face.

Persons looking and staring with their jaws dragging on 
the floor; saying who is this gorgeous creature 
who dares to grace our evening.

*The Dress*
a sultry, sexy, breathtaking silhouette.

So picturesque, giving allure to a 
asymmetrical, simplistic EVENING gown. 

Detail draping to enhance a glamorous look. 

Badgley Mischka is the place.

*The Accessories*
 Black and gold color tones strike a pose as they 
accent the designer evening dress.

Dancing, flirting with each step as you walk across the room.

A gold clutch in hand. 
Heels arched in a pair of black suede pumps.

Glamorous, shimmering effect of faux pearl swirls 
and chunky chains flatter the perfect look. 

Oct 20, 2013

Model Fashion Alert:: Candice Swanedoel & The $10 Million Fantasy Bra

Have you heard the buzz! 
I'm talking about the $10 million buzz about 
SOUTH AFRICAN fashion model Candice Swanepoel.

On November13, 2013; Swanepoel will be hitting the 
catwalk in the $10 million "fantasy bra". 

Stepping in place of Alessandra Ambrosio, Swanepoel will 
be wearing the new version of the "fantasy bra".  

Last year the "fantasy bra" was estimated at a whopping $2.5 million
and now the new version will carry an estimated value of $10 million.

This "fantasy bra" will encompass a centerpiece 52-carat pear shaped ruby.

Also 4,200 impressive precious stones which include 
diamonds, yellow sapphires, and rubies. 

All set in 18 carat gold.

Candice is excited. 
The "fantasy bra" comes with 2 sensuous bodyguards. YUMMY!

Oct 11, 2013

Bold Fashion Statements:: The Orange Roland Mouret Watson Dress

The Orange Spotlight Silhouette Watson Dress

the roland mouret watson dress

The Orange Roland Mouret Watson Dress:: Bring some bold flare into your fashion statement with a little animal print instinct and some bold orange tones. Pair this gorgeous silhouette dress with a leopard print crop jacket, tote, and a pair glossy neon orange heels.

EKSEPTION...$945 The Orange Roland Mouret Watson Dress

I want to invite you to stop over and check out our new digital fashion collage magazine (HotPIC Magazine) I opened a week ago. I'm hoping you enjoy our quick little tidbits of fashion flair.

About Linda Baldridge
Hi I'm Linda Baldridge, Founder & Editor in Chief of Fashion Take-Out. I'm an advocate for fashion blogging. I'm saying goodbye to the traditional picture fashion blogging and inspiring a whole new way of looking at fashion blogging by illustrating clothing pieces through an artistic, edgy, whimsical fashion board or collage. Connect with me on Facebook: or My Google Profile

Oct 9, 2013

Fashion Statements:: The VALENTINO Tapestry-Lace Mini Dress

Happy Wednesday my lovelies. Today I want to chat about fashion statements. You may ask; What is a fashion statement? Read more below the digital fashion collage...

the valentino tapestry lace mini dress

Personally my thoughts on it are as follows. One could create a fashion statement by wearing clothing or accessories that draw attention to the person who wears them.
In most cases the clothing or accessory piece is special. Usually brilliant or loud in color; in the case of jewelry it could be something eccentric.

But in the case of fashion label VALENTINO; they created a fashion statement that was inspired by the painting of Vermeer. Fluid in bold mint, red raspberry, blue color tones, and tapestry lace. The VALENTINO "Tapestry-Lace Mini Dress" is it's own fashion statement and definitely constitutes drawing attention to it. A breathless and elegant masterpiece.

The VALENTINO "Tapestry-Lace Mini Dress" needs little added to it. Maybe add a pair of BCBMAXAZRIA "Onnie Metallic-Heel Pumps" and a Marc Jacobs "Red 1984 Leather Satchel". Then wrap it up with a simple ponytail hairstyle and your set for quite a bit of attention.

About Linda Baldridge
Hi I'm Linda Baldridge, Founder & Editor in Chief of Fashion Take-Out. I'm an advocate for fashion blogging. I'm saying goodbye to the traditional picture fashion blogging and inspiring a whole new way of looking at fashion blogging by illustrating clothing pieces through an artistic, edgy, whimsical digital fashion board or collage. Connect with me on Facebook: or My Google Profile

Oct 4, 2013

7 Pros and Cons of Buying a $2390 Saint Laurent Shredded Chain Embellished Skinny Jeans

Today I have a tough decision; I want to purchase these gorgeous, punk-chic style Saint Laurent shredded chain-embellished skinny jeans. But I must weigh out the pros and cons of purchasing them.

Join me in my decision making process!

1. CONS:: The Price Tag
One determining factor in purchasing something; is the price tag and whether it's affordable and within your budget. If you have set yourself a fashion style spending budget...then these Saint Laurent shredded chain-embellished skinny jeans may not be for you...the price tag for this pair of skinny jeans alone is $2390. OUCH! That will put a crimp in your fashion style spending budget...

2. CONS:: The Dry Cleaning Bill
Being that these skinny jeans are a specialty clothing piece; being shredded, and torn, then too have to silver chain embellishments added into to the detailing; they will require special washing treatments from the dry cleaners. Read more pros & cons below the image...

saint laurent shredded chain embellished skinny jeans

3. PRO OR CON:: How often Would I Wear These?
Are these a pair of skinny jeans I would wear a few times a month; does this constitute the price tag. The more I wear them the more dry cleaning, the more the wear and tear on these speciality skinny jeans. Hum!

4. PROS:: The fashion Statement
Just wearing these Saint Laurent shredded, tattered and torn chain-embellished skinny jeans alone is a fashion statement in itself. Let alone the embellishing these skinny jeans with the appropriate clothing and accessory pieces will create quite the STIR. They give off the vibe of being punk and chic at the same time. What do you think?

5. PROS:: The Conversation Piece
Can you imagine the conversation and finger pointing that will occur when you walk through the mall with a pair of these Saint Laurent shredded chain-embellished skinny jeans. Others will say; where did you get those chic skinny jeans from?

6. PROS:: To Crop or Not to Crop

Saint Laurent shredded chain-embellished skinny jeans have such a unique style and fit; you could wear a long or short sleeve crop top. Or a loose bulky sweater over the top of them. Maybe just a casual Old Navy tee would work.

But for my personal preference; being that the skinny jeans have such a high end price tag. I would chose a top that is very stylish. Such as a sleeveless lace peplum top or a crop top and a open end cardigan.

7. PROS: The Accessories
Personally I might go with a big over sized handbag or a cross-body bag. Then pair it with a some bright colored heels. Silver jewelry pieces is a must to accent the silver chain embellishments in the skinny jeans.

The Decision; I usually give myself a spending budget of $500 a month. I have been so good of keeping within my budget too. But I'm jumping in with both legs into these Saint Laurent shredded chain-embellished skinny jeans. I deserve it! I'm a stay at home fashion blogger, mom extraordinaire and work my little butt off 24/7 taking care of my family...I'm worth it!

About Linda Baldridge
Hi I'm Linda Baldridge, Founder & Editor in Chief of Fashion Take-Out. I'm an advocate for fashion blogging. I'm saying goodbye to the traditional picture fashion blogging and inspiring a whole new way of looking at fashion blogging by illustrating clothing pieces through an artistic, edgy, whimsical fashion board or collage. Connect with me on Facebook: or My Google Profile

Oct 3, 2013

High End Fashion Trends:: The Wes Gordon Metal Chain Pencil Skirt

Hope you are having a glamorous Thursday! 

Today I was doing an online search for a few trunk shows from fashion designers abroad. I came across Moda Operandi and their TRUNK SHOW with "fashion designer" Wes Gordon.

OK...I can hear it now! What the hell is a TRUNK SHOW? 
Let me explain it to you...a trunk show is where fashion designers present there clothing lines directly to stores or selective customers. In most cases it allows store personnel to preview and/or purchase merchandise before it is made available to the public.

In the olden day; the term "trunk show" was used because of how dresses were shipped in old wooden trunks. Guess we learn something new every day!

Back to my online search; I was searching for some high end fashion clothing pieces I could write about...You know me I love serving up fashion take-out with it being hot n sizzling. Read more below...

the wes gordon metal chain pencil skirt

But the clothing piece I found was definitely high end fashion; it came with a whopper price tag of $6,990. Whoa!

Wes Gordon designed a metal chain pencil skirt. This metal chain skirt is really made of metal, featuring a open lattice construction...sizzling with Swarovski crystal embellishments too.

I created a fashion collage to illustrate how I would where such a high end fashion piece. There's nothing more flattering than showing a little midriff. So, I went with a Theysken's Theory white fanette top to accent the slim lines the metal chain pencil skirt creates.

Then a Stylebop leather jacket with silver fox fur. I also wanted to keep this high end fashion trend sizzling with a pair of Alexander McQueen platform ankle booties and a Pierre Hardy black n white calf stripe bag.

So, I'm curious of what your take is on this!

About Linda Baldridge
Hi I'm Linda Baldridge, Founder & Editor in Chief of Fashion Take-Out. I'm an advocate for fashion blogging. I'm saying goodbye to the traditional picture fashion blogging and inspiring a whole new way of looking at fashion blogging by illustrating clothing pieces through an artistic, edgy, whimsical fashion board or collage. Connect with me on Facebook: or My Google Profile

Sep 28, 2013

Floral Print Fashion Trends:: The Vera Wang Cropped Rose-Jacquard Pants

Happy Saturday My Lovelies!

Today I'm featuring a fashion look featuring "fashion designer" Vera Wang! Vera's closing look in her fall runway show featured cropped pants and pumps.We all know that the floral prints are the latest rave  in fashion trends these days; whether they come in the fine small floral print or the big beautiful rose-jacquard print especially in cropped pants and jeans.

Vera Wang flaunted us with her huge beautiful rose jacquard print delicately splattered across these gorgeous cropped rose-jacquard pants. I wanted to illustrated how I would design a personal fashion look with these gorgeous cropped rose-jacquard pants. So let's get started. Read more below image.

the vera wang rose jacquard pants

Vera Wang cropped rose jacquard pants accents the Fall season color tones. Reminds me of walking down New York City sidewalks before the street sweeper has swept away all the leaves that have fallen from the trees. The rustic browns and gold tones.

Close your eyes and let's go there. Imagine the crackling under your feet as you step upon the leaves, the brushing sound as you move your feet through the pile of leaves...The crispness in the air and the chill as the breeze whispers across your face. Do you feel it? I do.

Well I flirted with a few more pieces to really accent upon the rustic color tones. I chose a darling crop top from H&M to blend with the black in the pants.Then I added a pair rust colored Sole Society Chrissy Ankle Booties, and Vince Camuto Leila Shoulder Bag with Gold chain. See how it's coming together.

Now lets add some accents like a Nouv-Elle curve pendant necklace and a Kendra Scott Elite earrings. Now what do you think?

About Linda Baldridge
Hi I'm Linda Baldridge, Founder & Editor in Chief of Fashion Take-Out. I'm an advocate for fashion blogging. I'm saying goodbye to the traditional picture fashion blogging and inspiring a whole new way of looking at fashion blogging by illustrating clothing pieces through an artistic, edgy, whimsical fashion board or collage. Connect with me on Facebook: or My Google Profile

Sep 26, 2013

Celebrity Fashion LOOK:: Sizzling Style with Miley Cyrus

Lets sizzle with a Miley Cyrus celebrity fashion look! I'm talking about the PUNK fashion phase that Miley is entertaining these days.

Miley Ray Cyrus was born (Destiny Hope Cyrus; November 23, 1992). An American actress and recording icon. Also the daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus; she has evolved from an American teen idol (Hannah Montana) to a mainstream pop star; she has become one of the most successful artists to originate from Disney.

She has finally broke out of her cute teen idol phase and is now stepping into her rebellious, punk, untamed successful music icon.

So today I am creating a sizzling punk celebrity fashion look for Miley Cyrus! Read more below the image...

celebrity lashion look sizzling style with miley cyrus

In my Miley Cyrus celebrity fashion look I'm going to serve you a rebellious, punk look.  A Miley Cyrus clothing piece that I have noticed she wears is the bralets or little crop tops. So my first choice for creating sizzling punk look is this (1) Topshop "black shiny PU Bralet" .

Another clothing piece is the (2) "PAULE KA crop printed jacket" from FarFetch. It has a fitted detailed look to it. Goes really well with the bralet.

Now the adorable (3) "classic high waisted denim shorts" to create an even more punk celebrity fashion look.

It's time to kick in the (4) "Jimmy Choo Tamba Stretch Leather Over-the-Knee-Boots" from Net-a-Porter. WOW! Effective...

Last final touches...A zip zing of gold bling. The bracelet & cuff. The chunky chain "Allsaints Valtari Necklace", Kate Spade "The Ropes Stud Earring", and the Forever New "Ivanka Trump Rebecca Shoulder Flap Clutch complete this punk celebrity fashion look to give it just the right kind of sizzling style.

So what do you think?

About Linda Baldridge
 Hi I'm Linda Baldridge, Founder & Editor in Chief of Fashion Take-Out. I'm an advocate for fashion blogging. I'm saying goodbye to the traditional picture fashion blogging and inspiring a whole new way of looking at fashion blogging by illustrating clothing pieces through an artistic, edgy, whimsical fashion board or collage. Connect with me on Facebook: or My Google Provile >

Sep 23, 2013

Celebrity Fashion LOOK:: Savage Elegance with RIHANNA

Happy Monday Everyone! Hope you have started your week off in the right direction and may it be a successful one at that too!

 I'm starting my Monday with a celebrity fashion look that illustrates little bit of edginess from Rihanna. I just adore Rihanna in her wardrobe choices. So I'm inspired with a twist of edginess. It reminds me of one of Rihanna's popular songs she had released on Nov 8th, 2012. If you haven't heard of it (Diamonds). You can listen at it over at Rihanna VEVO Diamonds on YouTube.

celebrity fashion look rihanna

Diamonds have this savage elegance until they are cultured by mankind. Giving us many facets of its edgy splendor. Rihanna does the same in her raw talent.

Today I wanted to create a edgy celebrity fashion look with Rihanna in mind. There's something about animal print creates the savage, edgy, chiseled elegant look I'm trying to achieve in this celebrity fashion look for Rihanna.

In order to create Rihanna's celebrity fashion look of savage edginess I chose a "zebra print satin silk pencil skirt" from To inspire even more savage look; I added a royal blue "sleeveless turtleneck crop top". A black belt defines the edgy look don't you think?

Grabbing a "asymmetrical zip jacket" from Shop BAZAAR keeps the look consistent. Then add a pair of 3.1 Phillip Lim "Ella Ankle Strap High Heels" and a Reed Krakoff T-Pin Clutch gives it a final pop.

Finally the the bling. Add some zing with a few jewelry pieces from Dannijo.

Want more trendy fashion looks?
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Sep 20, 2013

Floral Print Fashion Trends:: The Tory Burch Kai Skirt

Have you noticed the feminine, romantic, botanical floral print fashion trends in this year summer,  fall, and winter collections - I'm checking out fashion designer Tory Burch's multi-dimensional floral patterns.

AWE. The botanical garden. Romantic in a love story. Teasing in the sense of titillating smell. Feminine for lady like flounce. Can you just envision this?

I can in fashion designer "Tory Burch Kai Skirt". A slimming, pencil line silhouette flirting with a multi-dimensional floral print patterns. The "Tory Burch Kai Skirt" definitely defines a show stopping fashion style.

I wanted to illustrate my personal stylish touch in a fashion collage below. So you might want to have an idea of how you could wear this STYLISH "Tory Burch Kai Skirt". So here is my personal stylish touch.

Floral Print Fashion Trends The Tory Burch Kai Skir

There's nothing more romantic then adding a sultry "J. Crew racerback crop carrie cami" to sweeten up this fashion style.

Then a classic lightweight long sleeve cardigan from Lagarconne. Look how it creates total standout style with the "Tory Burch Kai Skirt" and crop carrie cami.

Now lets add some accessory pieces to this fashion style...I'm grabbing a DKNY "leather shopper handbag" from Macy's and  a pair of ZARA "studded court shoes with ankle straps".

Last but least; a chunky chain necklace from Shopbop. AWE. I love the whole classic, but yet modern fashion style. Do You?

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Sep 13, 2013

The POWER Clashing Trends:: Floral and Aztec Fashion Look

POWER Clashing with Floral and Aztec Patterns...

Have you noticed this summer and now fall season the mismatching of prints? For instance; the mix-n-match of checkers with large or small floral print designs. Or, the polka dot print converging over the checker print.

One could really accentuate on those patterns to create a really dramatic edgy, but feminine fashion look.
The Aztec pattern is small and refined giving away to edgy, slender, slimming look. While the floral pattern creates a feminine, flirty, sweetness.

I like to make the "POWER Clashing Trends" of these patterns INTENTIONAL.

Like for example; the fashion collage I created here. This whole fashion look cost less then $200.

I chose the FOREVER21 rockin rose crop top with larger floral design print for $9...then I found a black and stone woven aztec print pencil skirt from for $24.

I really wanted to create even more edgy look with a butterfly handbag from online accessory boutique MaggieBags for $114.

Now the last effect...a pair of Zara pointed patent leather court shoes priced at $50.

Now something I would suggest is using a few gold tone jewelry pieces to accent the whole power clashing trend even more.

Want more trendy fashion looks?
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Sep 11, 2013

The $5200 Fashion Look:: A Intricate Evening in a VALENTINO Cocktail Dress

Awe just imagine romance is in the air. Your going to meet Mr. Debonair. You want to look so elegant. But not with too much flair. A sweet romantic fashion look. For the faint of heart.

intricate valentino cocktail dress

Fashion designer VALENTINO; definitely has an eye for sweetness in this little "intricate cocktail dress" price tag $2634. Flirting with a off the shoulder look and pairing it up with a fitted waist and flawless overlaying with a embroidered floral design. Then giving way to the tulip effect in the shape of the skirt.

I wanted to highlight on the light blue color tones of the flowers in the Valentino intricate cocktail dress and accent the evening look with a soft power blue with a Givenchy small antigona leather tote priced at $2280.

Then pick up the darker royal blue color tone too with a pair of elegant fashion ladies high heels will set the Valentino intricate cocktail dress on fire priced at $23.

Last but least a small splash of silver with a Rebecca Minkoff pave dome choker priced at $168.

There we have a $5200 evening fashion look with Valentino and his intricate cocktail dress.

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Sep 7, 2013

The CHIC High Street Office Style Edition:: A 10 Week Mini Series

Welcome to Our 10 Week Mini Series:: Where I will show 10 different chic high street office styles that you can wear at the office, you might work in an high end attorney's firm or just a classy office environment. These fashion looks will certainly set a high street style among the office environment.

I would invite you to stop by my Fashion Take-Out Facebook Page; where I will be sharing our chic high street office styles with MY facebook readers...if you want to follow along to see what I will be sharing next. I would so appreciate your follow.

Below I will share a few of our chic high street office fashion styles.

#1 CHIC High Street Office Style
Sweet little print skirt, polka dot sleeveless top, a warm fuzzy sweater jacket, a quaint top handle bag, and a chic little pair of ankle boots...

chic high street office style looks

#2 CHIC High Street Office Style 
 Red and black color tones sweeten this little chic high street office style on fire...Starting with a fitted blazer, checked print wrap skirt, sleeveless blouse, closed toe heels, and a classy little shoulder bag...

chic high street office style mini series

If your enjoying my personal picks from fashion designers all over the world. Stay tuned as I share them on my Facebook page Fashion Take-Out...Click here. I would love to get your feedback, your opinion counts.


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