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Oct 28, 2012

PRODIGA & The Flower Beaded Skirt


Have you heard of fashion label "PRODIGA"? "NO" ME EITHER!

Not until I came across their darling chic little flower beaded skirt
today in an online search of women's tailored skirts.

"The Italian word for ‘lavish’, the Prodiga label was launched in 2010, specializing in creating luxury designer women's wear. The inspiration for Prodiga developed from the change in society in recent years, and seeks to empower women through clothes. 

The collections focus on sculptured tailoring and adorning features to create statement pieces. Fashion designer Jennifer Levenston seeks to create multi-functional designs, in particular work wear that can be worn as evening attire.

Intricate detailing is the focus of the label: beading embellishment, peplums and delicate lace are key features of the PRODIGA'S collection."

PRODIGA'S definitely made a statement with the detailing in this little floral beaded skirt. So today we wanted to create a fashion look around this darling flower beaded skirt. We thought a sheer black blouse and neutral gray jacket from H & M would accent the skirt. Then adding a pair of Madison Harding women's Hanna boots and a Ellie Saab crocodile handbag would complete the whole fashion look. What do you think?


the PRODIGA Flower Beaded Skirt

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