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Oct 28, 2012

PRODIGA & The Flower Beaded Skirt


Have you heard of fashion label "PRODIGA"? "NO" ME EITHER!

Not until I came across their darling chic little flower beaded skirt
today in an online search of women's tailored skirts.

"The Italian word for ‘lavish’, the Prodiga label was launched in 2010, specializing in creating luxury designer women's wear. The inspiration for Prodiga developed from the change in society in recent years, and seeks to empower women through clothes. 

The collections focus on sculptured tailoring and adorning features to create statement pieces. Fashion designer Jennifer Levenston seeks to create multi-functional designs, in particular work wear that can be worn as evening attire.

Intricate detailing is the focus of the label: beading embellishment, peplums and delicate lace are key features of the PRODIGA'S collection."

PRODIGA'S definitely made a statement with the detailing in this little floral beaded skirt. So today we wanted to create a fashion look around this darling flower beaded skirt. We thought a sheer black blouse and neutral gray jacket from H & M would accent the skirt. Then adding a pair of Madison Harding women's Hanna boots and a Ellie Saab crocodile handbag would complete the whole fashion look. What do you think?


the PRODIGA Flower Beaded Skirt

Oct 24, 2012

CHIC Street Style With INDRESSME

CHIC Street Style With INDRESSME

Are you a fan of "chic street style" INDRESSME?
I am. I love the women's high-street styles their design teams deliver. Consistent with the high street fashion trends of London, Paris, Tokyo, and New York with affordable

Today we chose to mix and match some of their trendy chic fashion pieces.

For starters: a sheer standing collar beige shirt, glamorize it by tucking it into a pair of leopard double belted shorts

Then accessorize with a pair of Bqueen suede brown pumps and a final touch with a acid retro single shoulder bag. ~-------------------------------------------------------~


Oct 14, 2012

Burberry & the Kickback Macrame Trench Coat

Burberry & the Kickback Macrame Trench Coat

Hi Everyone! Tis the season for bundling up in your cold weather fashion styles. Are you ready?

I found a classy, chic kickback macrame lace trench coat from "fashion designer" Burberry. This chic little trench coat will totally flatter your form for the fall season.

In our fashion board, we created a fashion look that would set your fashion style on fire! With Burberry's kickback macrame trench coat, nothing could add more class then a La Petite sleeveless ruchie dress from Farfetch to accent the gorgeous green hues in the trench coat. Totally cheery, if your into green. 

I love green!

How about adding a Normandy Park polka dot shoulder bag from
"fashion designer" Kate Spade, and a pair of fashion label Giuseppe Zanotti
black/gold leather pumps from Stylebop. Total classy ensemble don't you think.

BURBERRY Trench Coat

Oct 8, 2012

5 Shoe Designers That Will Spice Up Your Holiday Season

5 Shoe Designers That Will Spice Up Your Holiday Season:
Dress to Impress This Holiday Season with These 5 Designer Shoes

Let’s be honest ladies, shoe shopping is half the fun of the holiday season.  Great deals and new models are filling the shelves and it is our duty to capitalize on this opportunity. So here are 5 pairs of shoes from Footcandy shoe experts recommend for this coming holiday season! Don’t worry, once the holidays are over, these shoes will still be turning heads.

1. Halloween
Halloween brings out some creative costumes and makeup, but who said Halloween can’t be all about your shoes! Designer Rupert Sanderson created a fabulous high heel that can be worn with an array of costumes. From a Witch, to Sleeping Beauty’s Evil Queen, to a Mardi Gras Gal, these heels are perfect for any Halloween costume. Not to mention these heels are absolutely comfortable so they will without a doubt get you through your entire night of walking.

Rupert Sanderson  -  Favell

2. Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is not about stuffing your turkey, or rather your face, but spending quality time with family and friends and of course, fashionable shoes.  The elegant “Roxy” ankle boot by Bettye Muller of course. This incredible design is made of a rich suede textile and the yellow tone mimics the changing colors of the season. Not only will you be able to wears these glamorous heels during thanksgiving but you will get so much use out of them even after the party is over.

Bettye Muller  - Roxy

3. Christmas or Hanukkah
Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah your shoes during this holiday season should be fitting for a stunning celebration. Emma Hope Shoes makes the perfect holiday shoes. For Hanukkah, try the beautiful blue “11105-N” style heel or for Christmas the vibrant red11047-R” style flat. Both are composed of an amazing suede textile and embellished with rhinestones. These shoes both embody elegance and are perfect for any Christmas or Hanukkah party. Not to mention they are fabulous conversation starters.

Emma Hope Shoes  -  11047-R


Emma Hope Shoes  -  11105-N

4. New Years 2013
New Years is all about glitz, glamour and fun. Bring in the New Year with Jerome Rousseau’s a pair of “Kier” high heels and a glass of bubbly. These shoes are beautifully designed and not to mention they mimic the New York Times Square Ball. These shoes are simply spectacular and you will want to wear them every day of New 2013 Calendar Year!  

Jerome Rousseau  -  Kier

5. Valentines Day
Valentines Day is all about romance, flowers, chocolate, and shoes. Kate Spade makes the perfect shoe that all lovers across the globe can appreciate. Its simple little bow adorned with cheerful pink polka dots makes this a perfect date shoe. Not only will you fall in love with this darling design but you will absolutely love how many different outfits you can pair this shoe with. 

Kate Spade  -  Lisa

We hope these 5 shoes make it to your fabulous holiday parties

This article was written by the shoe experts at We have Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo and Manalo Blahnik in stock now.

Oct 3, 2012

Valentino's Burned Dandelion's Dress Zoom Shot

Valentino's Burned Dandelion's Dress Zoom Shot

"Valentino's Burned Dandelion Dress Spring 2013 Collection"
Happy Fall Everyone! Hope your enjoying the cool, crispy mornings. I actually love it, makes for the perfect atmosphere for walking. As I'm walking I notice the
dried smoky remains of dandelions left from the summers warmth.

It reminds me of fashion designer, Valentino and Paris Week Spring 2013 Collection. Especially Valentino's one particular gown "The Burned Dandelion Dress".

At your first glance of this gorgeous burned dandelion dress, you can see "burned smokey dandelions" sporadically place throughout the gown with intricately shapes within it's complexity. Add the loveliness of the sculpturing in short sleeves and the hem of the gown. So intriguing.

But now; do a zoom shot on the picture and take notice of the complexities of the white flowers and craftsmanship in the stitching.  Totally fabulous!

Utterly divine work from Valentino's group. This is just not a dress, it's a timeless of design masterpiece.
  Leave me a comment and tell me if you can see the white flowers too!

Enjoy your fall everyone, winters just around the corner! Bundle up time!

Oct 1, 2012

How to Create a Lemon Drop Fashion Look?

How to Create a Lemon Drop Fashion?

Have you ever had a lemon drop candy? The minute you put it in your mouth it has that POP to it, a burst of sour followed by a delicious sweetness that sizzles your taste buds.

When creating a lemon drop fashion, you need special fashion pieces that give off the allure of something sweet and a little pinch of something sour.

So our special recipe includes these items:

1. Darling Lemon Drop Dress
The tartness of One Halston Heritage lemon one-shoulder tiered dress from Stylebop. A mix of pure silk and chiffon in tiers cascading downward to flatter your girly form.

2. CHIC Metallic Top Handle Bag
Add a little more tart with One Burberry blaze handbag from Burberry themselves in vinyl and metallic to totally create your lushicious fashion look with the one-shoulder tiered dress.

3. Lemon Platform Heels
One pair of the CHICest Carrie Lemon suedette platform heels. These heels are the sweetness of the whole fashion look from

4. Sweet Dannijo Jewelry
Now a little more sweetness with 2 special jewelry pieces from jewelry designer, DANNIJO. The ever so sweet Dannijo madeline neckalce and natasha bracelet.

Now to formulate this special recipe, you need to slide your lushicious body into this lemon drop fashion look. So get to it!


Craving Some Lemon Drop Fashion!


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