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Sep 27, 2012

TOP 5 Cutting Edge Frocks From Bottega Venata

TOP 5 Cutting Edge Frocks From Bottega Venata

Have you seen fashion designer Bottega Venata "Spring 2013 Ready-To-Wear Collection" of their "cutting edge frocks". I fell in love with all of them, but I had to narrow my picks to "TOP 5".

So here they are!

1. LOOK #1
I love the big flower print in this button up forties frock dress, very slenderizing look with slim belt to accent the waistline. The color gives it a wow factor.



2. LOOK #2
Loving the V neck look working with the buttons going down. The scoop shoulders with the sleeve stopping above the elbow. The ruffled look of the waist gives way to a long waist with the flirty lace as a stopping point.
Darling frock dress, this one is by far my fave.



3. LOOK #4
This forties frock gives off a classy, sassy look. Love how the floral print is patterned through out to give a cutting edge streamline look to the dress. The V SCOOP neckline is the finishing touch.



4. LOOK #7
Loving the mixes of floral print pattern and grommets placed through out this dress giving way to a tailored detail dress.With the narrow straps in the top section.


5. LOOK #14
The color black in this very chic frock dress looks elegant. Mixing the fabrics, especially the shiny leather with the extensive stitching creates a symmetrical streamline look in this frock.

What do you think? Something you would wear.

Sep 25, 2012

Esprit & The ROYAL Collage of Art Design Talent

Esprit & The ROYAL Collage of Art Design Talent Challenge

Have you heard about the design challenge from fashion label Esprit & the Collage of Art?

Esprit & the ROYAL Collage of Art challenged members of fashion design platform and social site "POLYVORE" create a fashion set using their next generation design talents. The fashion theme is "fresh looks".

We chose individual FASHION pieces from ESPRIT. Our first pick was the "short merino sweater"...this sweater screams "loud and fresh" can not miss me for a second. The second choice was Esprit's chic casual mini skirt with front tie belt which neutralizes the loud and freshness of the sweater. Then we mixed it up with a pair of plateau pumps and a leather shopper bag.

What do you think? Is this a fashion look you could sport?

Challenge Your Design Talent with Esprit & The Royal College of Art

Sep 15, 2012



Today it seems fashion is such a individual rage. Each fashionista creating his or her own eccentric sytle. I love it cause anything goes from boho, retro, vintage,
grunge, classy fashion style or looks. Personalities are the perk for the almighty dollar.

Over at "fashion label" Free People, we found 5 chic handbags to style every personality of our fashionista's. From a retro, boho, vintage, grunge, and classy handbag accessories to add to the rest of your fashion look.

Here are our favorite 5 chic handbags from Free People. Tell me what you think!

1. The India Tapestry Tote:
Multicolor hand-embroidered tapestry tote bag with leather handle.Inside is lined with one zipper pocket and one small pouch. Magnetic snap button closure at top.
Because each bag is handmade, patterns will vary but coloring will be similar to what is pictured, making each bag totally unique! 

Get your India Tapestry Tote

the India Tapestry Tote

2. The Lina Leather Tote:

Colorful distressed leather tote bag. Comes with adjustable and removable leather long strap. Inside fully lined with one zipper pocket and two pouches. Horizontal stitch detailing around opening of bag. Zipper closure at top. Leather feels super soft and supple, and will only get better with age and wear.  

Get your Lina Leather Tote
the Lina Leather Tote

3. The Ridge Ripped Tote:
Distressed leather tote bag with jagged, ridged edges all around. Handle and zipper pull are snake-skin embossed leather. Zipper opening at top. Inside is fully lined. Get your Ridge Ripped Tote

the Ridge Ripped Tote

4. The River Run Tote:
Multi-colored hand stained leather tote bag with woven removable leather handles. Made using a unique process that seals the stain onto the leather. Clasp closure at opening that changes shape of bag into a bucket shape. Zipper and
stud detailing on front and back of bag. Inside fully lined with denim fabric. One inside zipper pocket compartment. This bag has been touched by hand and made with love, resulting in its unique look and feel.  

Get your River Run Tote 

the River Run Tote

5. The Tristo Leather Tote:
Ruggedly luxurious distressed leather tote bag with adjustable leather shoulder strap. Buckle strap closure in front. Large zipper pocket on front of bag. Inside fully lined with leather pouch and large zipper pocket compartment. Leather brand tag patch on back of bag. This bag has been touched by hand and made with love, resulting in its perfectly distressed look and feel.  

Get your Trista Leather Tote

the Trista Leather Tote

Out of the top 5 choosen totes from Free People, we love the River Run Tote. Which one if your
favorite tote accessory?

Sep 14, 2012

Top 4 Ways To Spot a Fake Christian Louboutin Shoe

Top 4 Ways to spot a fake Christian Louboutin Shoe

This article was written by Foot Candy Shoes

Today, it seems as though there are many individuals that are trying to mimic the iconic designer shoes of Christian Louboutin. With his eye for incredible design, texture, fabric, and of course his infamous red sole, who wouldn’t want to be the next Christian Louboutin? Well… there is a difference between inspiration and plagiarism. He is a mogul that he himself created. Since day one he has put everything he had into his shoes. 

From dreams to scribbles, Louboutin is a trendsetter that no other person other than the glorious man himself can replicate. He truly is a one of a kind designer and this is clearly why every fashionista across the globe is obsessed with his label. Unfortunately, there are many people out there that want a piece of his opulence and they themselves have started to counterfeit his designs.

Here are four tips that will help every fashionista out there distinguish between Authentic Christian Louboutin’s and Imitations:

1. The Box: Some may find this tip silly but its close attention to detail that will differentiate genuine Louboutin’s from the fake ones. When looking closely at the box it is important to note the word “Paris.” It should be located near the edge of right side of the box. 

It should not be underneath the Christian Louboutin logo. In addition, the item description sticker should be on the box. It should clearly state the European size, name of the shoe, and have a sku bar and number all located on this one sticker. Lastly, the Christian Louboutin logo should be written in white lettering.

2. The Dust Bags: An authentic dust bag should be a bright red color made of a cotton fabric with the Christian Louboutin logo noticeably written straight across the bag. Fake dust bags tend to look almost sun faded or pink in tone. In addition, the fake dust bags have the Christian Louboutin logo that is written diagonally. Lastly, the fake dust bags usually are made of a fake silky material. 

3. The Red Sole: A genuine Christian Louboutin red sole is always a bright red hue with a high gloss finish. Fake red soles are a deeper red hue and tend to have a matte looking finish rather than glossy one. Pay close attention to the lettering inscribed on the red sole. An authentic Christian Louboutin will clearly have “Christian Louboutin,” “Made in Italy,” and the European size located on it. 

Many times the fake shoes will have the word “MadeInItaly” as one word with no spaces. Lastly, the loop on the “L” located on an authentic Christian Louboutin shoe will appear almost touching the rest of the “L.” In the replica the “L” will not touch and there is a notable space in-between.

4. The Authenticity Card: An enormous clue that will distinguish if the shoe you are purchasing is genuine or not has to do with the authenticity card. Fake shoes will come with a red PLASTIC authenticity card. However, genuine Christian Louboutin shoes do not send out any booklets or authenticity cards!!

We hope these tips help! Happy Christian Louboutin Hunting!!

Sep 10, 2012

BRAHMIN & the Sara Rose Satchel

BRAHMIN'S Two Tone Ostrich Collection includes the Sara Rose Satchel.

As a member of POLYVORE, this elite platform that lets members mix & match fashion products they love in unique, creative ways, while offering fashion brands deep insight into their customers."

Fashion brand label, BRAHMIN is running a contest asking members to create a unique fashion look wearing their Fall 2012 Collection. So today we created our unique fashion look with these CHIC, gorgeous products.

First and foremost we chose BRAHMIN'S - Sara Rose Ostrich Satchel. Then I centered a gorgeous, classy Rebecca Taylor lace-trimmed melange dress from the to accent the Sara Rose Satchel.

Added a chic Rick Owens leather jacket from Farfetch and a pair of very stylish Rebecca Taylor Sibyl Booties. Hope you like!
BRAHMIN STYLED: How Do I Wear Brahmin?

Sep 6, 2012

FIRMOO & Their Fashionable Elegant Eye Glasses

Have You Heard of FIRMOO & Their Fashionable Elegant Eye Glasses?
Also they offer some High Fashion Sunglasses too.

Linda J. Baldridge - Founder of FASHION TAKE-OUT
 As a fashion blogger for Fashion Take-Out; I get offered opportunities to review fashion brand products. The main criteria is that my site has plenty of followers, page-views and tons of great content about fashion.

I then will be rewarded with a FREE product of my choice, the objective is to give a review or writeup about their products.

I was approached by FIRMOO as a fashion blogger via email. Here is the email sent: "Hi Linda J, Thanks for taking some time to read this email. I am Antonio, the leader of Firmoo blog team and I am looking for partnership among bloggers. I found that your blog was really active, popular and contended, so here I wonder if there's any possibility that you cooperate with us."

I chose FIRMOO'S; Women's Full Frame Wrap Around Plastic Sunglasses.
At first they seemed like any other ordinary pair of fashionable sunglasses, but then I went into town to run some errands. Thought I would give them a try against the glaring sun, immediately I noticed that I wasn't squinting and my eyes had a clarity to them like never before. They felt relaxed. It was actually enjoyable to wear them, along with how comfortable they felt framed around my face. I would have to say "I  LOVE THEM" and I would buy another pair in a heart beat. 

So I wanted to share Firmoo high fashion eye glasses and sunglasses with you.

Firmoo is "CLAIMING" they will send you (the customer) a FREE pair of high quality and fashionable glasses or sunglasses (you don't need to pay any fee).

I love the look and feel of FIRMOO'S sunglasses. If your in need of some great eye wear or sunglasses give FIRMOO a peek and take advantage of their FREE high fashion eye wear.


Sep 1, 2012

Modcloth & the Cinnamon Spice Dress

Modcloth & the Cinnamon Spice Nice Dress

Cinnamon spice is everything nice in Modcloth fashion label dress.

Modcloth's little cinnamon nice dress reminds me of cinnamon spice in a fresh apple pie. Such a stylish spice that frolics around your nose and senses.

This stylish little cutout-covered lace dress with cap-sleeves will flirt with your fashion style. We added a few more clothing and accessories pieces to spice it up even more. We started with a darling little sunhat with leather trim where you find at

We found a Dannijo Misch Necklace that would accent the neckline above the cinnamon lace dress and a Lola bracelet that were of the similar color hues.

Then added a few accessories like a ARIDA BROSS top handle bag, and a pair of dressy Alexander McQueen zip-up ankle booties.

Hope you enjoyed our cinnamon spice fashion style for today! What do you think?

Cinnamin & Lace Fashion


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