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Aug 17, 2012

How Are Fashion and Weight Loss Intertwined?

How Are Fashion and Weight Loss Intertwined?

Meet the Model: A fresh young girl from 16 to 25 with a slight build, blond or brunette hair, and may be brown or baby blues eyes. Everyone knows her; she covers the front of every fashion magazine staring at you with those vibrant eyes, as if to say “come and check out what I’m wearing today”. If you like what I’m wearing you might want to buy it.

The expectations of a young model are huge. The active everyday schedule of hair, makeup, photo and video shoots rehearsed over and over until it’s perfect. How does a model have time to eat right and maintain a healthy weight without using some type of “weight loss system”?

One expectation of a model to maintain is her body weight. Models are given a certain weight criteria and to maintain it or they may lose their model shoot. The demands are high, but the reward of having such a high profile life style is what some young girls yearn for even if it demands a lot from them.

The fashion world has a fascination with the word "skinny" or maybe "slight build" for being a model for fashion brands. Most modeling agencies expect their models to be on some kind of “weight loss system” and keep the skinny or slight built form when it comes to modeling a clothing line. Everything has to be perfect for that photo and video shoot. The hair, makeup, and yes that perfect body of the model to create that cover shoot.  That perfect fashion look definitely sells their brand.

The model that gets the call has to be in perfect form and have an ongoing “weight loss system” to keep her weight in check. The call can come at any time. The model can always be in perfect form if she eats right. Models may also use products such as "Sensa Weight Loss System" which can help them keep their weight regulated and stay on top the weight restrictions these modeling agencies put upon these girls.

Models love the "I feel full" sensation, with a busy modeling schedule that keeps them on the run...Being hungry is not an option.

Modeling can be a rewarding career, but models must always keep in mind that their health comes first with plenty of rest, exercise, a great weight loss system to maintain their shape, and to leave plenty of room for fun activities.


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