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May 17, 2012

Craving a Alexander McQueen Belted Chiffon Dress

I'm so craving fashion designer Alexander McQueens belted silk chiffon dress.  

OMG..So stunning.

Made of 100% silk, this gorgeous color gives it just the right color POP.  Let's imagine you were strutting your stuff at your favorite fashion mall and wearing Alexander McQueen's belt silk chiffon dress from Harvey Nichols, a pair of Madison Harding platform shoes, and a Rebecca Minkoff sugar tote bag from none other than Rebecca Minkoff herself.

I can see it now. People shopping, eating, and browsing...would drop their shopping bags, choking on the food they had in their mouths, and stop and stare. You are like the latest news flash! You would cause such a ripple effect. Don't you think?

It would be FUN to create such an impact on people. They would go home and talk about it. So get going and create your own.
Alexander McQueen Belted chiffon dress

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