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May 12, 2012

4 Chic Handmade Jewelry Pieces From JIJI CHIC

Hi Everyone! Hope your having a "AWESOME" Saturday!

Today I wanted to introduce to you my new jewelry line collection JIJI CHIC, I'm trying to get a feel for what's trending in the marketplace. There could be no better place then to bring these special jewelry pieces to you; my wonderful fans.

I so appreciate all your kind support, likes, and comments. You all ROCK in my book...

The few jewelry pieces are handmade by myself...I will show you about 4 pieces and see what you think...I really care about what your opinion. So please be honest...But please courteous...

1.) The Vintage Copper Butterfly Bracelet
I started by using 12 gauge copper plated dead soft wire for the base of the bracelet, then interwove 20 guage dead soft bright copper wire for the cage and inlaid gemstones through the whole piece paying special attention to adding a gemstone butterfly in the center. Hope you like!

Vintage Copper Butterfly Bracelet

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2.) Pink and White Braided Friendship Bracelet
I found these cute little pink and white acylic beads, so I thought they would be perfect for a braided friendship bracelet. Using a square knot for the bracelet piece and inlaid the pink and white beads every 5 knots through out the bracelet.

Pink & White Braided Friendship Bracelet

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3.) Earthy Tone Friendship Bracelet
Using braided hemp and square knots create an earthy hue for this friendship bracelet...the stone beads are sown on after with heavy duty thread making for a beautiful earthy tone friendship bracelet...

Earthy Tone Friendship Bracelet

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4.) The Bianca Bracelet

This gorgeous wrist bracelet was created with my sweet adorable little girl Bianca Marie in mind...She gives me such total support...She literally checks and inspect each and every jewelry piece. This is a very feminine and delicate jewelry piece. Each copper link has been handmade and inlaid with a lavender crackle acrylic beads and little seed beads...Hope you like!

The BIANCA Bracelet - Copper & Lavender

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Stop by and give us a look! We would really appreciate your support! Thank You!


  1. I loved the first one! They are all pretty!
    Good Post!

  2. I like the pink friendship bracelet, cute. :)

    I HAVE SEEN YOUR blog on ifb
    I HAVE ALREADY FOLLOWED YOU on gfc#96 and liked your page on fb


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