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May 28, 2012

Valentino's Sleeveless Embroidered Dress

Liquid Sunshine with Valentino's Sleeveless Embroidered Dress

Have you ever seen what liquid sunshine looks like? I call Valentino's sleeveless embroidered dress a flounce of liquid sunshine, bouncing little sunshine rays with every move as you walk around showing off your bright wonderful self...The embellished little daisy's are just waiting for a cute little bumble bee to come along and to give them a sweet shot of nectar.

Then to accent the delicious little sleeveless embroidered must add aValentino's double handle bag and then top off the whole fashion look with a pair of Madison Harding open-toed sandals...

Do you feel the warmth of this liquid sunshine fashion style?...I do!

Liquid Sunshine

May 23, 2012

Congrats to Our 3RD Winner for Celebrity Contest

We started a monthly Contest over at

Every month we will  feature a favorite celebrity and a fashion look you think she or he would wear created by a Polyvore member.

Congratulations to member "Planet Lipstick" from Polyvore.

She's our 3rd winner of our contest FashionTake-Out Celebrity Style: Selena Gomez.

If your a member already... she would greatly appreciate a like from you.
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Hey, if you want to join in the FUN.  You can hop on over to and sign up! Then under the members  or groups section look for our group Serving FashionTake-Out or if your a member already you can Join Serving FashionTake-Out

Q & A:
Where do you live? USA

What do you love about Polyvore?
 I love fashion and I like to experiment with different styles, polyvore lets me see and make outfits easily. I like to be creative and I'm inspired to make fashion sets of celebrities and blogger style that I love and add my own style to it too.

What are your favorite clothing brands?
Favorite clothing brands and stores are, Forever 21, Topshop and Delia's

Who are your favorite designers?
Designers that I like are D&G, Herve Leger

Check out "Planet Lipstick" fashion set below

Join us in the fun!!!!!!!!!!!
Celebrity style inspiration: Selena Gomez

May 22, 2012

Bellatrix Print Chiffon Halter Dress From Nordstrom

Nordstrom's is offering a fondue of floaty colorful chiffon halter dresses... The one in the fashion collage reminds me of colorful Spring leaves and lilacs...

This gorgeous chiffon halter dress is so lightweight, you might feel as if you don't have anything on but your brassiere and panties...Whoa Be Careful!

Adding a neutral mini luscious hobo bag from Rebecca Minkoff and a pair of Ralph Lauren Jessira Sandals from Farfetch would totally knock the fashion look out of the park. But you could further the look with some coral fashion jewelry pieces from Econe and Oscar de la Renta metal drop earrings from Net a Porter.

What's your take? Something you would wear?
Beauty with Attitude

May 17, 2012

Craving a Alexander McQueen Belted Chiffon Dress

I'm so craving fashion designer Alexander McQueens belted silk chiffon dress.  

OMG..So stunning.

Made of 100% silk, this gorgeous color gives it just the right color POP.  Let's imagine you were strutting your stuff at your favorite fashion mall and wearing Alexander McQueen's belt silk chiffon dress from Harvey Nichols, a pair of Madison Harding platform shoes, and a Rebecca Minkoff sugar tote bag from none other than Rebecca Minkoff herself.

I can see it now. People shopping, eating, and browsing...would drop their shopping bags, choking on the food they had in their mouths, and stop and stare. You are like the latest news flash! You would cause such a ripple effect. Don't you think?

It would be FUN to create such an impact on people. They would go home and talk about it. So get going and create your own.
Alexander McQueen Belted chiffon dress

May 12, 2012

4 Chic Handmade Jewelry Pieces From JIJI CHIC

Hi Everyone! Hope your having a "AWESOME" Saturday!

Today I wanted to introduce to you my new jewelry line collection JIJI CHIC, I'm trying to get a feel for what's trending in the marketplace. There could be no better place then to bring these special jewelry pieces to you; my wonderful fans.

I so appreciate all your kind support, likes, and comments. You all ROCK in my book...

The few jewelry pieces are handmade by myself...I will show you about 4 pieces and see what you think...I really care about what your opinion. So please be honest...But please courteous...

1.) The Vintage Copper Butterfly Bracelet
I started by using 12 gauge copper plated dead soft wire for the base of the bracelet, then interwove 20 guage dead soft bright copper wire for the cage and inlaid gemstones through the whole piece paying special attention to adding a gemstone butterfly in the center. Hope you like!

Vintage Copper Butterfly Bracelet

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2.) Pink and White Braided Friendship Bracelet
I found these cute little pink and white acylic beads, so I thought they would be perfect for a braided friendship bracelet. Using a square knot for the bracelet piece and inlaid the pink and white beads every 5 knots through out the bracelet.

Pink & White Braided Friendship Bracelet

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3.) Earthy Tone Friendship Bracelet
Using braided hemp and square knots create an earthy hue for this friendship bracelet...the stone beads are sown on after with heavy duty thread making for a beautiful earthy tone friendship bracelet...

Earthy Tone Friendship Bracelet

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4.) The Bianca Bracelet

This gorgeous wrist bracelet was created with my sweet adorable little girl Bianca Marie in mind...She gives me such total support...She literally checks and inspect each and every jewelry piece. This is a very feminine and delicate jewelry piece. Each copper link has been handmade and inlaid with a lavender crackle acrylic beads and little seed beads...Hope you like!

The BIANCA Bracelet - Copper & Lavender

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Stop by and give us a look! We would really appreciate your support! Thank You!

May 9, 2012

Scarlett Johansson & The Magical Green Dress

A Scarlett Johansson Fairy Tale Fashion Fantasy
 There once was a fair maiden named Scarlett Johansson. She dreamed of living in the wanderlust of the fashion world. The only way this was possible is if she could find the magical green dress. The magical green dress possessed python poison that could transform any little wafe into a fashion model of today.

So Scarlett wandered across the Internet galaxy searching and scouring the Internet divide until she came upon the mysterious forest of Otteny Place. There Scarlett found the "magical green dress" and the python poison that it possessed; but the slithering Python Snake possessed the dress and she had to feed the snake a sneaky dirty rat. In order to own the magical green dress; she had to acquire a pair of Loeffer Randall Filippa migon flat sandals to trade for a sneaky dirty rat.

Scarlett took the Filippa mignon flat sandals and traded them for the sneaky dirty rat and returned to the slithering Python snake to make her trade. She placed the sneaky dirty rat before the Python; he grinned as he gobbled the dirty rat. Then Scarlett felt a wonderful warm transformation come over her. She looked at herself; the "magical green dress" had transformed her into the fashion model that she had dreamed of...happy shopping my little wanderlust...hope you like my little fantasy fashion story.

OH Scarlet; You Natural Beauty

May 5, 2012

ALLSAINTS & the Porcelain Vintage Tea Dress

ALLSAINTS & their Porcelain Vintage Tea Dress

Are you familiar with the edgy, directional clothing line of Allsaints. Their known for the unique collection of printed tees, jersey, denim, and casual wear for men and women's clothing.

But what I love most is the attention that is paid to detail and tailoring of their clothing line. An FINE example of this is the porcelain vintage tea dress shown below in our fashion collage.

When you just glance at won't notice the delicate hand painted vintage florals on an earthy base, and the detail in the hem and raw edge finishing. This gorgeous porcelain vintage tea dress also has been embellished with sequins to seduce a slight shimmer within the floral print. Astounding...

I thought by adding a Rebecca Minkoff swing double chain handbag and a pair of Jimmy Choo patent leather cork wedge sandals from MyTheresa would just totally be stunning fashion statement.

AllSaints: Flirty with Style


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