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Mar 27, 2012

**TOP 10 Fashion Bloggers on LOOKBOOK**

Here We Go; The Hunt is On For Who is in The TOP 10 Fashion Bloggers on LOOKBOOK

Today I Did Something Different. Fashion Research... It's fascinating to know how fashion bloggers get so popular with tons of fans, karma, and comments. I was curious to know who the most popular fashion bloggers are on Lookbook. If you didn't know; Lookbook is a place where fashion bloggers and enthusiast come to display their fashion style.

Are you ready? So here we go.

They aren't in any particular order. Their just my TOP 10 selection.

1. Juliett Kuczynska from Poland. With 232 looks as of today.

Karma: 436687
Fan Base: 42803
Comments: 4197

Juliett's Lookbook URL ::

2. Flávia Desgranges van der Linden from Brazil. With 472 looks as of today.

Karma: 438403
Fan Base: 35503
Comments: 6817

Flavia's Lookbook URL ::
3. Ebba Zingmark from Sweden. With 214 looks as of today.

Karma: 403884
Fan Base: 48583
Comments: 378

Ebba's Lookbook URL ::

4.  Adam Gallagher from Riverside, CA. With 232 looks as of today.

Karma: 432591
Fan Base: 45482
Comments: 2259

Adam's Lookbook URL ::
Adam's Blog ::

 5. Camille Co from Manila. With 317 looks as of today.

Karma: 300976
Fan Base: 26224
Comments: 125

Camille's Lookbook URL ::
Camille's Blog ::

 6. Kryz Uy from Manila. With 401 looks as of today.

Karma: 373611
Fan Base: 30949
Comments: 913

Kryz's Lookbook URL ::
Kryz's Blog ::

7. Mayo Wo from Hong Kong. With 491 looks as of today.

Karma: 344 854
Fan Base: 25245
Comments: 1205

Mayo's Lookbook URL ::

8.  Jennifer Grace from California. With 137 looks as of today.

Karma: 369 862
Fan Base: 34807
Comments: 2745

Jennifer's Lookbook URL ::

9. Alexandra Per from Vigo. With 290 looks as of today.

Karma: 277625
Fan Base: 22547
Comments: 68

Alexandra's Lookbook URL ::
Alexandra's Blog ::

10. Bebe Zeva from Las Vegas, Nev. With 270 looks as of today.

Karma: 251644
Fan Base: 25041
Comments: 421

Bebe's Lookbook URL ::
Bebe's Blog ::

These are numbers taken off Lookbook's leader board for TOP fashion bloggers. If you want to spread a little love their way, you can click on each link below each fashion bloggers profile to connect with their Lookbook page or their fashion blog. Happy sharing everyone. Hope you liked my list.

Drop me a line if you want...:))

Linda | Fashion Take-Out


  1. Love these lookbookers! :)

  2. love them all ..i did a post on my blog with my favorites pic!


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